Kat 2 – Do men know how to drive?

‘Kat, you will never guess what happened to me last week.’

‘You’re right,’ she says with a sarcastic grin. ‘So why don’t you just tell me.’

french setting
I got to be a ‘French Girl’.

It had been a couple of weeks since I was last at Kat’s, and after my thrilling encounter with Saff and Lilly I’d been dying to see her and tell her all about it. You see, the last time I saw her I’d posed as her life model and, after a couple of gin & tonics things had got a little steamy. Kat and I had had a clinch together but it didn’t go very far – definitely not as far as my encounter with Saff & Lilly did. Anyway, with Kat and I having been at a similar level of same sex experience, I wanted to see her to talk about how my own experience had progressed.

‘Oh Kat, it was amazing.’

‘Cup of tea amazing? Or, glass of water amazing?’

‘Cup of tea, definitely,’ I say.

‘Then it’s a good job you got here early. Go and grab a seat.’ She gestures for me to go into the lounge area at the other side of the open plan room. I go and plonk myself down on her sofa – I’m brimming with excitement. In front of me is a set of patio doors overlooking Kat’s small but well maintained garden. I’m staring through the glass but seeing nothing other than memory flashes as my runaway thoughts replay my frisky encounter with Saff & Lilly. Even the sounds of Kat making tea just a few feet away are not enough to disturb my reverie.

S&L 2
Blind Man’s Muff

Where do I start?

Should I tell her the outcome, then how we got there?

Or should I just start at the beginning?

It’s a toughie. I want to portray this in the best possible way because I know Saff & Lilly would like to meet her. Given Kat’s urge to take things slowly the last time we met, it might seem a bit overwhelming to know that two very hot ladies want to better make her acquaintance, or at the very least pose as life models together.

I’m so lost in thought that I barely hear her walking over carrying two steaming mugs of tea. It doesn’t help that she’s wearing slippers.

‘Here you go sweetie,’ she says. ‘Now, what’s got you looking like the cat that got all the cream?’

She sits down next to me, on the edge of the seat. Despite her air of reticence she’s keen to hear my gossip.

‘Thanks,’ I say taking the cup in both hands. ‘Well, I’m not really sure where to start, but here goes. I don’t think I’ve ever told you about my customers Saffy and Lilly, have I?’

‘Their names don’t ring any bells. They’re lovely names though.’

‘I’ve never really thought it about it, but now you mention it, yes, they are lovely. In fact their names match their owners really well, because they are both just the loveliest girls.’

‘Okay, you can stop gushing now. Let’s cut to the chase.’

Kat seems to be in work mode today, i.e. doctor mode. There are lines on her forehead that I don’t think I’ve seen before. I think I prefer her in artist mode. Don’t get me wrong – even in didactic doctor mode she’s still a slamming hottie. She’s wearing a skin hugging, t-shirt with a Hotlips logo on it, skinny jeans and flip flops for slippers. It doesn’t look like she’s wearing a bra, but if I had a rack as firm and as pert as hers I don’t think I would either. Her long brown hair is tied up in a swishy pony tail.

‘Okay, okay,’ I say. ‘Sheesh! Are you okay? You seem a little perturbed.’

She hangs her head, staring shamefully into her mug of tea. ‘I’m sorry,’ she says. She looks up and her forehead lines seem to get more intense. ‘Rough shift. Staff off sick. Unreliable agency staff. Idiot people doing stupid things and injuring themselves. In other words, undermanned and overworked. It’s just been a very rough shift.’

‘Okay, well you’re home now, so take a few deep breaths and put your sexy motherfucker artist head on.’

She laughs at my pep talk but it looks like it’s working. The lines on her forehead soften and the Kat I prefer resurfaces. She puts her hand on my knee.

‘My, aren’t you a refreshing slap in the face,’ she says. ‘You should be on prescription Carla, or maybe you should be the doctor.’

