Ryan 1 – Where we play Hide & Tease.

If you read my previous post then you’ll already know a little about Ryan. He’s what I callRyan0 a performer. He’s worked on mastering control of his orgasm so he can hold on for longer, prolonging the pleasure both for himself and his partner. He never fails to hit the spot.


In one particular area Ryan excels more than any other man I know…even more than Richard.

He’s about an inch shorter than me standing at about 5½ feet tall. He’s cheeky, witty, and sarcastic as hell, with a smile and a twinkle in his dark brown eyes that could probably dig him out of any tight scrapes he lands himself in. He’s medium built and I reckon he probably has a fast metabolism because he’s relatively lean despite not being into any form of fitness or exercise. His hair colour matches his eyes and he keeps it styled short.

‘Hey Carla, how are you getting on? Are you up for some fun?’

Direct, isn’t he!

‘You know Ryan, for a man with the skills you’ve got in the sack, your foreplay could do with a bit of work.’2018-06-06-22-29-44.jpg

‘I’ve no idea what you mean,’ he says, flashing that ruddy cheeky smile of his. ‘You’ve clearly come ready to play.’

I knew I should have worn something less slutty.

‘That doesn’t mean I will,’ I say, knowing full well that yes, I will.

His eyes twinkle with mischief. ‘Well, you’ve still got plenty to do, let’s see how things pan out.’

I laugh and shake my head. ‘You’re a cheeky bugger.’

‘Yup, just how ya like it, biatch,’ he says, smirking, and he heads towards his studio room. ‘I’ve just got to quickly lay down a track I’ve been working on for…’ He stops what he’s saying. ‘Actually, I can’t say who for at the moment.’

‘Fair enough,’ I say. ‘It’s not like I want to know.’

I really fucking want to know!

Ryan is a session musician, one of those talented ones who often gets to tour with bigryan2 bands, filling in if their regular band members are ill or indisposed. He does other work too with solo artists, laying down tracks for their studio recordings. He plays guitar and bass and I’ve heard him play – he’s good, but then he would be given that music is all he does. He also has a website and he records lessons and sells them online.

‘It’s fresh in my head at the moment.’

‘Is that what I could hear you playing downstairs?’ I ask.

‘Yup. Gimme fifteen minutes then meet me in the bedroom,’ he says as his studio door closes behind me.

‘I might,’ I call after him.

The studio door opens and his head appears at the other side.

‘Yeah, okay.’ He says with that infuriating smile and disbelieving tone.

Today, we’re going to play my way.

His large detached house has 4 bedrooms, or should I say had. He knocked a couple ofryan3 them into one really big room and built a sound proofed booth within it with recording decks and everything he needs. He’s basically set himself up so he can work from home.

I clean Ryan’s house for 3 hours and we’ve got into a pattern of having fun at the end. Today however, for his cheek, I intend to tease the little bugger.

It’s time for a game of hide and tease!

I’ve just about finished cleaning having done 2½ hours. He reckons he’ll be about 15 minutes recording his track, which gives me just about enough time to find somewhere good to hide. Thankfully his house has plenty of options.

I love the thrill of a good build up and, just like Ryan with his tantric technique, but recently it’s been all about getting jiggy and Ryan working his orgasm control mojo, which to be fair prolongs more than just his own pleasure – it’s incredible for me too – nevertheless I know it will be even more intense for me if I take some control of the situation myself, and the thing I have most control over is when we start.

I can be quite heavy footed so I opt for padding around in my stocking feet, which will be much quieter. I slip the flip-flops off I wear while working in my customers houses, and I pop them on top of the caddy where I’d left it at the bottom of the stairs.

Right – where to hide…

I quietly open the cupboard under the stairs, it’s big, deep, dark and I could hide behind dursleysthe crap he keeps in there.

Why is it everyone’s under-stairs cupboard contains similar things? It’s like everyone got the same memo or something. Well, everyone except the Dursleys.

