Saff & Lilly 2 – The one where I play Blind Man’s Muff.

If you read my first post about Saff & Lilly you’ll recall they are in a lady marriage. They are totally adorable and their terraced house decor is a testament to the strength of their love and relationship. It’s in the northern suburbs of Leeds in an area considered to be quite affluent. They’re both degree educated and have jobs fitting their education level giving them a relatively large amount of disposable income. Saffy once said I was a nice ‘treat’ to have, meaning they enjoyed being in a position to be able to afford a cleaning service.KAT

I’m not sure whether it’s despite of, or because of the strength of their love for each other, nevertheless they ‘play’, always together, with other girls. I guess you’d call them female swingers. And they’re often quite flirty with me. Today was no exception, and given my recent experience with Kat I was feeling playful too.


            ‘Hi Carla, how are you doing?’

I was concentrating on buffing up the chrome Victorian style double tap and shower fittings on the side of the bath. I was so engrossed I hadn’t heard the ninja footed Lilly climbing the stairs, and I started when she spoke. ‘Oh god,’ I say. ‘You made me jump.’

‘Oh, sorry,’ she says so seriously and sincerely that I immediately feel bad for making her feel bad. ‘I didn’t mean to startle you.’

‘It’s okay, I didn’t hear you coming up the stairs. What are you…some kind of ninja?’ I look at her feet and see she’s probably slipped her trainers off at the door. They have an office extension at the back of their house. In essence it’s a small wooden summer house adjoining the kitchen that they’ve converted into a workspace with two desks and computers etcetera – they both regularly work from home.

Lilly laughs, looking down at her rather dainty, sock clad feet. ‘Maybe I should have called up first.’ Whereas Saffy has long, wavy blonde hair, Lilly has a short brown bob. She has a cute face that often makes me think of a dormouse.

‘You want to use the bathroom don’t you?’ I say with a grin.

‘Yes please,’ she says, making a show of crossing her legs as though desperate to pee.

‘Okay, I’ll get out of your way.’

‘There’s no need,’ she says striding over to the WC. Before I have chance to do anything she’s lifted the lid up and hitched her tracksuit bottoms down, taking her panties with them. She’s about to sit down…

‘Wait,’ I say. ‘You need to flush it first. There’s bleach in there and you don’t want to…splash your lettuce.’

‘Splash my lettuce!’ She repeats, laughing uncontrollably. ‘Oh Carla, you’re so funny.’ She reaches behind her and flushes the toilet.

I don’t know where to put myself. She just stands facing me wearing a tight t-shirt and a big grin with her pants round her ankles.

She’s got great legs, I find myself thinking. They’re slim, but with defined curves from her sporty lifestyle. I’d guess she’s a size 10 top and bottom, but she’ll be at the top end of the size 10 scale so that often she’ll have to buy size 12s. And she’s got a kebab. Some of us ladies have what looks like a sliced burger bun, but Lilly is more like me…her foo-foo looks more like a kebab.

There’s that ruddy foo-foo again. Where the hell have I got that from!

I stare absently at her hairless pubic area. No Brazilians here, I think, my mind harking back to Kat’s neat and tidy little line of pubic hair. I’m comparing her labia with mine, which as I say is very much like mine. It protrudes and looks, for the want of a better word, meaty. I t suddenly dawns on me that I’m staring, and I feel like I’ve been staring at Lilly’s lady bits for an uncomfortably long time. Lilly doesn’t seem to have noticed and hastily I turn back to buffing the taps to a shine.

‘How’s your mum doing?’ Asks Lilly sitting herself down now the loo has finished

breaking dawn
For bonus points, name the parody film 😉



‘Much better, thank you,’ I say, not turning round.

I hear a hissing, splashing sound behind me accompanied by a sigh of relief from Lilly. ‘I needed that,’ she says. ‘Having said that, I’m only going to top it up again with another coffee. Have you made yourself a drink yet Carla?’

