Jim 1 – The one with the salami sub.

I guess we’ve probably all, at some point, come out of a relationship, as either the dumpee or the dumped, and only afterwards realised how relieved we are to be free of it.

How quickly we adjust to our personal situations!

I’ve always found it a bit weird – the way we adjust to changes in our lives.

Sometimes that change isn’t good.

Like those times when you get used to your life being stressful and it becomes the norm. Then when you’re free from the stressful situation you notice the difference between the newly unstressed and the previously stressed versions of yourself; and it’s only then you realise how stressed you were.

These reflections have come about as a consequence of recent events, i.e. my mum having had a couple of strokes. It’s been a good while now since, what was at the time quite a major shake-up, and yet now the changes have become the norm. Even Alex, my step-dad has adjusted to his new role as carer for mum.

Yes, my mum’s life has changed and she’s much frailer.

Yes, Alex’s life and role has changed.

Yes, Jamie and I are doing more to help them, so our lives have changed.

Yes, my mum still isn’t well and still experiencing bouts of dizziness and nausea, but…

No, I’m not feeling so emotional about it anymore.

We’ve all settled into our new patterns and roles, resigned to the fact that in the here and now, there really isn’t anything else we can do. We’re all getting on with our lives in a kind of holding pattern – waiting for the next change and whatever impact that brings.

And because I feel more settled, and because my worries have died down…

I’m starting to feel horny again.

Really horny, in fact.

I think it was my session with Kat as her life model that triggered this feeling.

It looks like it’s going to be Jim’s lucky day.


After my experience at Kat’s, Jim is the ideal person to get my mojo running again. Jim is a good looking bloke and he’s well hung in the trouser snake department. When I say well hung, I mean WELL hung. Some people have a face for radio… well Jim has a head for porn. Without exception he’s got the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. If you’ve read my Kat blog, you might understand why he would be a good follow up for my visit to Kat’s.

Jim is a personal trainer at a gym in Leeds. Jim who works at the gym.

Yes I know, but I had to change his name… and it was fitting.

Oh stop it now, judging my daftness – just carry on reading :p

I believe he’s popular at his work, especially with the ladies, and I’m guessing even more so when he wears his lycra shorts. When I clean Jim’s flat I usually wear something quite tight myself, and today, with my hornymones running high, it’s definitely a good day for something tight… and short.

Jim’s flat is a lovely little place on the outskirts of the city. Well, it’s lovely when I finish, but when I get there it always looks like a tornado ripped through it, scattering clothes, protein bar wrappers, and crockery and cutlery all over the place. Most people clear up before I get there so I can concentrate on cleaning – but not Jim. I don’t mind though. It’s not a big flat and there’s ample time to clear it up and give the essentials a good clean, and as I visit fortnightly I can work out ways to slip other tasks in so it all gets cleaned properly at least once a month.

Considering people’s work schedules and the times they hit the gym, Jim tends to have bookings pre 9am, 12-2pm and after 5pm. I do 2 hours at Jim’s generally arriving at his place just after 12pm. He often pops home as I’m finishing so he can rest before his later bookings.

I hope he pops home today!

I’ve cleared his flat of tornado debris and cleaned his kitchen and bathroom. I’m vacuuming his bedroom when I hear his key in the door.



I know what Jim likes, and I know what I want today. And, I know how to get it.

‘Hi Carla, it’s only me,’ he calls out. ‘Where are you?’

‘The bedroom Jim,’ I call back, getting myself into position.

I hear him padding through the flat.

He’s getting closer.

The door opens.

‘Holy fuck Carla,’ he says as he walks in.

‘I’ll be finished in a minute,’ I say.


I’m on my hands and knees, vacuuming under his bed. My skirt has ridden up revealing my tight panties that barely cover my foo-foo.

Foo-foo – where the hell did that one come from?

In this position my bottom is higher than my head. I look round at Jim and he’s staring at my arse. It makes me smile. The growing bulge in his skin tight shorts tells me he likes what he’s seeing.

‘Enjoying the view Jim?’

‘Hell yes,’ he says, rubbing his crotch with his hand.

I reach round and pull my panties to one side to give him a better view. I’ve been anticipating this so much that my pants are already soaking with excitement. My labia is2018-01-22-22-49-49 so wet it feels like a horses mouth waiting for a sugar lump. I so love that feeling – my wet labia that is, not feeding horses sugar lumps. I give Jim a cheeky smile.