I chuckle to myself at my little Harry Potter joke. Thankfully it’s not too cluttered under there, and I reckon if I squat down behind the vacuum cleaner, mop & bucket and carpet off cuts, I’ll be pretty much invisible if he does2018-06-06-22-43-50.jpg look in.

I might regret wearing a short skirt and hold ups.

I decide to check out my other options. The kitchen holds no joy, although it’s mild outside today and I could stand out of sight, just round the corner from the back door, but then I wouldn’t be able to hear him looking for me, and where would the fun be in that!

The lounge – nope, no joy there.

I could sneak out and hide in my car, but again I wouldn’t hear him looking for me.

I run nimbly upstairs – well, as nimble as a 10 stone lass can run – then across the landing into the guest bedroom because I know that like Ryan’s bedroom, there’s a large built-in wardrobe. I quietly slide open the doors. It dawns on me that I’ve never looked in any of his wardrobes before, nor any of my other customers as it happens. The only time I see inside wardrobes is when I’m doing a one-off empty house clean.

There’s loads of space in here.

The problem is there’s nothing to hide behind if he happens to look in. I slide open the second door – it’s the same. I open the third door – bingo! There’s a stash of bedding strewn on the floor. It looks like a spare duvet and several pillows. I know that if I was underneath all that I would sure make the pile look bigger, but maybe he wouldn’t notice if he was hurrying. I decide to try Ryan’s bedroom before deciding.

I pop across the landing into the largest of the 2 bedrooms. Whereas the spare room had 3 sliding doors, Ryan’s has a 4 door wardrobe. Quietly checking through them I realise they’re a no go as they’re either full of hanging clothing or they’re kitted out with shelves with shoes and boots stacked on them. The last wardrobe however yielded something of a surprise.

What the f…

I realise I’m running out of time to find somewhere so decide not to let my findings distract me.

But I sure as hell will be asking him about them later!

I pad onto the landing, checking my watch as I go.

Dammit, the 15 minutes is nearly up.

I know he wasn’t being dead accurate when he said to give him 15 minutes – it could take longer, but equally, it could take him less time.

Where to hide where to hide where to hide…

It suddenly dawns on me which one to pick so I head there, pull my phone out of the top of my hold ups, and secrete myself away under the contents.  When I feel safely obscured I activate my phone which gives me a bit of light. I know he won’t be able to see it when he comes looking, but if it goes off he’ll hear it, so I turn the volume to silent. I even switch the vibration off.

I’ve just got myself settled when I hear Ryan’s footsteps leaving the studio room.

I bet the cheeky sod checks his bedroom first, expecting to find me there.


True to form I hear Ryan walk into his room.

I’d love to see the look on his face.

I stifle my chuckles as I imagine his expression not finding me there ready, willing and waiting.

‘Are you downstairs Carla?’ He calls out.

No answer.


It’s time to send him a text.

– Hello Ryan. Let’s play a game. Hide and Tease.

Shit! I hope he’s got his phone on him.Screenshot_20180605-230238

I feel relieved when I hear his message tone go off. He mutters something I can’t make out from my hidey hole, then shortly after my phone lights up with an incoming text.

– It’s like that is it 😉 Okay, let’s play.

I hear footsteps. It’s time to send him the first tease.

– I’m looking forward to you finding me, big boy. I’m running my fingernails over my Screenshot_20180605-230250nipple getting it hard for you.

– Wonderful, I can’t wait to suck it and give it a nibble.

For some reason I can’t fathom I hear him looking in the main bathroom off the landing.

– Were you hoping to find me naked in a hot bath, laid waiting for you with my legs open?

– What a wonderful thought. I’d like to see that sometime.

– I bet you would, you naughty boy.

– Give me a clue…

– I’m in your house.

­– I should hope so, you cheeky biatch. I might have to make you suffer today.

