Saff & Lilly 1 – The one with the three way.

Saff & Lilly – 1

I don’t know about you but I don’t really believe in long term relationships. It might have something to do with my dad having had an affair and ultimately leaving my mum. She was totally devastated and it didn’t help that the lady he had the affair with was my mum’s best friend. She became really depressed and I was left looking after her and doing all the housework. It was hard, in fact really hard because I was I was trying to get on at school, and I had been doing really well up until that point. I had good grades in English, Maths, Art, Social Studies and was doing ok in my other subjects. But after my dad left my grades took a downward slide and I didn’t do as well as I maybe could have done.

Anyway, the point is I don’t really believe in long term relationships, and that’s why I love what I do. I still get pleasure from helping people with their housework and I have a lot of fun along the way. In an earlier post I showed you my work schedule and within that there are fourteen customers that I have fun with. I like all of them, they’re all very different and I find that exciting. I find that I have to actually like them though, because if I don’t then it’s not fun at all, and that’s why I also have customers for whom I simply clean their houses. Also, I’m not interested in having fun with married men, or men who are attached. No! I’ve seen first hand the damage that can do and I wouldn’t want to be a part of any situation like that. Having said that, there are a couple of exceptions – Saff & Lilly and Leo & Fran.

Leo and Fran are a lovely couple and they’re swingers. It took me ages to accept what they do. On occasion Leo would flirt openly with me in front of Fran, and it really freaked me out; so much so that I considered ending my working relationship with them. Thankfully they picked up on the fact that I was unnerved and one day after I’d finished cleaning their house they offered me a coffee, over which they explained that they were swingers. I’d never really encountered anyone up to that point that was comfortable in a relationship where each partner can have sex with other people. It’s a big thing apparently and there are websites dedicated to the lifestyle where they organise social events. It seems to have moved on past the days of dinner parties and car key swapping. I’ve talked to both Leo and Fran about how they came to be swingers and I found it fascinating. I’ll tell you more about them one day.

Then there’s Saffron or Saff or Saffy as she prefers to be called, and Lilly who are in a lesbian marriage. They are such an adorable couple. They trashed a stereotype I held about lesbians. I always believed there was a more manly one and a more feminine one and to be quite frank I didn’t understand why they weren’t actually hetero. We got talking one day and feeling somewhat embarrassed by my naivety I’d spluttered out my male/female understanding. Saff & Lilly were very kind about it – I guess they’ve experience my type of idiocy a lot in their lives. Anyway, they educated me in the different lesbian labels. I did some research online and to be honest, you can find those labels in all sexes, which made me realise it was more about being in a loving relationship than the labels.

I felt comfortable enough with Saff & Lilly to tell them I’d once fantasised about being in a relationship with a woman. The problem was I couldn’t imagine being with a woman and not wanting some male action once in a while. I’d also written a short, erotic story about my fantasy that included getting some male action. They said they’d love to read it. No bloody way! I thought. You’ll think I’m crazy and I’ll lose you as customers. I wished I’ve never opened my mouth. They persistently cajoled me until eventually I gave in. I felt so sheepish handing it over, like a kid at school caught exchanging notes with their friends in class and told to read it out loud. Thankfully I didn’t have to read it to them…I handed it over after I’d finished cleaning their house one week and promptly left.

When I went back a fortnight later they both told me what they thought.

‘It’s good,’ said Saffy nodding. ‘I loved it.’

‘Me too,’ said Lilly.

I’m not good at accepting compliments.

‘But…’ I said.

Saffy smiled, still nodding, her blonde hair trailing over her shoulders. ‘There isn’t really a ‘but’. The writing had both of us engaged and we found it, stimulating.’ She looked at Lilly and they both giggled like schoolgirls.

‘Now I can definitely hear a ‘but’ coming,’ I said.

‘Okay,’ said Lilly. ‘The only ‘but’ is that neither of us would ever need a man for satisfaction.’

Saffy laughed. ‘But,’ she said. ‘We completely understand why you would write it that way. Because that’s the way you are personally inclined.’

‘Does that make sense?’ asked Lilly.

I had to agree it did.

And that’s the thing with writing, it’s hard to escape your own perspective.

So, for a bit of fun, I thought I’d share my first foray into writing a lesbian /bi scene with you. Please feel free to let me know what you think.


