Harry 1 – The one where I’m unfulfilled.


I see Harry a couple of times a month for 2 hours.  He’s a customer that found me through one of my business adverts in the local free newspaper. I know it might not seem like it but I do actually take my cleaning work seriously and on occasion, usually when I have a vacancy for a new customer, I do some proper advertising.  Anyway, that was in the days when people used to read those free newspapers instead of looking on Facebook or Gumtree or Vivastreet. More recently most of my work has come from social media like Facebook and word of mouth, and I would have to say more so from word of mouth, which is hardly surprising considering the perks some of my customers get! Personally I think it’s better when new customers come to me through word of mouth. It’s kind of like they’ve been vetted beforehand. I’m confident my existing customers wouldn’t send anyone dodgy my way. Why would they?

Harry’s a lovely bloke and to my suprise he’s not really tried that hard with me.  In fact it’s more accurate to say he’s not tried at all! Maybe I’m not his type, although I can’t see why not! Doesn’t every man want a woman who likes cleaning and might also be a good shag? However they might also want someone who can cook too which would totally rule me out!

Harry’s hot enough for me to find him attractive – he wouldn’t be a customer of mine if he wasn’t! He’s got medium length blonde hair, not platinum or really light blonde, more like caramel ice cream. He’s quite tall, about 6 feet and he’s stocky. His weight fluctuates periodically between heavy-set-beefcake and, oops-I-ate-too-much-cake! It all depends on his relationship status. When a girl has caught his eye he makes more effort to look his best, however when he’s between girlfriends his weight tends to increase. Today he’s in a between girlfriend phase, nevertheless he’s still easy on the eye.

The front door opened just as I was putting the key in.

– Come in Carla.

– Thanks hun. I wasn’t expecting you to be in, is everything okay?

– Yes all is well, he said stepping aside to let me pass. – I’ve got a couple of days off work.

– It’s alright for some… so what have you been doing with your bad self during your time off?

– Washing clothes, a couple of trips to the pool… just taking it easy really.

I give him a flirty look raising an eyebrow as I say, – sounds like you need to have some fun!

He laughs. – I’m okay thanks, he says, drawing a very definite line under my flirty intentions.

– Just the usual today please.

In terms of cleaning his house, Harry’s usual means a full clean of the bathroom and kitchen, dusting his lounge and dining room plus the spare bedroom come study come playroom, before finally giving the whole house a good vacuum throughout. It takes the full two hours to do. Occasionally he likes other odd jobs doing like some ironing, cupboards cleaning etc., but not today. Coming from a professional background I was trained to work from the top down and this basically means doing all the surface work first, brushing dust and debris onto the floor before finishing with the vacuum cleaner. It makes sense to work this way and I’ve never had any reason to change. Personally I like to get the time intensive work out of the way first so I tend to start in the kitchen and move onto the bathroom before finishing with the other tasks. I find this works well as it’s easier to take short-cuts with vacuuming than it is doing the detail work of a full clean. Today is no different and I make my way to the kitchen.

Harry’s kitchen is long and narrow. The pine effect unit doors with circular handles are in good condition but they are a bit dated. The sink unit is standard steel and his appliances are simple chrome effect and mostly centred around making good coffee. A lot of my customers have those expensive Dualit toasters, as has Harry. I can only assume they’re good. The truth is they’re out of my price range for a toaster! I am about half way through cleaning the kitchen when Harry walks in.

– Fancy a cuppa, he says.

– Thanks, I’d love one. Tea please.

– Strong but milky and one sugar right?

– Perfect, I say. – You’ll make someone a lovely boyfriend one day.

Harry laughs heartily as he fills the kettle with water, pops it onto the stand and flicks the switch on.  He grabs a couple of mugs from the cupboard above the kettle and drops a couple of teabags in them.

– I doubt that, he says.

– Why do you say that?

– Well, he says. – My track record kind of speaks for itself.

I smile at him sweetly. – You just haven’t met the right girl yet, I say.

He laughs again. – That’s rather evident, otherwise I’d be with her!

We both laugh, Harry at my inane statement of the obvious, and me because he missed my flirting.

I turn away from him and carry on wiping down the surfaces, purposefully re-doing ones I’d already done so I could brush past him. The kettle boils and I hear him pouring water into the mugs. I arch my back a little so my cheeks brush against his. He doesn’t pull away.

– Sorry, I say. – It’s a bit narrow in here.

– I’ll be out of your way soon, he says. He’s stirs the teabags in the mugs and reaches to open the fridge for the milk. – Why do you do that Carla? He asks. – Why do you flirt with me?

Well that really caught me off guard!

I turn around. – What do you mean? I ask.