– You’ve got to find me first. I’m running my fingers down the side of my foo-foo, imagining my fingers are your fingers.

There’s that damn FOO-FOO word again…Where the hell did that come from!Screenshot_20180605-230301

– Oh baby, I’d rather it was my tongue.

I hear him running down the stairs. I figure he must then have gone into the lounge because the carpet is plush in there and I can’t hear his footsteps.

– I’m circling my hot little bud, I’m getting soooo wet.

Footsteps in the foyer, then I hear the door to the cupboard under the stairs open, and then a rummaging sound.

He’s being thorough. I’m glad I didn’t hide there.

– I’m not there honey, but I am slipping a couple of fingers into my honey pot.

– You’re good at this, it’s getting me rock hard.

I hear him in the kitchen and clearly he had a similar thought to me because I hear the back door open.

– I told you baby, I’m inside the house. Oh baby, my fingers are so wet. Should I lick them?

– Yes, lick them you filthy bitch.

I’m surprised to find that this is actually getting me really turned on and my panties are indeed soaking from my arousal.

– Keep looking baby, I can’t wait for you to find me. My legs are open and I’m waiting for you to fuck me with that big cock of yours.

I hear him running from room to room downstairs until finally he’s back in the foyer.

– You are so going to get it when I find you. I hope you’re ready for a good, hard pounding.

– Oh baby, you know that’s what I want. I’m slipping my fingers back inside until you find me.

He runs upstairs, taking them two at a time, and into the guest bedroom. I hear the sliding doors opening and closing.

– You’re warm baby, hot in fact.

I hear him dragging the bedding out.Screenshot_20180606-215230

‘What!’ I hear him say loudly, obviously surprised he didn’t find me under the bedding.

– I think I’m going to need a clue.

It’s time to throw him off track a little.

– How do you know I’m actually hiding? I can be soft-footed when I want to be.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said that… I can’t hear him at all now.

I reckon he’s tip toeing about thinking that I’ve not really hidden and that I’m silently moving from room to room avoiding him. Then I hear a creak.

‘Gah!’ He mutters, cursing the creaking step giving his position away. Now I know he’s heading back downstairs.

He gives up trying to be silent, runs down the rest of the stairs and hurtles from room to room like a dog chasing its tail. Having not found me, he must realise I’m actually upstairs and he runs up them again. I can hear him breathing heavily. Downstairs you can literally move from room to room in a big circle and avoid someone, but you can’t do that upstairs.

He comes into his bedroom and heads straight for the furthest wardrobe door.

Slowly, as though dreading what he might find, he draws it open. The light falls across me like the dawning sun crawling across the countryside.

Ryan’s mouth falls open into an ‘o’ shape, his expression a mixture of shock with a hint of amazement.

Ryan’s expression looks like mine, and mine looks like the silicone sex doll sat in my lap –

I couldn’t find a pic of the one Ryan had but I found this on the web*

mouth open in an ‘o’ shape, looking as though transfixed on something in the distance.


Finally, after what seems like an eon, Ryan quietly says, ‘What the fuck are you doing in here?’

I break the pose I’m holding and look up at him sporting a goofy grin. ‘Well, I figured the last place you’d expect to find me would be here.’

I place her back on the wardrobe floor where I found her and clamber to my feet.

‘You’re not wrong.’ He still seems a little shell-shocked, like he’s wondering how he’s going to explain himself.

Here goes…

‘So,’ I say building up to the big question. ‘Whatcha doing with a rubber dolly Ryan?’

‘It’s not rubber, it’s silicone, and they’re really expensive. But, to answer your question, how else do you think I practiced?’ He says, as though it would be obvious, and it’s one of those things that is kind of obvious, but only when someone’s put the thought in your head that it should be.

So, that’s how he practiced his control.

‘What do you call her?’ I ask, grinning at him.