‘Oh my god, that looks amazing,’ he says grabbing and rubbing his crotch with increased vigour. His lunch box bulge is huge. As I’ve said, Jim has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. He’s easily a good 9 inches when erect. On the plus side he’s also got the girth of a French loaf.

‘Is that a Subway in your shorts Jim, or are you pleased to see me?’

‘I’m very pleased,’ he says. ‘Why, are you hungry?’

With a cheeky wink I say, ‘I could eat a salami Sub.’

Staying on my knees I turn round and drag him by the hips towards me. I take hold of the top of his shorts pulling them outwards so I can slowly lower them, revealing his massive erection. I lick my lips.

God, I’m going to enjoy this.

Once I’ve got his shorts over his manhood I drop them to the floor around his feet. I start at his large, swinging testicles running my tongue from the base of his length, tracing and climbing it all the way to the tip.

‘Oh fuck,’ he says.

I grasp his shaft. My hand looks tiny wrapped round his huge girth and I run my tongue around the rim of his shiny red helmet, flicking it over his glans. He moans loudly.

‘Oh Carla, please… take me in your mouth. Pleeease.’

I oblige, pulling his cock into my mouth. It’s size forces my mouth open so far it stretches my lips into taut, thin strips. He pushes himself further into me and he hits the back of my throat before my hand on his shaft reaches my mouth. I move back and forth sucking and gulping his wonderful cock. I try to breath through my nose but it’s just too hard with something this size inside me. The need to breathe takes over and I pull back, taking a deep breath as I break free. I spit on the end and use my other hand to rub it in to lubricate him.

‘I want you inside me,’ I gasp.

‘You know I don’t do that,’ he says.

‘Just this once, please.’

‘Carla. No,’ he says.

That’s the only shitty thing about Jim. He says he’s saving himself for when he marries. He’s quite happy fooling around but he won’t go all the way with anyone – that’s what he tells me anyway.

‘You bastard,’ I say swallowing his cock again and at the same time slipping a hand under my skirt and into my soaking panties. I start rubbing my clit, and oh god it feels good.

Unexpectedly Jim grabs my shoulders and lifts me to my feet. There’s a popping sound as my mouth pops off his cock and it makes me snigger.

‘What are you doing?’ I ask.

‘I want to taste you,’ he says.

Wow. This is a first.


‘Yes,’ he says, lifting my skirt and dropping my pants to my ankles. I wriggle out of them and he lays on the bed.

‘Come here,’ he says beckoning me into a sixty nine position.

Oh, thank you god.

I waste no time, hitch my skirt up round my waist and kneel either side of his head, positioning my hips over his face. I lean forward, reach out and take his cock into my willing mouth, then I take my weight on both hands and start fucking him with my mouth. It’s at that point I feel my bottom cheeks being parted, realising Jim’s making it easier for his tongue to pleasure me.

‘Jesus Carla, you’re fucking soaking,’ he says.

I let his cock fall from my mouth. ‘Tell me about it,’ I say. I’m so unbelievably horny. Knowing that Jim is too, and that it’s because of me that he is, is only adding fuel to my raging fire. I shove his hard length straight back between my lips.

I feel his tongue gently lap at my love folds and it makes my thighs quiver.

I’m helpless with lust and I let Jim’s salami sub fall from my mouth. ‘Oh my god Jim,’ I say. ‘Oh god yes, eat me, just fucking eat me.’

It’s been far too long!

I take him in my mouth again just as he takes my labia into his own mouth. He gently tugs each of them in turn with gentle bites and lip grasps. Then he takes both of them and sucks out my love juice. He grabs me by the hips, tilting them so my love bud is closer to his mouth, then he runs his tongue from my hood, over my engorged clit, down between my wet lips before thrusting it as far inside me as far as he can.

Oh fuck!

I let out a deep, uncontrollable moan which vibrates his cock in my mouth, making him thrust himself deeper into me. I’m in heaven. I fucking love the intimacy of a 69 – for me it’s more intimate than sex itself.

He presses his tongue against my clit and rubs it hard which he does exactly 3 times, then he pulls back and gives it a few quick flicks with the tip. He keeps this up and it drives me wild. Each time he presses hard I press back against him, and when he flicks it my whole body shakes like a shitting dog. I can feel my excitement oozing out of my sex and every so often he breaks from his thrilling clit tickling to lick me out.

I hear his voice, it sounds muffled from underneath me. ‘Carla, you taste fucking amazing.’