‘No, not yet,’ I say. ‘I like to get cracked on with the job.’

‘I’ll be making one when I go back downstairs. Do you want one?’

‘I’d love a coffee, thanks.’

It sounds like she’s peeing for England.

That’s something I’ve never understood. Golden showers. How can you be turned on watching someone pee? Or even worse, turned on by being pissed on. I don’t get it. I have to say I’ve never tried it, nor  do I particularly care to either. Nevertheless I do tend to fall into the ‘never say never’ category of people who will try anything once, just to see if I do actually like it. I also feel can’t really judge something, unless I’ve at least given it a go.

I hear Lilly rip some toilet paper off the roll followed by the sound of her wiping herself, and finally her pulling her tracksuit bottoms back up.

‘Those must be the shiniest taps in the whole of Leeds,’ says Lilly, flushing the loo again. I know she’s being a cheeky bugger, and referring to me not being distracted from buffing the taps the whole time she was peeing.

‘Well, what did you expect me to do?’ I say, feeling a little exasperated.

‘You could have just sat on the bath side and talked to me,’ she says.

‘I’m sorry,’ I say. ‘I’m just not used to… this.’ I don’t know how to refer to what’s just happened.

‘It was just a wee,’ she says. ‘You surprise me Carla, I didn’t think you were so… old fashioned.’

‘Old fashioned,’ I say.

I actually consider myself to be quite liberated, but I guess we all have things we feel more reserved about, probably because of our upbringing or other early experiences. I feel a little affronted about being called old fashioned. ‘Old fashioned,’ I find myself repeating.

Lilly smiles. ‘I’m not trying to be insulting, sorry if it came out that way. I just mean I didn’t think something like that would bother you. I’ve always had you pegged as being quite liberal. Coffee?’

‘Yes please. And I think I am quite liberal. Only last week I posed as a life model for one of my customers.’

‘Really?’ She says, sounding incredulous.

‘Really,’ I say.

‘Ooh, what was it like?’ Her face has taken on that look office gossips have when they’re sharing the latest scandals. ‘Wait. Tell me over coffee. Come on…’

‘I’ll just finish up in here,’ I say.

‘Those damn taps are shiny enough. Come on.’ Lilly can be quite assertive when she wants to be… well, she’s not the only one.

‘I’ve got the sink to finish yet. I’ll do that while the kettle is boiling.’

Lilly concedes. ‘Okay, but don’t for a minute think I’m letting this go.’

‘I’m sure you won’t,’ I say with a laugh.


Five minutes later I walk into the kitchen, my nose reaching out for the smell of coffee, but to no avail. Saff and Lilly are great and they have quite cosmopolitan tastes when it comes to food and drink. They once gave me a bacon and avocado sandwich, which was something I would never have made myself, nevertheless it was really good. But with that in mind it surprises me that they drink instant coffee – at least it’s Douwe Egberts and not that Nescafé crap.

They’ve lived here for a little over a year and have been gradually doing the place up. I’ve really enjoyed watching the changes as they’ve put their own stamp on it. Originally it would have been a two up, two down but some previous owners extended the kitchen, built the summerhouse at the back that I mentioned earlier, and extended upwards building a room into the attic space. The kitchen is one of the last rooms on their to-do list and I can understand why. It’s painted white, with white cupboards and surfaces, which, aside from a few wear and tear knocks are in pretty good condition. The floor is made up of white ceramic tiles, some of which are cracked but not chipped- at least they’re okay underfoot.

‘Here you go,’ says Lilly handing me a mug of coffee. ‘Have a seat in the lounge.’

I’m on my way through the dining room when I hear Lilly calling out the back door. ‘Saff! Coffee’s ready.’ She holds the door for Saffy. ‘Come on,’ she says. ‘Carla’s got something juicy to tell us.’

‘Really?’ says Saffy, her voice trilling with an air of excitement. ‘How juicy?’

‘Grab your coffee and let’s go and find out,’ she says, and they both follow me through.