I give her a big grin. ‘I’m just being selfish really. It’s only because I want your undivided attention. I think you’re going to love hearing what happened to me.’

‘Excellent,’ she says. ‘The subject change will certainly do me good. Please sweetie, carry on.’

I tell her all about Saffy & Lilly and how we ended up playing ­blind man’s muff. I spare no detail and Kat listens, transfixed.

When I’ve got to the point where she thinks I’ve finished because Saffy guessed wrong, Kat looks a little shocked.

‘What?’ I ask.

‘Carla, that sounds amazing, and I can tell you I’m more than a little jealous. But I find it hard to believe the three of you started playing that game all because you told them about me.’

‘Oh believe it honey,’ I say.

‘I guess you could say, I was the Kat-a-list,’ she says flashing a grin that says she’s chuffed with her pun.

She makes me laugh and I let her have my best mocking groan accompanied by a slow eye roll.

‘I can’t even deny it,’ I say grinning. ‘It’s totally true. But I haven’t even got to the best bit yet…’

‘Really! Should I put the kettle on again?’

‘Good idea… That’s why I came an hour earlier today, nevertheless I will need to do some cleaning at some point.’

‘There’s plenty of time for that,’ says Kat already in the kitchen filling the kettle. ‘So, carry on, I can hear you from over here. What happened after Saffy guessed wrong?’

‘She was feeling horny herself,’ I say. ‘She stripped naked, laid out on the floor, then Lilly and I pleasured her.’

‘Oh, really? Did you… did you go down on her?’

‘Oh yes.’

‘How was it?’

‘It was certainly different to having a cock in my mouth,’ I say. ‘But fascinating at the same time. It’s like I knew exactly what to do.’

‘Well I should hope so,’ she says. ‘But I’m curious about something.’

‘What’s that hun?’

‘Was being with them better, or worse than being with a man?’

‘Don’t get me wrong Kat, I’m a cock lover through and through. Nevertheless I can’t deny finding my experiences with both you and with Saff & Lilly incredibly stimulating, just in a very different way to how it is with a man.’

‘I think I know what you’re going to say,’ says Kat. ‘But how so?’

‘Do you remember what it was like when you first learned to drive? Do you remember your first driving lessons?’

‘Yeah, pretty much,’ she says.

‘You remember how clunky and unnatural you felt as you tried to piece all the actions together and remember everything?’

‘Yes, definitely.’

‘To me, that’s what most men feel like when they’re fucking me. It feels like they’re still in that learning to drive phase, where they don’t quite know what they’re doing.’

Kat is carrying our tea over and bursts out laughing, almost dropping the mugs.

‘That’s the funniest, yet also the most bloody accurate way I’ve ever heard anyone describe it. Spot on Carla, absolutely spot on.’

‘But Saff and Lilly weren’t like that. They new exactly how to drive this Car-la to an orgasm.’

Kat laughs at my pun. ‘Touché,’ she says. ‘Touché.’

‘That one sprung up nicely,’ I say chuckling, chuffed with my own little ad lib. ‘But you get what I mean?’

‘Yes. What you’re saying is Saffy and Lilly know how to please a woman’s body because they’ve got one, so it was only natural that they’d naturally be good at pleasuring you. Plus…’ she says, ruminating. ‘I guess they’ve also had a lot of practice on each other.

‘Spot on,’ I say mimicking Kat’s expression.

‘Cheeky,’ she says, grinning. ‘I have to say, I felt the stirrings of that same feeling when we had our encounter the other week. Your kiss was intense but sensitive, and the way you touched me had an awareness about it that men don’t have.’

I’m nodding in agreement.

‘And,’ she continues. ‘You’re right, this has made me want to experience and experiment more.’

‘Well, in which case I’ve got some good news for you.’

‘What’s that?’ she asks.

‘They’d both like to model for you… together.’


I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to seeing how they all get on. I hope I get invited to the party.

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