He seems to regain some of his composure. ‘Carla,’ he retorts. ‘At least, I will from now on.’Water-based_Penis_Enlargement_Pump

‘It seems you’ve been a busy boy,’ I say gesturing to the rest of the wardrobe contents. I reach down and pick up the penis pump. ‘So, is this how you got to be such a big boy?’

He rolls his tongue round his mouth looking every bit like a naughty school boy. ‘What can I say,’ he says. ‘Everyone needs a hobby.’

I figure it’s time to turn his foolish feelings round and get the cheeky boy back. The last thing I’d want to do is destroy his confidence.

‘To be honest, I admire your dedication. It’s clearly paid off,’ I say placing the penis pump back on the shelf. I give him my best flirty, lopsided grin, sidle up to him and slip an arm round his neck. ‘Fancy showing me how much?’

‘I ought to spank your fucking arse,’ he says grinning through semi gritted teeth.

‘I don’t mind, so long as you fuck it better afterwards.’

He laughs at my word play. I turn round, bend over putting my hands on his bed for support, and my lycra mini skirt slides it’s way up revealing my skinny black panties and the crests of my bum cheeks.

‘Nice,’ he says. Ryan moves sideways on to me, raises his hand in the air and proper smacks my arse. I like a spanking, but that was harder than I expected and it makes me yelp and jump.

‘I thought you wanted a hard spanking,’ he says.

I turn my head and look up at him. ‘I can take anything you’ve got,’ I say, goading him.

‘Really?’ He says and spanks me again, just as hard. ‘Your red cheeks suggest otherwise.’

He spanks me once more only this time he maintains hand contact. He tickles his fingers down the inside of my thigh closest to him and gently scratches it back up towards my panty line. When he reaches the hem he slips his fingers inside between the cloth and my skin.

‘You really did get yourself wound up in my wardrobe,’ he says, feeling how wet I am.

With one hand he tugs my pants to one side revealing my glistening labia.reveal

‘Oh man,’ he says. ‘I’m so hungry I could eat a fat kebab.’

I start laughing. ‘You cheeky bastard,’ I say, knowing he’s referring to my large labia. ‘Then you’d better tuck in.’

He kneels behind me and inhales deeply.

‘One of the things I love about you is the way you smell,’ he says.

‘Well, it’s gotta be better than Rubbery Roberta,’ I say, nodding my head over to his wardrobe.

‘Watch it,’ he says and slaps my arse. ‘I can easily switch back to spanking if you don’t behave.’

He quickly runs his tongue between my wet lips and flicks it several times over my perineum.

The bugger knows how to get me going.

‘Kiss my arse Ryan.’

He laughs. ‘Touché,’ he says, tickling my perineum with his tongue again before licking around my anus.

Anus, what an awful word. I need to find a better one for that too!

‘I’m glad you’re clean,’ he says.

‘Me too, but don’t stop you fucker. Lick my arse.’

Whilst I’ve never tried anal… actually that’s not strictly true; a guy called Wayne accidentally plunged in there one time while fucking me from behind – I don’t think I’ve ever squealed so much in my life. Thankfully he didn’t have a thick one, nevertheless it was hell of a shock, damn painful, and I’ve never really dared let anyone try since. So, whilst I’ve never willingly tried anal I do, on occasion, love having my asshole licked – today is one of those days.

Ryan grabs the waistband of my skirt and pulls it, along with my panties, down to the floor. I step out of them and shuffle my feet and legs wider giving him better access. Using both hands he reaches under my top and scratches his fingers down the each side of my spine, catching on my bra strap on the way down. My back arches involuntarily, pushing my arse further into his mouth. His tongue runs up and down from the base of my coccyx to my perineum, stopping only to circle my twitching turd cutter.

Look, I still haven’t found a good word for it yet, and I’m not fond of anus!

He reaches up my back again, this time deftly undoing my bra before scratching back down again. This time when I arch and push back, he pushes the tip of his tongue inside me.