It’s obvious they like Ikea as all their furnishings and décor look like they’re fresh out of a catalogue.  I opt for the arm chair with the back to the front bay windows, and they take to the sofa which is sideways to me.

‘Go on,’ says Lilly. ‘Let’s hear it.’

I open my mouth to talk…

‘She’s been posing as a life model,’ says Lilly.

‘Ooh,’ says Saffy. ‘Do tell.’

I start laughing. ‘I will, if you let me,’ I say.

‘Sorry,’ they both chime.

‘Go on,’ says Lilly. ‘I’ll shut up now.’

‘There’s not really that much to tell,’ I say, wondering just how much I should say about my experience with Kat. They’re only into same sex love so I don’t know whether or not I should be telling them about the bloke with the big cock, and even more so what I imagined doing to him.

‘Hey,’ says Saffy. ‘I was lured here on the promise of something juicy.’

‘Okay, okay,’ I say.

Right, if that’s what they want… juicy it is then.

‘I don’t know if I’ve mentioned her before but I clean for a lady called Kat, who is also a bit of an artist in her spare time.’

‘What’s she like?’ asked Saffy, and almost simultaneously Lilly asked,

‘Is she any good?’

‘Easy ladies, one at a time please. Saffy,’ I say. ‘Kat, is, stunning.’ I slowly emphasise each word to stress just how stunning Kat is. ‘She’s a slim size 8, soaking wet, but she’s curvy, in an athletic kind of way, a bit like you Lilly.’ I immediately realise my faux pas and I my face reddens.

‘How do you know Lilly has athletic curves?’ asks Saffy.

‘We shared a moment in the loo,’ Lilly says nonchalantly.

‘Did you piss in front of Carla?’ says Saffy. She looks directly at me. ‘Did she piss in front of you Carla?’

I don’t know where to put myself.

‘She’s such a filthy bitch,’ says Saffy laughing.

‘Yes I did,’ says Lilly. ‘Now, can we move on?’

‘Don’t worry Carla, she does it all the time.’

I let out a little sigh of relief.

‘That didn’t stop our Carla from checking out my muff,’ says Lilly, totally catching me off guard.

‘I did not,’ I say, hoping I sound convincing.

‘Don’t think I didn’t notice dear,’ Lilly continues. ‘I saw you out of the corner of my eye. You had a right good gander at my squish mitten.’

Squish mitten! I’m not sure which is worse, that or foo-foo.

I’m sat aghast with my mouth open. My mum would have told me to close it or I’d catch flies.

‘You took me totally by surprise,’ I say. ‘And I did offer to leave but you’d dropped your knickers before I had chance to turn, let alone get out of the door.’

‘Oh Carla,’ say Saffy. ‘This is what I have to put up with all the time. She’s such a bloody exhibitionist. That’s why she was excited when you mentioned being a life model.’

I take this opportunity to get back to my story. ‘So, back to Kat.’

‘Oh yes,’ says Saffy. ‘You were telling us what she’s like. We’d got to curvy and athletic. Now, do go on…’

‘As I say, slim size 8, and she’s got the most awesome breasts I’ve ever seen. To be honest I’m really envious of her body.’

‘It sounds like it,’ say Saffy. ‘But honey, you’ve got a lovely figure.’

‘Thank you,’ I say somewhat abruptly, trying not to get thrown off track again. ‘Well, the other day she’d only just got out of the bath as I arrived and she wore a bathrobe the whole time. Talk about if you’ve got it, flaunt it! Lilly, you asked if she was good, at art. She is,’ I say. ‘But I didn’t know that until the other day. She has a studio in her attic room and I’d only ever been up there once, just briefly when I first met her. She’s always told me to leave that room for her to take care of. I certainly didn’t know she only did life models, nudes…’

I carried on with the story, telling them how Kat’s model had let her down, and how I’d come to be naked on her sofa in the studio, posing while Kat sketched me.

‘It’s like Titanic,’ says Saffy dreamily.

