Well that didn’t go to plan!

Here I was thinking I’d be back blogging from July onward but it simply didn’t happen!

The stress of being in limbo between flats for 4-5 months threw me much further off my game than I’d hoped.

Once I got moved in June my body and mind had something of a meltdown. I think because I was in limbo for so long I got used to being unsettled- in essence I settled into being unsettled which I appreciate is a really strange thing to say. Nevertheless, once I finally moved I’ve had to readjust to being settled- to settled into being settled. I’ve been so on edge I’ve felt drained. There have been the bills to sort out, then I had to finalise my accounts for the tax man for 2016-2017, and then just the general adjustment to living in new surroundings both abode and area wise.

Anyway, the good news is I’m back. I’ve started writing again and Harry’s first story is on the way.

I really do appreciate people who have been checking in to see what’s going on, and I’m also grateful for all those who have shared my Tweets advertising my little blog.

Thank you so much xoxo


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