I kind of like it, and kind of don’t.

It feels dirty, yet at the same time sensitive and stimulating, however it also triggers the memory of Wayne’s slip up, but that’s not enough to make me want him to stop. He does it several times more and each time I focus on the dirty yet stimulating feelings and I can feel my arousal making me wetter.

I push myself off the bed so I’m standing and I turn towards him.I lower myself down, hips on the edge of the bed with my groin now at his face level and I lay back. I wrap my legs around his body, pulling him forward. He places his hands on my inner thighs and obliges, licking up and down either side of my outer labia. He kisses and licks his way outwards towards my inner thigh, focusing on my inguinal crease.

‘Inguinal crease’… I know, posh words eh! Look it up :p

That area is incredibly sensitive on me and Ryan bloody well knows it. I grasp the bed sheets with both hands, holding on for grim death while my body shakes like I’m having a seizure. I fight to control the intense, tickly pleasure, which is so intense it gives me the urge to kick Ryan into the middle of the next room. It makes me scream, literally and loudly.


‘Want me to stop?’ He says.


And he does the same thing on the other side.


I’m clenching and squeezing so much I can feel my juices oozing between my lips. Ryan stops, sits back and looks at my foo-foo for a second. I’m panting like a dog as my body stops racking about. Then, with an animal like hunger in his eyes, he thrusts his mouth between my labia, sucking, lapping and swallowing all my love juices.

‘Mmm, you taste wonderful,’ he says.

‘Well that’s good to know,’ I say.

He pulls back, looks at me. ‘Cheeky girl,’ he says.

I’m about to retort when he plunges straight for my throbbing clitoris.

The fucker…

He’s got me so wound up that his tongue feels like magic as he alternates between sucking my clit before taking the whole of my labia into his mouth, and flicking his tongue sideways over my engorged little bud. He pushes my legs up from around him and holds them high and spread wide. This stretches my whole groin area and my sensitivity to his mouth. It’s not long before my orgasm builds in my pubis area. I reach forward, grab his hair and hold him in place while I grind my foo-foo and clit onto his tongue.

I’ve got him right where I want him and he isn’t moving until I explode.

I push and pull against him, using him like a sex toy.

Then it happens.

I’m racked by a massive, bone trembling orgasm making me thrash about once more. I push his head away from me as my clitoral sensitivity heightens to the point where my bud feels like it’s going to burst – if anything touches it I’ll fucking slap it away.

‘I do like a kebab that bites back,’ says Ryan exhibiting his usual brand of cheek, getting to his feet and starting to undress.

As my orgasm subsides, I push myself back further onto the bed. ‘Shut up and fuck me,’ I say.

I’ve had enough appetising build up now, it’s time for the meaty main course.

He crawls up the bed, his body between my open legs. ‘Come ‘ere,’ he says, grabbing my hands and pulling my upper body off the bed. He reaches down, grabs the bottom of my top and lifts it clean off me, taking my undone bra with it. I collapse backwards and he falls onto my breasts, taking one in his mouth and the other in his hand. He kisses and sucks my hard nipple while his fingers tease and pinch my other one, then he swaps over.

‘Your breasts are fabulous,’ he says.

‘Thanks,’ I say. ‘I grew them myself.’

He laughs at me. ‘You are a funny one Carla. I’ve never met anyone quite like you.’

‘I should bloody well hope not. I don’t think the world could handle two of me.’

‘I think you’re right,’ he says with that damn cheeky grin again. But he’s not grinning for long because I grab the back of his head and pull his mouth onto mine.

I’ve noticed that all the blokes I’m intimate with have something in common. They’re all great kissers, and by great kissers I mean they kiss like me.

We fit.

Our kisses fit each other, like 2 pieces interlocking in a jigsaw. They don’t all kiss exactly the same, but where it matters they do. They’re all sensitive kissers, with a similar rhythm to me; and the rhythm of a kiss is vitally important for it to be a good kiss. If two people kiss with different rhythms then it’s like putting a concrete block in a spin dryer – there’s a lot of clunking about until eventually, everything falls apart.