‘That’s what I thought too,’ I say with a laugh.

‘I bet it’s a great feeling, having someone capture you in art form,’ says Lilly.

‘I have to admit, that was one of the things that made me want to do it.’

‘I’d love to pose for her,’ says Lilly somewhat wistfully. Saffy purses her lips and gives Lilly a look and a tut.

‘What?’ says Lilly.

‘As if we couldn’t see that coming,’ says Saffy. ‘Anyway Carla, what poses did you strike?’

Should I tell them the truth, or not?
Old fashioned.
Lilly did call me old fashioned!
Right, the truth it is then.

‘Well,’ I say, and I tell them how I started off by sitting on the sofa staring at the picture of Richard. (If you read that episode you’ll know that’s not my Richard. It’s a different Richard that Kat knows.) I add that I was quite mesmerised by the size of his Subway.


‘Well it wasn’t far off being a foot long,’ I say with a laugh.

‘Get away,’ says Lilly. ‘It can’t have been that big.’

Saffy turns on her again. ‘Know a lot about men’s knobs do you?’ She challenges.

‘Only what I’ve read sweetie,’ she says. ‘And they say the average is five to six inches, erect.’

‘Oh, they do do they!’

Lilly turns to me. ‘Just ignore her Carla, she’s on the blob.’

‘LILLY!’ Saffy screams. ‘Carla doesn’t need to know that.’

I’m helpless with laughter. These two are just so funny together. Saff and Lilly are soon laughing with me.

After we’d calmed down Lilly presses me further. ‘So, is that the extent of your saucy tale?’ The disappointment badly hidden in her voice.

‘Not at all,’ I say. ‘That was just the intro.’

‘Oh goody.’

Here goes…

And so I tell them about the gin and getting carried away with my posing.

‘Oh my god,’ says Saffy. ‘Wasn’t that embarrassing?’

‘I guess it would have been if I hadn’t had the gin.’

‘What happened after that?’

I go on to tell them about Kat dropping her robe, joining me on the sofa, and about our shared kiss.

‘Who’s old fashioned now?’ I say smugly giving Lilly a hard but jovial stare.

‘Carla, now you have surprised me,’ she says. ‘I always had you pegged as a pure sausage muncher, and despite you checking me out earlier,’ she says with a cheeky wink. ‘I still wouldn’t have said you’d ever munch rug.’

‘Hey, hang on… I haven’t munched any rugs just yet,’ I say, giggling inside about Lilly’s choice of expressions.

‘Maybe not, but you’d like to, wouldn’t you!’ she says defiantly. ‘You’ve been thinking about it haven’t you? Imagining what it would be like to get down and dirty with Kat… Go on, tell me you haven’t…’

She’s a bugger.

I grit my teeth. ‘Yes. Yes, I have been thinking about it.’

‘I bloody well knew it,’ says Lilly, unabashed in her smugness.

Saffy has been quiet for a while, sat quietly, listening and watching – taking everything in.

‘Go easy Lilly love, it’s not an interrogation. We’re here for a bit of juice, and I gather because Carla wants to prove she’s not old fashioned. Is that right?’

Lilly visibly softens, which makes me relax too. ‘Sorry Carla,’ she says. ‘I can be a bit like a terrier once I’ve sunk my teeth into something. Saff’s right. And as I say, you have surprised me. Okay, I take back the old fashioned comment.’

‘Thank you,’ I say, pleased we’re all smiling again.

‘Erm, hang on a minute,’ says Saffy. ‘At the moment, all we’ve got is a story from Carla, all in her own words. We don’t have any actual proof this happened. She could have made it all up to get us to think she’s not an old fashioned prude.

Oh Jesus, if only they knew. If only they’d seen me sucking Jim’s huge cock the other day while he devoured me. And that’s nothing compared to what else I’ve done.

‘Well, I can’t exactly bring you proof,’ I say. ‘At least, not yet. I might be able to when she’s finished doing me.’

