A little bit about me…


I think before I begin posting in earnest,  an introduction is in order.

Hello, my name is Carla and I clean houses for a living.

The picture here isn’t actually me at work. I had some photos taken and this one is just posing with a mop.

I’ll tell you about that photography session in a future post 😉

I worked previously for a national hygiene company as a Cleaning Site Manager in a prestigious retail outlet. You’d know the name if I told you, however in the interests of discretion I think I’d better keep that to myself. I may explain why further down the line.

I will also be discreet about everyone I talk about and make sure I don’t use their real names lol.

House cleaning.


I know it doesn’t sound thrilling, house cleaning, not thrilling at all.

The thing is, I’ve always had other appetites and I find that through cleaning work I can satisfy them and make a living at the same time. My best friend had her own ideas on how I could satiate my appetites.

– You should become a hooker! she said laughing.

– Beth, you know that’s not me! I really don’t want to think of myself as a prostitute.

– Then what about porn? Beth asked.

We both laughed. There are aspects of porn I think I’d love but…

– Look, you know it’s not just about sex for me. It’s the seduction  I love the most. If I was a hooker or porn star, or any other sex worker for that matter, it would be sex handed on a plate. Where’s the fun in that? I love being thrilled up with the build up.

We both chuckled at my little word play, nevertheless Beth knows me all too well.

Cock tease!

She calls me that a lot, especially when we’re in a wine bar having cocktails bought for us by some NAC or other.

A NAC is a Not-A-Chance guy, just so you know, it’s our code name for those try hard chancers who don’t know when to back off… and there are plenty of those in the city vino bars. Nevertheless, girls are made to tease; lads attempt to please.

Well that’s how I see it lol.

Anyway I’ve digressed- the point is I’ve never wanted to and still don’t want to be a sex worker of any form because the thought doesn’t thrill me enough.

So house cleaning it is.

Yes I know, I know… what’s the connection between cleaning houses and my sexual desires? I am coming to that, I promise…

I’ve been doing it for several years now after the firm I worked for made me redundant, leaving me high and dry.

A couple of associates of mine from a rival firm had started a cleaning business after they too were made redundant, and they suggested I do the same as there was room for everyone in the market place.

Well, I started thinking about it and the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like a brilliant idea.

Of course, my associates had no idea that I had other interests and that I figured this would tie in nicely with those.

Anyway, that’s a little bit about me.

The only question remaining is where do I start?

In other words who do I write about first.

As I’ve said, I will have to change names in the interests of discretion. This is beginning to sound like some kind of psychology text where the case study names are changed!

Nevertheless, I’m sure you understand why discretion might be important, and if not,then you will!

If you like you can follow my daily fun on Twitter.

I also have a Facebook  page but I haven’t done much with that yet… suggestions welcome lol

Until next time 🙂



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I have a whole series of erotic exploits, some from my past, but mostly current and always kinky. Naturally I'll have to be discreet and change names, nevertheless I'm sure if any of my partners recognise themselves they'll enjoy reliving our adventures together ;) xoxo

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