– You know what I mean, he says, putting the milk and spoon down and turning round to face me.

We are facing each other and so close we’re almost hip to hip. My face flushes and I find I can’t look at him.

– I like you Harry. You’re charming, funny and… well… I just like you.

I look up into his face trying to gauge his response.

– So it’s not just because you feel sorry for me?

– What! I say, somewhat flabbergasted. – Of course not! Why on earth would you think that?

Then out of nowhere he reaches forward, takes me by the waist and pulls me towards him. His lips meet mine and I let myself slip into his kiss. He grabs my butt cheeks, kneading them firmly with the pads of his fingers. He pulls my hips into his and I feel his arousal pressing into my stomach. Then he pulls back and looks at me. He’s clearly checking my reaction.

– Oh my! I say. – You are a surprise Harry!

His face is flushed and his eyes are intense and lusty. I give him a look that says ‘give me more you bad lad,’ and he obliges. We kiss again and I slip my arms around his neck and broad shoulders, clutching at them and pulling him into me.

We kiss for an eternity and it’s good.

Really good!

Far better than I’d expected and hoped. The pressure and passion is perfect and wonderful. And he tastes amazing! Sweet and salty at the same time.

He pulls my polo shirt out of my cargo pants and my back arches as first his fingers slide up my back then his finger tips drag down gently scratching me.

– Harder, I murmur.

This time I can feel his nails dig deeper in and I groan as he makes my body shudder. I undo a couple of the top buttons on his shirt so there’s enough room for his head, then I drag it out of his jeans up and over him, tossing it on the kitchen surface behind.

– I didn’t know you had it in you Harry!

– I’ve always had it in me, he says. – And it’ll be in you in a minute.

I stop momentarily, taken aback by his cheesy line.

– What? He asks.

– Nothing! I say and kiss him to stop him saying anything else stupid.

Somewhat deftly, more deftly than I expected, he undoes my bra and reaches round to grasp my swollen breasts. Taking one in each hand he squeezes them teasing my hard nipples between his thumb and forefinger. I lift my arms in the air and he takes the hint, lifting off my top and bra in one fell swoop. I reach down and unbutton his fly, dropping to my knees and taking his jeans and boxers down at the same time.


Harry’s a big boy! And I mean a BIG boy!

– Oh Harry, is that for me? I ask looking up at him cheekily.

– Of course baby, he says.

I reach behind him and grasp his buttocks with one hand while taking his erection in the other. My hand looks small wrapped around his penis. I direct it to my open mouth and flick my tongue over the tip. He trembles and I love it. I do it again and again and he trembles like his knees are going to buckle. I gently pull his foreskin back revealing the crimson, engorged tip and I run my tongue round it like I’m licking my favourite ice cream.

– OH! MY! GOD! He says.

His pleasure spurs me on and I can’t wait. I take him into my hungry mouth. He’s leaning back on the counter, holding on as though he’s going to fall so I free my hand from his buttocks and double hand his penis. I slurp my saliva all over him so he’s soaking wet and my hands slip easily up and down the root of his shaft while my mouth pleasures his swollen, sensitive glans. His hips begin clenching into thrusts and even with my hand on his length he still reaches the back of my throat. It feels wonderful and I know I’ve finally got Harry right where I want him. I am so damn wet! All I want is for him to lift me onto the counter, rip my pants off and fill me with his magnificent penis.

But I can wait.

It’s more enjoyable when I wait!

I continue to pleasure him, savouring his moans as a testament to my skill with my mouth and hands.

I should start a blowjob training school. I really should!

His penis convulses in my mouth and I can tell he’s close to exploding.

– Ok, stop! He says.

– You ok? I ask.

– Fucking wonderful, he says as he reaches down and lifts me up.

It looks like it’s my turn!

I never wear my shoes in a customers house to avoid dragging dirt from the outside inside, and this is one of those times it comes in handy as he undoes my jeans, lifts me onto the counter and easily removes my trousers and knickers.  I lean back and open my legs so he can see all of me. Men always like to look, and I mean properly look at you, to savour what they’re about to take.

Harry stares at my naked body sat on his kitchen counter, the look on his face pure, primal lust.

A teaspoon clatters in a mug.

– There you go, he says. – Strong but milky with one sugar.

– What? I say.

– Your tea! He says. – Where were you then? You look like you were miles away!

– What? I say again, turning round, feeling the wetness in my panties.

– I was saying about you flirting. It doesn’t really work for me.

– What!


Well, there you have it. That was one of my earlier encounters with Harry. Needless to say I left his place a very frustrated young lady that day. I’ll tell you more about Harry soon 🙂

Until next time 🙂



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