Beth & Jenny

We were both waiting for a knock on the door… waiting for him to arrive. I’m stood in the bathroom doorway clad in a dressing gown and smoking a cigarette while watching Jenny moisturising her legs. She’s got one leg on the bath side and she’s using both hands to massage lotion into her pale, milky skin; she’s being careful to cover all of her leg. Fuck! She looks sexy as hell! She’s wearing a black baby doll, French knickers and no bra. A tingle starts at the base of my hairline as I imagine our skin touching and I shiver as it runs over my head making my hair feel like it’s stood on end. I’m mesmerised watching her ease the lotion into her soft, pale skin knowing that soon I’ll been caressing her, gently tracing my fingers up the inside of her thighs and making her squirm with anticipation.

Jenny and I have been together for 2 years and 3 months now, ever since that night in Thomas’ Wine Bar. Thomas’ has always been a favourite haunt for people of an alternative persuasion and when I met Jenny, it’s fair to say she was alternative. She was dressed in stockings, suspenders, high heels, and a basque with nothing but laces down the back. She looked so damn hot. She was stood at the bar leaning into some chap, I had no idea who he was but she was nibbling his neck and whispering seductively into his ear. She’d glanced round and caught me looking at her and looked away quickly. She looks a right bitch, I thought. Then she turned and looked at me again, this time straight in the eyes. I hoped it was to check to see if I was still looking at her and she told me later that it was. I always liked that about Jenny – she saw what she liked and went for it. The rest, as they say, is history- the bloke she’d being whispering to was shrugged off and Jenny and I ended up leaving together.

Anyway, as I say, Jenny and I have been together for over 2 years… 2 years, 3 months and 4 days if I’m going to be accurate but hair is hair and sometimes hair doesn’t need to be split to make a point. As I also said we were waiting for him, him being Rob. Jenny and I are both bi-sexual. We’re both slim, she’s a size 10 and I’m a 6 to 8, and we’re both hot (so we’ve been told multiple times), and most importantly we’re both very feminine; and despite being madly in love with each other we both still love the feeling of a real, beefy man from time to time… and this was one of those times. Dildos are ok, but they’re just lifeless bits of plastic. Thankfully we both have the same urges usually around the same time, maybe due to synchronised menstrual cycles as popular science suggests. Nevertheless, we were both horny for cock at the same time, so we’d given Rob a ring and now he was here.

Rob is one of a list of regulars we call on when we feel this way, but to be fair we see Rob the most. He’s not the best looking man in the world but he’s fairly well hung and for a bloke he’s a good lover…for a bloke! Rob has a firm but sensitive touch and he doesn’t nip when he squeezes.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

The door.

I snap back from gazing at Jenny’s shapely legs being moisturised and look up. She looks at me with a cheeky smile, – Enjoying yourself? She asks.

– I was miles away, I said. – I’ll go and let Rob in.

I put out my cigarette in the ashtray, I really should empty that, and I head downstairs to the back door.

I open the door to see Rob’s cheeky smile. – Hey gorgeous, he says.

– Hi sexy, I reply, smiling back at him.

Rob has short blonde hair and is wearing jeans and a t-shirt that shows off his body quite nicely. He looks well, really well in fact. Rob works out regularly and it shows. It’s not that he looks like a body builder, more like a well toned athlete. I must admit, I do like the feel of his firm muscles, and I love watching the way they ripple and move as he holds me or Jenny. He’s one of those people that moves like a cat, fluidly.

– How have you been Beth? he asks.

– Good thanks, I say. – Jenny and I have been looking at buying our own place and getting out of this dump.

– Really! This place isn’t so bad. Mind you, it will be good to get away from the dickhead next door.

– You’re not wrong, I say. – Still, it will be a shame in some respects. We’ve had some good times here. And I first met Jenny living here, but it is time we got our own place, together.

– I know what you mean, says Rob. – It’s not the same when one person moves into a place where their partner is already established. The person moving in never quite feels like they can let themselves go. I’ve been in that situation before.

– Really? You’ve never said…

– You never asked, he says with a smirk. – Where’s Jenny anyway?

– She’s upstairs getting herself ready.

– Come on then, let’s not keep the lady waiting, he says giving my backside a smack and holding his hand there he gives my cheek a squeeze. It feels good.