Ryan’s tongue slips gently into my mouth, growing more forceful as his passion increases. He lies on top of me and I feel his erection pressing into my groin area.

‘Fuck me…’ I whisper in his ear. ‘Fuck me now.’ All I want right now is to feel my vulva stretch as he enters me, then to feel him deep inside me. I want to grind myself against him and feel the tip of his hard cock as far inside me as possible.

Ryan obliges and reaches down, he runs the tip of his penis between my wet lips, using my juices to lubricate his hard cock. He pushes it slowly between my labia and I moan as I feel the stretch I was craving. He pulls it out and pushes in again, making me moan again. He’s clearly enjoying the effect he’s having on me as he repeats this several times, pushing his penis in just past the head so the ridge catches on its way in and out. It must feel good for him too as my vagina walls rub against his glans.

I know I’m wearing my sex face.

It’s funny how everyone has a sex face.

Ryan’s wearing his, I’m savouring the moment face, eyes closed, little facial spasms flashing across his face as his engorged end slips back and forth, in and out of my dripping wet squish mitten.

Squish mitten! That one is bloody Lilly’s fault!

I can’t take any more.

I want to feel his full length.

I wrap my legs round him and gently kick my heels into his bum cheeks which makes him thrust involuntarily into me.

He’s not the only one who knows how to make sex pleasurable.

He loses his balance and falls forward, catching himself on his hands.

‘Clever girl,’ he says appreciatively. ‘I take it you want it all now.’

‘Damn right!’

And with that he thrusts hard into me. I toss my head back and throw my hands above my head onto the pillow. Ryan hooks my legs over his arms, raising my pelvis lightly off the bed for deeper penetration and he starts steadily pounding into me. He’s learned to tighten his abs as he thrusts in which has the effect of lifting his hips, pushing his hard cock into the front wall of my vagina so it rubs against my g-spot.

‘Oh god that’s sooo good,’ I moan. ‘Don’t you fucking dare stop.’

‘I’ve no intention of stopping,’ he says, raising his game and increasing speed.

‘Oh my fucking god…’

It feels fantastic, so different to clitoral stimulation but just as amazing.

‘Keep going. I’m going to cum,’ I say.

‘I’m close too,’ he pants.


He stops, and his body shudders. He’s on the edge and has just had a mini orgasm and shot some cum into me. I feel his cock pulsing inside me which feels wonderful and as always, is surprisingly stimulating.

‘You bastard,’ I say. ‘I was so close.’

‘Don’t worry,’ he says with a grin. ‘You’ll get yours.’

He’s recovered his composure and starts thrusting again and my orgasm starts building. He’s not been going long, when he stops again.

Bastard. Almost…

His cock throbs inside me again and I feel his cum shooting.

He pounds into me again and my climax gets closer.

Fucker… so close…2018-01-29-22-04-02

‘That was close,’ he says. ‘I almost lost it there looking at your tits. Why do you have to have such great tits! I just love the way they move when I fuck you.’


He chuckles and starts giving it to me again.

Oh god…  it’s so close, I can feel it coming…

‘OH THANK FUCKING GOD,’ I scream as a massive orgasm hits me.

My vagina walls swell, squeezing around his cock, trying to get all his semen out of him and into me. Because he got me close and stopped me several times has made it all the more intense. It makes me feel so weak and yet incredibly strong, both in the same breath. Only Ryan has ever made me feel this way.

‘Woah, steady on,’ he says , pulling out. ‘You nearly took me with you.’

‘Oh god, that was good,’ I say.

‘Good,’ he says. ‘Now come here.’

He reasserts his hook under each of my legs and drags me off the pillows down the bed towards him. I’m still weak and my arms are pulled along helplessly on the bed above my head.