‘Doing you?’

‘You know what I mean… when she’s finished painting me.’

‘Okay, but in the meantime we’re going to need some proof.’

I can see where this is going. Saff wants to play.

Okay, let’s play.

I aim for innocent. ‘What did you have in mind?’ I ask sweetly.

‘Well, you were staring at Lilly’s muff earlier,’ says Saffy. ‘Tell us, what you thought.’

‘Oh nice one Saff,’ says Lilly. ‘Yes Carla, what did you think of my muff?’

‘I didn’t exactly see a lot. You were stood up at the time.’

‘Lilly darling,’ says Saffy.

‘Yes honey?’

‘Would you drop your trackies and pants and show Carla your goods please, so she can get a better look.’

Lilly needed no encouragement, which given her earlier willingness to drop her knickers, comes as no surprise. She promptly stands up, hitches her thumbs into her waistline and before you can say spank my arse and ride me like a pony, she’s naked from the waist down.

‘Now,’ says Saffy. ‘Sit back down, but this time please open your legs.’

Lilly does as she is told, which I find a little surprising.

Who wears the damn trousers in this relationship? Clearly not Lilly.

‘Right Carla, what do you think?’

I feel at a bit of a loss.

‘What do you mean? Am I supposed to be grading it in some way…? Where one is as tight as a mouse’s ear hole and ten is jeez, what’s that echo, echo, echo.’

Saffy laughs. ‘No, of course not. Just tell me what you notice about it.’

I look at Lilly and she gestures me to look between her thighs. ‘Go on,’ she says. She slides her hand between her legs and parts her labia giving me a closer look at her.

‘To be honest, it looks a lot like mine.’


‘Yes. I’ve got big…big labia.’

‘Oh, I like the sound of that,’ says Saffy. ‘I love Lilly’s lips. They’re so juicy and suckable. Can we see yours? Just to make a comparison.’

‘What? That wasn’t part of the deal.’

‘There wasn’t a deal,’ she says. ‘But it is only fair. You’ve seen Lilly’s and so now it’s time to reciprocate.’

‘Or are you too old fashioned?’ Lilly’s goading me, and damn it, it’s working.

I stand up and unbutton my loose fitting, cargo trousers. They fall easily around my ankles.

‘Nice pants,’ says Lilly looking at my white cotton knickers and flashing a big grin.

‘Look! I don’t always wear sexy pants for work, especially when I’m not expecting anyone to see them. I certainly wasn’t expecting any action today.’

‘Well, you’ve got it.’

What the fuck am I doing?

Ah well, in for a penny…

I hitch my thumbs into the sides and push my pants down, stepping out of them and my cargo trousers.

I’m so glad I showered this morning.

‘Now spread ‘em,’ says Saffy.

Clearly she is the one who wears the trousers.

I sit and lean back in my chair, opening my legs and resting one on each arm.

‘I see what you mean,’ says Saffy, looking back and forth between me and Lilly, comparing our foo-foos. ‘You do look very similar. Very suckable.’

Lilly jumps up. ‘I’ve got an idea. Hang on a minute,’ she says and dashes out of the room. Suddenly I feel self conscious being the only naked one in the room and I close my legs and sit up in the chair. Saff looks over raising an eyebrow. We can hear Lilly running upstairs and crossing the floor above into their bedroom.

‘I don’t know what she’s got in mind,’ she says. ‘But I’m willing to bet it’s naughty. Don’t get dressed just yet.’

‘What’s she doing?’

‘I have no idea.’

We hear drawers being opened and closed, then footsteps crossing the floor and running back downstairs. She runs in holding a small tube of something in one hand and what looks like a blindfold in the other. Sporting a massive grin she tosses the tube over to me.

‘Strawberry lube?’ I say.

‘Rub some into your skin, into your pubic area above your clit, and into your pussy,’ she says.

‘What for?’

‘You’ll see.’

Saff grins. ‘I think I know what’s coming,’ she says.