– I can see you’re feeling full of fun, I say enjoying his touch. I give him a sideways glance and my most seductive half smile and he pulls me into an embrace, which I half fall into bracing myself with my hands on his shoulders. His penis presses into my belly and I feel it hardening. I’m looking up into his eyes and a warm tingle is building up between my legs. My lips start to flush and his mouth opens slightly as if waiting to be kissed. I lean in and gently touch his lips with mine, flicking my tongue ever so slightly against his top lip.

– Hell Beth, he says. – I adore both you and Jenny. Why can’t the three of us get a place together?

He’s being serious. I pull back a fraction.

I love this arrangement just as it is, and as much as I love seeing Rob I’m not in love with him, nor is Jenny.

And he’s simply not Jenny.

And I love Jenny so much.

And I know she loves me.

The expression on his face changes as he realises he’s made me feel uncomfortable.

– Go on, he says and laughs, –  You know you want to. You can keep me tied up in the spare room, or in the shed and just let me in on special occasions.

With a feeling of relief I laugh along with him.

– You big loveable goon, I say giving him a friendly slap on the arm. – Come on.

I hear Jenny moving around on the landing upstairs and she calls out, – Are you two coming or what?

– Yep, on our way.

Rob let’s me go and follows me up the staircase. As I round the bend on the stairway Jenny is stood with her hands on her hips at the top of the stairs. Her head is cocked to one side. – So what were you two talking about? She asks.

– Rob wants us to keep him in our shed as our sex pet, I reply.

– Maybe that’s not a bad idea.

Rob reaches her at the top of the stairs and scoops her up in his arms laughing.

– Did I ever tell you I always loved you the most? He says.

Jenny laughs, leans forward taking Rob’s head in her hands and kisses him deeply.

– You didn’t need to baby. I’m clearly way hotter than Beth.

Jenny turns to me, her face beaming. She lifts an eyebrow, sticks her tongue out at me and winks. She’s such a cheeky little minx.

– You wait… I say as Rob runs off with her into the bedroom with me in pursuit.

We all collapse on the bed in a fit of childish giggles. Jenny escapes Rob’s arms and rolls onto me. Sat astride me she grabs my arms and holds them above my head. I know what’s coming next. I know she’s going to kiss me and I love it all the more when she pins me to the bed first.

Her lips flush.

I feel my lips warming, responding in kind. No one has ever made me feel so incredibly weak and incredibly powerful, all in the same breath… no one that is except Jenny. I turn to jelly and succumb to what comes next.

Her dark brown eyes grow darker and even more mysterious.

I melt. Just melt.

Her breaths come out deep and slow.

I notice my breathing matching hers. I steal a glance down her body, her long languid neck and how I adore kissing that neck, her pert breasts with firm suckable nipples and how I love to suck her nipples, her lithe torso and perfect belly button and I can’t wait to kiss my way below her belly button, right down to her beautiful, shaved…

– Cheeky, she says. – Are you getting a good eyeful?

I melt.

I just melt.

Then she kisses me. Her tongue slips into my mouth and I hold it between my lips and suck it. She nibbles my bottom lip, and I hers. I could kiss her forever. My heart is pounding and my arousal is making me wet, so very wet down there. Jenny grinds her crotch gently on my belly and I know she’s wet too. I leave my arms above my head as she slides her hands down them. When she reaches the sleeves of my gown she sits back up and forcefully pulls my gown open revealing my nakedness. I lift myself up pulling my arms out of the sleeves and she slips down my body opening the gown fully, then she’s back on me. – Keep your arms above your head bitch, she says. Her face is intense; her eyes are crackling with passion. I obey and move my arms and knowing what’s coming next I let my head fall to the side revealing my neck.

I suddenly notice Rob is naked. In the heat of the moment I’d almost forgotten him, but there he is naked, stood at the end of the bed, gently stroking the shaft of his hard erection; his eyes are glazed and full of lust watching our passion. – Oh Jesus! he says. He can see Jenny is about to start on me and he’s ready to join in. My legs are hung over the side of the bed. He hooks my legs over his arms and lifts us both round so we’re all fully on the bed then kneels so his upper body is between my legs with Jenny’s backside facing him. He slips his hands under her baby doll, lifts her hips and peels down her pants. She let’s him fully remove them. I glance at Jenny, her expression is dreamy as Rob bends over and flicks his tongue between her butt cheeks. Then the lust reappears in Jenny’s eyes and she pushes my head to one side and lunges at my neck. She starts at my right ear (my most sensitive) running her tongue inside the folds, taking the lobe in her mouth, pulling and caressing it with her warm lips and tongue. She moves down to my neck and my breathing becomes shallow and rapid. Oh Jenny… As if reading my mind she says – you like that baby?