I love it when he does that.

There’s something primal, about that feeling when a man drags me about so they can have me how they want. It’s a bizarre mixture of being helpless and vulnerable, yet also desired and wanted.

He drives his cock deep into me again and his thrusting reminds me of a steam train. He pounds me until he’s on the edge again, then he pulls out. His cock is covered in a gooey mixture of my juices and his cum. He throws my leg over, rolling me onto my side then he slaps my arse.

‘Get on your knees,’ he says assertively.

Oh god yes!

But not just yet.

‘Give me your cock,’ I say pushing myself up on my elbows and opening my mouth expectantly with my tongue resting on my bottom lip.

He walks forward on his knees and places the tip of his cock on my tongue. With one hand I grasp the base of his shaft and suck his whole length into my mouth. He moans.

‘Baby, that’s awesome.’

I love sucking a guy’s cock when it’s covered in both his cum and my sex. I feel so dirty. I suck him clean, checking to make sure I haven’t missed any. I’m salivating heavily and lubricating him ready for doggy.

Doggy is one of my favourite positions. Again, it’s that feeling of being vulnerable and AirBrush_20180214231207.jpgbeing taken, and also it’s possible for each of us to take control, although I doubt I’ll be getting that opportunity today. I do as I’m told, getting on my hands and knees, presenting my backside towards him. Being a little smaller than me he nudges my legs wider, lowering my hips so he can enter me more easily. He pushes my back lower to the bed.

‘Lower,’ he says. ‘Lie right down.’

I lower myself, head and shoulders laid on the bed with my arms splayed out above my head. In this position my hips are tilted higher and he’ll be able to deeply penetrate me. He grasps one of my cheeks while he guides himself between my open labia, then he thrusts hard into me, his hips slamming into and bouncing off my round cheeks. He grasps my hips with both hands, his fingers digging into my flesh and holding me firmly he pounds into me. It’s fucking amazing.

‘Oh, my god. YES,’ I cry. ‘Fuck me harder Ryan.’

He obliges and I can’t stop myself from crying out each time he hits me with his full length.

‘Fuck me you filthy bastard.’

He stops suddenly just as I’m about to explode into orgasm again.

‘Oh, you bastard.’

‘Shit, that’s good,’ he says.

His throbbing cock is pulsating inside me, cumming again. He slides slowly in and out of me while he regains control, and all I want is for him to just go for it and bang me senseless; while he’s on the edge he’s holding me on the edge too. It’s so bloody intense and my head feels like it’s about to explode. I realise I’m biting my lip and holding my breath, so I let it out with a rush of air.

Jesus, this is fucking agonising.

He pulls right out, the thrusts hard back in, making me moan with each thrust.


He does it 5 or 6 times and each time he hammers himself into me, stretching me on his way back in, I push my hips back against him.

‘YES,’ I scream. ‘DO IT.’

He picks up speed and starts pounding me repeatedly. I’m so wet my foo-foo is making sexy, squelchy noises.

‘DO IT.’

‘Yes,’ he says, panting. ‘YES.’

My orgasm grows in the pit of my belly and my whole body starts shaking as he fucks me senseless.

Yes! This is what I wanted. This is what I needed.

‘I’M CUMMING,’ I scream.

‘Me too,’ he grunts, his strokes getting shorter as he reaches the point of no return and shoots past it.

He pounds his cum deep into me with one short powerful thrust at a time, each one more powerful than the last.

Then he stops, and all I can hear is him panting, like a hairy dog on a hot day. I lie there, completely exhausted.

And I didn’t even do much of the work.

Then I feel something unexpected, something pops out of my anus…

Anus! There, I said it…okay?

‘What the hell…’ I say.

He collapses forward and lies on top of me and I turn my head so I can see him, partially at least.

I like this part.

I like feeling him laid on top of me after we’ve had sex. It’s somehow reassuring, even if it does make it harder to breathe.