‘Hopefully me and Carla will be soon,’ says Lilly. ‘Here, put this on, and no cheating,’ she says, handing Saff the blindfold.

While Saffy dons the blindfold I pop the tube lid, dollop some of the lube onto my fingers and do as I was told. Lilly holds her hand out and I toss her the lube. She does the same as me, rubbing some of the lube into her own pubic area.

‘Okay Saff, we’re going to play blind man’s muff. Get on your knees facing away from the sofa please,’ says Lilly.

Saffy duly does as she was told.

‘When you hear us sit back down, count to ten, then you can turn round, okay?’

‘Got it,’ says Saffy.

With her fingers to her lips in a ‘shush’ gesture, Lilly beckons me over to her. She takes my hands and drags me into a ring-a-ring-a-roses style dance. We dance around in a circle a few times then she pushes me onto the sofa and sits down right next to me.

‘One, two…’ Saffy begins counting.

Lilly indicates to open my legs and she does the same. We’re so close our nearest legs cross over each others and interlock. She grabs my hand and looks at me like a naughty school girl.

‘Three, four…’

I can totally see what Saffy sees in Lilly.

Lilly’s face is full of mischief and glee and she clearly can’t wait for what’s coming next.

‘Five, six…’

Well, this is a new take on an old game. Blind man’s muff. The thought makes my inner child snigger.

‘Seven eight nine ten,’ says Saffy rushing through the last few numbers, clearly eager to start the game. ‘Coming, ready or not.’ And we are ready, Lilly and I both sat facing her, each of us with our legs akimbo, waiting to see if Saffy can tell the difference between mine and Lilly’s luscious labia.

Saffy, turns 180 degrees and reaches out in front of her, trying to get her bearings. When she touches my leg she shuffles herself so she’s knelt between my legs. She purposefully doesn’t grasp my legs, which would immediately tell her they were mine as I’m a little bigger than Lilly. Instead she gently runs her finger tips up the inside of my legs until she reaches my sensitive, fleshy inner thighs. Her touch makes me tingle and a wonderful feeling of arousal builds in my groin. I’m about to moan when Lilly’s free hand covers my mouth. I face her and she shakes her head. I nod my understanding and bite my bottom lip to hold my voice back.

Saffy moves her fingers towards my inner sanctum and traces the tips, slowly, up and down my outer labia. It’s utterly thrilling and makes me shiver as my juices start to flow. She reaches her head forward and goes straight for the money shot, running her tongue between my wet lips. ‘Mmm,’ she says. ‘It’s very wet.’

I bite my lip harder and Lilly squeezes my hand. She looks so excited, like a kid at Christmas. Saffy takes one of my wet lips into her mouth and sucks on it. It’s so agonisingly stimulating that I almost cry out. Lilly shakes her head vigorously. Saffy does the same again on the other side and my buttock muscles twitch and shudder, thrusting my hips towards her tongue. Her tongue runs little rings around my clitoral hood, avoiding the sweet spot, teasing me. She does this for what seems like an eon.

Oh, my, fucking, god!

Saffys voice is muffled, literally, as she pushes her tongue onto my excited little bud. ‘I think I can make someone scream and give me a clue as to who’s who.’

I throw my head violently back over the sofa and Lilly’s hand appears over my mouth again; she’s shaking her head and mouthing ‘no’. Her nails dig into my hand.

This is so fucking erotic.

I’ve never had my pussy eaten by another woman before, and it’s absolutely exquisite. I’ve heard other women say that only a woman knows how really pleasure a woman, and I totally get it. There’s a sensitivity to it that men just don’t have. As much as I love a man pleasuring me, this is different. It’s softer, gentler and more knowing –  knowing that can only come from the personal experience of owning a clitoris, and being aware of how to light the blue touch-paper and set the fireworks off.

Maybe it was the build up and set-up – talking about my experience with Kat.

Maybe it’s because both Saff and Lilly are as hot as jalapenos.