– Oh yes. Yes!

She’s sucking my neck and tiny tingles of pleasure run from my hair down my spine; my back arches involuntarily. I feel Rob’s hands touch the top of my legs almost touching my pleasure centre, and he traces his fingers feather-lightly down the soft, sensitive inner skin of my thighs to the back of my knees. His touch is electric and I open my legs wider to give him access. I start shuddering uncontrollably as the combination of Jenny sucking my neck and Rob tracing pleasure lines down my thighs flashes through me like lightening.

Jenny climbs off me and lays by my side and now we’re kissing again. She caresses my neck, teasing her way to my chest, running her fingers underneath the swell of my breasts. She cups my soft flesh and teases my nipple with her thumb; I watch her fingers follow the line between my breasts back up to my neck. I am in heaven. Rob bends my knees and pushes my legs up off the bed towards me. I arch my neck and look up towards the head board so I can concentrate on what I’m feeling and not what I’m seeing. Rob kisses his way up each of my thighs then slides his tongue between my labia. An uncontrollable moan escapes from my mouth. His tongue flicks over my clitoris and my body convulses in waves of pleasure. He’s sucking my labia into his mouth, tongue fluttering over my lips and I feel a flush warming me from my navel downwards.

Jenny stops teasing me with her fingers, sits up, turns and nods at Rob who takes the cue. He hooks his arms under my knees and drags me down the bed towards his hips. I gasp and Jenny straddles me, her hips over my face giving me the opportunity to taste and pleasure her. I wrap my arms around her legs and pull her onto my face just as Rob plunges inside me. Oh god that’s so damn good!. He hooks my legs over his shoulders and starts a steady rhythm hitting my g-spot with his hard shaft. His plunges rock me up and down allowing Jenny to enjoy my tongue rhythmically pleasuring her clitoris. Jenny throws her head back, her long dark hair falling down her arched back and she bears down forcing herself into my eager mouth. She moans. She tastes divine, simply divine.

Waves of pleasure rack through my body and I feel my first orgasm building. My body feels electric, glowing, my heart pounding. I hear my voice calling out but I’m not aware of the words. – Oh, my, fucking, God! Oh God!

Spasms and tingles shake my body like a rag doll and it pushes Rob out of me. I can feel Jenny is close too and I press my tongue harder onto her clitoris and within a few seconds she throws herself forward and convulses with pleasure, lifting herself off me as her clitoris fires her up, raw and sensitive.

Rob pauses, watching, waiting for our pleasure to fade; it’s not long, just a few seconds; he can wait no longer. He lifts Jenny up by the hips and pulls her back towards him and he thrusts into her from behind. I reach down and pinch Jenny’s nipples watching her hair flowing across my face and chest as Rob builds pace, his thrusts growing more and more intense as his passion rises. He reaches forward placing a hand on Jenny’s shoulder, his other hand holding her by the hips and he pulls her onto him. His face is red, his eyes glazed, his thrusts forceful and manly and I can tell he’s close.

– FUCK! he shouts. – I’m close…so close.

– Go on Rob, give it to her!

– Yes give it to me. NOW! screams Jenny, and suddenly he stops and pulls out. He moves quickly up the bed and penis in hand he pushes it towards my mouth.

– Swallow! He says and I take him in my mouth. His salty seed hits the back of my throat and I swallow.

– Now you he says, pushing himself towards Jenny. She wraps her mouth around his shaft and he releases another load into her hungry mouth.

This is what Jenny and I love about Rob, he has awesome self control; he gets himself to exploding point and stops before he orgasms, releasing some of his semen and savouring the experience. Tantric sex he calls it. Whatever it is, it is awesome! 

            Rob is ready to carry on. In fact all three of us are.

I love our meetings with Rob.

More importantly I adore and love Jenny.

And we both love our sex life,



So that was it. My first attempt at writing a bi/lesbian piece.

What do you think? Please comment and let me know.

I’ve edited this several times and I guess I could go on and on editing.

When I wrote this I was having fantasies about being with another girl, and I had a couple of people in mind. Obviously I’m Beth in the piece 😉 Every time I re-read it and tweak the writing, it gets me aroused. I hope it works for you too 😀

Until next time 🙂



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