‘Yeah, sorry about that,’ he says with a smirk. ‘It was winking at me while I was fucking you, and I couldn’t help myself.’

‘What did you have in there?’

‘My thumb,’ he says casually.


‘Yeah. I’ve noticed that if I just rest it on there when I’m going for it, it kinda gets swallowed.’

‘Really?’ I find myself repeating.

‘Then I splay my fingers out and grasped the base of your back. That was when you screamed at me to ‘do it’.’

‘Noooo!’ I say in disbelief.

‘Yup, that was it.’

‘It was fucking amazing.’

He kisses me on my upturned cheek, then again on my mouth and I return his kiss.

‘I could stay here all night,’ he says.

That sounds a bit too romantic for my liking.

‘Well, I couldn’t,’ I say. ‘Come on, shift your arse,’ and I wriggle mine.

‘Easy,’ he says. ‘I don’t want it ripped off.’

He’s still inside me, although it’s not having the same impact now it’s as flaccid as a stick of celery that’s been in the fridge too long.

He lifts himself onto his hands, eases his hips back slowly and his limp cock pops out of me.

‘Uh,’ he grunts. ‘Damn, that’s still ruddy sensitive,’ he says, referring to his hypersensitive bell-end.

I’m not sure if it’s because he plays on the edge of pleasure, but Ryan seems to suffer more than anyone I know with hypersensitivity after sex. The only other person I know like that is me, when my clitoris has been stimulated to orgasm. I’ve read about other women who say the same about theirs, but I’ve never heard about a bloke getting the same feeling, other than Ryan.

I get up, pop into his en suite and clean my lady parts, after which I get dressed in his bedroom while he lays naked, sprawled on the bed, still recovering from his exertion.

You know like when you’ve got a bit of a headache, and every so often, when it seems it might have gone, you give your head a little shake, just to see if it’s still there, well, I keep wriggling my hips, half expecting to feel some residual pain from having had Ryan’s thumb inserted in my balloon knot.

I’m not saying anus twice okay! And yes, of course I realise the irony of this sentence.

I’m surprised and pleased that, other than a mild tingling, which is actually quite a pleasant reminder of the fun we’ve just had, there’s nothing – no pain, just a tingle. I half expected it to smart and be really sore, like it was after Wayne slipped his length in there.

I might have to encourage that in future, and experiment with it.

‘So, was that better than practicing on Rubbery Roberta?’

He looks at me and laughs.

‘I still can’t believe you found her,’ he says.

‘To be honest, that wasn’t the thing that surprised me the most.’

‘Yeah?’ He says questioningly. ‘What was? The cock pump?’

‘Nah. If I had a tiny prick like yours I’d do what I could to make it bigger too.’

‘Ha! Ya cheeky bitch,’ he says. ‘So, go on, what surprised you the most.’viagra

‘These,’ I say, reaching inside the wardrobe and pulling out a jar of small, blue, diamond shaped pills.

‘Ah! Now, I can explain those,’ he says, looking as though he’s prepping himself to give me a rich and colourful excuse.

‘I don’t give a crap about why you’ve got Viagra,’ I say. ‘What I do give a crap about is that you’ve never used one with me. All I get is that,’ I say, pointing to his flaccid celery stick and I toss the pills to him. He reaches out and catches them.

I close his bedroom door behind me.



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I have a whole series of erotic exploits, some from my past, but mostly current and always kinky. Naturally I'll have to be discreet and change names, nevertheless I'm sure if any of my partners recognise themselves they'll enjoy reliving our adventures together ;) xoxo

11 thoughts on “Ryan 1 – Where we play Hide & Tease.

  1. Wow what an intelligent sexy woman. I love to please too. I am older than most. A few years ago I was having problems keeping it up. So my doc gave me a scrip for an injection. With the injection 2-3 hours easy even if I cum stays hard Love to give it in all opening.

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