The not-about-Oliver post…

If you’ve read my other posts you’ll know that this year has been somewhat tumultuous in terms of having to move house. It was made more difficult because I haven’t been self employed for long enough to have 3 years accounts, which if you know anything about those ridiculously over priced referencing checks, you’ll appreciate that being self employed makes them more difficult to pass. In short they wanted six months rent in advance.


Sheesh! If I had that kind of money I’d be looking to put a deposit down to buy, let alone rent!

Anyway, I won’t bore you with the very tedious details of how things turned out… unless you ask me that is… My point in briefly telling you this was to get to this point, are you ready?

All the turmoil has put me so far behind with my writing.

I’m buried underneath a mountain of exciting events just waiting to be strung together into stories. Stories that I hope you’ll enjoy reading, but also I personally want to revisit and savour them once again. My head feels full. Actually no, it is full, and I need to empty my teeny brain of all the words and pictures so I can make space for all the new ones as they happen. And of course once they’re written down I can savour them over and over again, especially the ones about Richard :wink, wink:.

I want to write in real time, and for me that means pretty much as soon as I’ve got my knickers back on! Ok maybe not that soon but the same night, or at the latest by the end of the same week.

As I wrote that I found myself wondering if you think my whole day is just about doing a little cleaning then getting shagged senseless… is that what you’re thinking? Well, some days yes, it can be like that, but also there are days I when all I do is clean. If you’ve seen my Twitter account you’ll have noticed the odd picture of my work that I’m really quite proud of; and I really do enjoy cleaning. You maybe wouldn’t think that was true if you saw my own place. It looks like a dozen girls walked in, had a pyjama party and threw their clothes all over the furniture whilst leaving some empty cups dotted around and some washing up in the sink for good measure. So, when I say I enjoy cleaning, I really mean I enjoy cleaning other people’s homes and getting paid for it. The fact that often I get to satisfy some of my kinky slut urges is a bonus.

So, whilst it’s fair to say I enjoy cleaning…

I actually love sex.

I might even be addicted lol.

I love the build up, the tension, the kissing and the touching. But most of all I love being wanted. I love it when I see their faces alight with their lust for me. Their flushed faces and ravenous eyes are so, so beautiful. When they realise what I want from them, what arouses in their trousers makes my lady parts tingle. Their hunger for me makes me wet, so very, very wet. So wet that I can’t put my knickers back on afterwards – I sometimes feel I could drown a small rodent, maybe a hamster or a gerbil. Actually not a gerbil, that’s more Richard Gere’s thing! But anyway the point is they want me and that really excites me. So much so that even just writing about it makes me really horny. Hang on… I need to take a break…



Ok, I’m back. Sorry about that. I had to get that out of my system, thankfully I put fresh batteries in the ‘rabbit’ earlier this week… (check the link and see if you can guess which one is mine 😉 I’ll be reviewing it on here soon lol)

Just look at this tangent I’ve gone down. When I started writing today I had in mind to tell you about one of my early encounters with Oliver, but clearly I’ve done a ski-slalom all over the place. So much for Oliver! lol. I’ll come back to Oliver soon, I promise!

As I was writing I began to realise that maybe it would be a good idea to map out my schedule and highlight where the hotspots are in my working week – actually wet spots is probably more apt than hotspots, but hotspots works too I guess, but you get my meaning.

So here’s my schedule with the ‘wetspots’ in red, naturally –

schedule - 09.17

The slots in blue are people who just want a regular cleaner…as far as I know anyway! I keep some time available on the first and third Mondays of each month for 1-off work and I always keep the last Friday afternoon off for me. I like to go away once a month and I like to leave early which makes the weekend last forever.

Back to the wetspots… I really like that term hahaha. Anyway, as you can see there are a few there. The first Friday of a month can be busy, especially as that’s the day I see Richard. Having all this mapped out makes it look like I get laid every day whereas the reality is a little different. Naturally some days my customers are not horny, just like you and me. So some days those red wetspots are really blue general cleans.

Having said all that, I’m guessing now you can see why it’s been easy for me to get behind writing up my stories, so, I’d better get busy!

Watch this space…


Oliver’s story coming soon – I promise!

Until next time 🙂



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