Maybe it’s Saffy’s tantalising tongue technique.

Maybe it’s because I’m just horny all the time.

Maybe it’s a little of all of those, but whatever it is, it’s bloody well working, and Saff’s tongue is raising a show stopping orgasm deep inside me.

I want to wrap my legs around Saffy and pull her as far into me as I can. My free hand reaches for the sofa arm and grips it, holding on for dear life as Saff teases and tickles my throbbing clit with her tongue. I’m writhing and thrashing around like a net of fish dropped on a trawler deck.

Saffy knows she’s got me right where she wants me and she clearly decides it’s time to finish me off. She runs a finger between my wet folds and it slips into me with ease.


She pushes it against the front wall of my quivering quim straight onto my g-spot. She begins rubbing, synchronising it with tongue strokes and flicks over my clit. I’m biting so hard on my lip I can taste blood.

Then I explode.

It’s like the New Years Eve fireworks going off over the Millennium Wheel. I’m dizzy with pleasure and with having to hold back my voice I feel like my head is going to burst. I feel Saff pull back but my free leg wraps round her back and stops her getting away.

Oh, my god!

My orgasm is all over in under a minute, but it feels like much longer, and I collapse into the sofa, an exhausted wreck, releasing Saffy leaving her now free to move.

‘Well that was wonderful,’ she says. ‘Next!’ And she shuffles along on her knees using her finger tips to find Lilly’s legs. Having experienced what Saffy did to me, I now get to watch as she does the same to Lilly.

Lilly is already biting her lip and still firmly holding my hand. I give her a squeeze and she looks round at me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone with a bigger smile in my whole life; it seems to divide her face in two halves. Her eyes are lit up with anticipation and excitement. She’s nodding but I can’t tell whether it’s a voluntary action or not. I take deep breaths, still recovering from the thrilling I’ve just received, and I’m beginning to get how Lilly felt watching me. I’ve never seen another woman pleasured before; the idea of what I’m about to watch is intoxicating. I catch myself grinning at Lilly, much like she did at me. Saffy begins her finger tracing up Lilly’s thighs.

Here we go!

I have to concede that Lilly’s idea of using the strawberry lube to mask our natural scents was genius, although I strongly suspect Saffy will be able to determine who is who by the way each of use tastes. But to be totally fair she is playing her part in our version of blind man’s muff brilliantly. However we should really call this blind woman’s muff and sell the idea.

I bet someone has already thought of it!

Lilly’s reaction to having Saffy pleasuring her is the same as mine was and she throws her had back over the sofa. She looks like she’s wimpering with delight but holding the sound in.

Saffy is licking round Lilly’s outer labia, leaving little traces of saliva behind. ‘Hmm,’ she says. ‘This one is a little stubblier than the first.’

I had only Veeted mine the other day so it was still really smooth, Lilly’s last grooming must have been a couple of days before mine.

I’m totally captivated watching Saffy tongue Lilly’s clitoral hood and seeing the effect it has on Lilly. Lilly’s leg, the one interlocked with mine starts shaking in eagerness as she probably realises Saffy is about to go for her clit.

I’ve got to get involved!

The urge hits me that I want to be a part of Lilly’s pleasure and I release my interlocked leg. Lilly looks round questioningly only to see me coming straight for her mouth. I kiss her deeply, teasing my tongue gently into her mouth and reach for hers. Her surprise quickly subsides, her tongue finding mine as she relaxes into the kiss. It was like kissing Kat only Lilly’s is looser and more heated, probably because Saffy is firing her pleasure furnace up. Lilly grasps the back of my head, holding us close, using our kiss as a means of releasing her sexual tension.

Saffy’s muffled voice says. ‘This one is wet too, and much more wriggly.’