I let his cock go, gasping for air. ‘Thanks,’ I say. ‘So do you, and you’re amazing with your tongue.’ I swallow his massive cock again.

Spurred on, Jim keeps up his magic technique and I’m so turned on it isn’t long before I feel my climax building.

I need to enjoy this.

I let his cock go and flop down on top of him, resting my head on his crotch. He keeps going with the clit press and tickle… and then it happens – my clitoris seems to explode in a shower of sparkling fireworks and a massive climax rips its way through my whole body.


I feel like I’m caught up in a rolling wave as it crashes on a hot sandy beach. My head is light and dizzy and I can feel heart pulsations in the roof of my mouth, in my chest pressed against his hard abs and in my finger tips. I swear I’m glowing like a crimson light, and as my orgasmic tidal wave slowly ebbs away, I feel weak, broken – shattered.

‘Was that okay?’ says Jim.

‘Okay! It was fucking amazing,’ I say. ‘Where the hell did you learn to do that with your tongue? Wait. Don’t tell me yet…’

I feel my strength starting to recover and it’s time to return the compliment.

I climb off from kneeling over his face and shuffle round so I’m kneeling more at a right angle to him. He’s still hard and I take his shaft, licking up and down his vein riddled length, flicking my tongue over his glans each time I pass. I take him in my mouth and suck him for a while and he lets out little moans of pleasure.

I really want to feel him inside me.

I pull back and spit on the end of cock, rubbing it in with my hands, and then using both hands wrapped round his full length I start massaging it. Jim’s is the only cock where I’ve been able to wrap both hands round the length in a one potato, two potato fashion, and still have room to move them up and down. I spit on the end again, rubbing it in and I tease his foreskin back and forth around the base of his tip. It’s not long before his breathing changes, which tells me he’s going to explode soon, so I ready myself in anticipation. He starts panting.

Here goes.

I drop forward using one hand to brace myself. I keep the other massaging his shuddering cock and take the end in my mouth.

Jim starts grunting and groaning like a feral beast as his orgasm takes control. His semen erupts from his penis into my mouth and hits the back of my throat. I keep sucking and swallowing until his shaking subsides.

‘Stop…STOP!’ He says, his body jerking as though in pain. ‘It’s so fucking sensitive.’

I laugh, collapsing on the bed by his side, both of us lay on our backs staring at the ceiling.

‘Yeah I know what you mean,’ I say. ‘The same happens to me.’

‘That was, amazing,’ says Jim. ‘Absolutely amazing!’

‘It really was,’ I say.

We lay together for a little while, both of us getting our breath back. Unsurprisingly, considering how fit Jim is, he gets his back first.

‘Jim…’ I say. ‘What made you want to… to pleasure me today?’

‘I dunno, you just looked so hot sucking me off with your hand in your pants. It made me want to…’ It seemed like he was going to say more, but the words never came.

‘Well, I’m glad you did,’ I say. ‘You have no idea how much I needed that.’

‘I’m glad I could help,’ he says with a smile.

‘So, where on earth did you learn your amazing tongue technique?’ I say.

He starts laughing. ‘You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.’

‘Try me…’

‘From Cosmo,’ he says.


‘Yup, one of my clients left a copy at the gym a couple of weeks ago. I was flicking through it and there was an article on how to get your man to give you better pleasure.

‘Well,’ I say with a snigger. ‘A big fucking hurray for Cosmo.’

‘It was that good?’ he asks.

‘Oh yeah, it sure worked for me. Mind you, maybe I’m not a fair test subject.’

‘How do you mean?’

‘Well, I’m so fuckin’ horny today that I’d have probably had the same reaction if you’d tickled my clit with a cauliflower.’

He turns to me and laughs. ‘I can’t believe how wet you were.’

‘That’s what I mean… so fuckin’ horny!’

‘I really wanted to be inside you today.’

‘Oh god I wanted that too,’ I say, turning sideways on to face him, my head propped on my hand. ‘You still could and I wish you would. I’m good to go.’

‘Maybe, one day. But definitely not today. I’m a bit of a one hit wonder kind of guy,’ he says nodding his head down towards his groin area.

His once proudly erect cock is now totally flaccid. It’s still a good size, 93d4af14-6c8a-4e06-9bc0-872acbf13f2f-picsayand no doubt many less endowed men would love to have the length of Jim’s flaccid cock as their own erect one.

‘Well that’s disappointing,’ I say flashing him a grin. ‘But maybe you can look for an article in Cosmo about developing repeat performance skills.’






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