I move so I am on my knees by Lilly’s side and I slip a hand over her body reaching for her breasts. She releases me so I can get to her more easily, and I take her clothed breast in my hand and squeeze, searching for her nipple. She reaches back and pushes her


upper body forward and I know what she wants me to do. I grab the bottom of her t-shirt and lift catching her sports bra with my fingers until they’re both at the top of her shoulders, the she drops back raising her arms and I lift them both clean off her. Without hesitation she pulls my head towards her breasts, barely giving me time to admire them. They’re smaller than mine, I’d guess a b-cup and they’re capped with protruding nipples with small areolas. With one in my mouth and one in my hand I suck, squeeze, tease, bite and lick.

I feel Lilly’s teeth press into my shoulder as she struggles to keep silent. While I am pleasuring Lilly’s breasts I glance between her legs and see Saffy is doing her press and flick thing on Lilly’s clit. I guess it won’t be long before Lilly reaches her point of no return and I was right. Lilly starts thrashing against Saffy and me as her orgasm tears through her body, setting her muscles into spasm which is made worse by having to be silent. Lilly is clearly a screamer, normally.

Simultaneously Saffy and I kneel back and Lilly collapses back into the sofa, exhausted.

‘Well ladies, I’m guessing you both enjoyed that,’ says Saffy, to which Lilly and I both chime back enthusiastic responses.

‘So, who was who?’ she muses keeping the blindfold on. ‘I have to admit, the strawberry lube was a great mask, I couldn’t really taste much difference between either of you.

‘Both of your labia felt the same in my mouth. I was really hoping one of you bitches would moan and give the game away. You both wriggled a lot, but I must admit, the way the second one thrashed about though… Lilly’s not normally like that so that might have been Carla. Or could that have been a bluff? ‘

Lilly and I glance at each other grinning while Saffy tries to work out which of us was which.

‘Nope,’ says Saffy. ‘I’m going to say the second one was Carla.’

‘Ha! Take the blindfold off,’ shouts Lilly, triumphantly.

Saffy removes the blindfold, blinking as her eyes adjust to the light. Her mouth drops as she realises she’d got it wrong.’

‘Hang on… you’re naked,’ says Saffy looking at Lilly. ‘You weren’t naked when we started.’

‘Yeah, sorry about that,’ I say. ‘That’s my fault. I couldn’t help myself and got carried away. I got the urge to get involved.’

‘And I’m fucking glad you did,’ says Lilly. ‘Jesus that was intense, having my honey sucking my clit while you sucked my nips Carla. And that’s why I couldn’t keep still,’ she says looking at Saffy.

Saffy laughs. ‘Well, I think that qualifies as cheating.’ Saff gets to her feet. ‘There’s only one thing for it,’ she says. ‘My turn.’

Saffy strips naked, grabs a cushion and throw from the sofa, lays them on the floor and lays herself on top of them.

Lilly and I exchange glances.

‘Top or bottom?’ Asked Lilly.

‘Bottom,’ I say. ‘I feel the need to reciprocate.’

‘Actually, I don’t think that’s fair Carla. As I’ve said, Saff is on the blob.’

‘For fucks sake Lilly,’ say Saff, her voice stern. ‘For your information I finished yesterday…’

‘Really?’ asks Lilly. ‘Well that’s worked out wonderfully then, and Carla gets to munch her first rug.’

We all laugh at Lilly’s daftness, nevertheless, she is right.

‘Before you start,’ says Saffy looking at me. ‘I’ve been thinking.’

‘What about?’ I ask.

‘I think it would be fun to meet Kat, and maybe have her paint Lilly and me. Do you think Kat would do us?’

‘Oh,’ I say. ‘I think Kat would be more than happy to do you both.’



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I have a whole series of erotic exploits, some from my past, but mostly current and always kinky. Naturally I'll have to be discreet and change names, nevertheless I'm sure if any of my partners recognise themselves they'll enjoy reliving our adventures together ;) xoxo

10 thoughts on “Saff & Lilly 2 – The one where I play Blind Man’s Muff.

  1. That is one sexy and tempting story, impossible to resist….
    And who wouldn’t be jealous of Sass and Lilly..


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