A sneaky peek- the 1st chapter of my book…

This is the first chapter of a book I’ve been working on. I thought you might like to read it. It needs some editing and I will ultimately return to the standard speech convention. I hope the convention I’ve used here isn’t too confusing.

Please let me know what you think 🙂


  1. The Holiday


She wasn’t sure about the taste of mojitos. Bev had recommended them and she’d tried them but after three Kerry was still unsure. Having said that they were having the desired effect. Kerry was light headed, and she liked it. It had been such a long time since she’d been able to cut loose and let her hair down. Bev might not be good for a lot of things, such as family and commitment but having said that, Bev did know how to have fun.

– Three more mojitos please señor, said Bev to the waiter. Bev fluttered her eyelashes, pushed her chest out and smiled her most alluring smile.

God she’s such a flirt, thought Kerry. I don’t know how she dare!

– So was this a good idea or what? Asked Bev flashing a massive grin towards Kerry and Jane. They both nodded enthusiastically. Yes the mojitos were definitely having the desired effect.

It was fair to say the holiday had indeed been Bev’s idea. Kerry had not been away from home and her family for years, in fact neither had Jane for that matter. The three of them, with some persuasion from Bev had decided they were all due a break from the mundane routines of their day to day lives. Routines consisting of school runs, football practice, shopping, washing and cooking all seemed so very far away as the three of them laid on loungers by the pool, basking in the hot summer sun, sipping strong mojitos and wondering why they couldn’t stay in Spain forever.

They all had children but Jane had the most with three- two girls and a boy. The girls Jade and Brooklyn were in their early teens and on the brink of realising that boys their age were mostly idiots. Her son Marcus on the other hand was 9 years old, and it was fair to say he gave Jane more grief than both girls put together. It wasn’t that Marcus was a bad lad, more that he was unstoppably curious and loved to explore the boundaries of what he was capable of and perhaps more stressfully, of what his parents would let him get away with.

Jane’s husband David had a good job. He was a partner in an up and coming web design firm; he made good money designing and managing web sites for a rapidly increasing number of blue chip companies. The firm offered quality as their brand, and quality came at a price; a price that helped Jane and David create a more than comfortable lifestyle for themselves. Having said that, it was David who seemed to benefit from the lifestyle more than Jane. He benefited from being the golf club treasurer with weekends away playing golf, flash nights out, lavish dinners and all the other affluent trappings that went with the position. Jane did however love their house-  four bedrooms, a study, a lounge with sofas that could easily seat ten, a kitchen Gordon Ramsey would be delighted to cook in and a dining room with a large solid walnut dinner table and chairs that had played host to numerous, champagne fuelled soirees.

Out of the three of them Bev was the most free spirited. She was a single mum and had more than ample support from an extended family consisting of her parents, her ex with whom she’d had her child and also his parents. In effect Bev could pretty much call upon any of them at any time to look after little Lucy, and ninety nine times out of a hundred Lucy would be taken care of, and that was at short notice too! Bev had a part-time job as a legal secretary which both Kerry and Jane envied. It wasn’t so much the job they envied as the fact that Bev was the slimmest of all three of them and looked incredibly sexy in her work suit- a pinstripe tailored jacket, white blouse and pinstripe pencil skirt. Her legs were long and in heels her calf muscles stood high and proud. Somewhat sickeningly Bev looked good in whatever she wore, and she had the confidence to wear clothes that were always a bit tighter, a bit shorter and a lot bolder than anything Kerry and Jane would dare to wear. Her confidence oozed out in her patter too.

– Thank you sweetheart, she said as the waiter brought the drinks over. He set one drink on the table between Jane and Kerry’s sun lounger and the other two drinks on the table between Kerry and Bev. Kerry turned and caught Bev patting the waiter’s leg, smiling sweetly up at him from the lounger. The pat on the leg became a stroke that moved slowly up and down the waiter’s thigh. Kerry fancied she saw a stirring in the waiter’s trousers, which was hard to miss considering she was eye level with his crotch. She wasn’t quite sure where to put herself. Bev looked around the waiter’s legs and gave a cheeky half wink.

– Erm! It’s my round, Kerry said. – Señor!

They could have put the drinks on one of their room tabs however from the outset all three had agreed that would be a bad idea; it was far better they thought, that they pay as they go and keep an eye on what they were spending, rather than getting a shock bill at the end of the holiday.

Kerry handed the waiter five euros and told him to keep the change. He walked away, turning round to give Bev a coy smile. She smiled back, blew him a kiss and the waiter’s smile became a full on beam.

Kerry was shaking her head as Bev turned back.

– What? Bev said, full of flutters and innocence.

Kerry laughed. – Nothing, she said. – I guess I just wish I had your confidence.

– What do you need her confidence for? Asked Jane. – It’s not like you’re single! And personally Bev I find your behaviour a touch crass.

– Oh knickers to that! Said Bev. – We’re on holiday. We’re here to have some fun aren’t we?

– Yes we are, replied Jane. – But considering Kerry and I are married, I think your definition of fun differs wildly to ours.

– Hang on just one minute, said Kerry. – I’m not sure I want to be hung out to dry just yet!

– Too right, said Bev. – I’ll drink to that.

Bev raised her glass and clinked it against Kerry’s and they chorused a hearty cheers.

Jane turned away with a mild look of disgust on her face.

– Jane! Said Kerry. – Hang on a minute. I’m just saying I want to have some fun. A little excitement. A few thrills. I mean, it’s not like Donny isn’t getting any kicks.

Kerry had left her kids with Donny. Good old, reliable Donny. Good old reliable, but boring Donny…Donny, and her mother of course. At least her mother being around would keep Donny in check. All those late nights at work had to mean something. He always seemed to have some excuse to not come home early.

Kerry and Donny were pretty much childhood sweethearts having got together during their final years of college. They met on an end of year night out. Kerry was training as a hairdresser and Donny had been doing A-levels in maths, physics and I.T. with a view to going on to university to fulfil his dream of being a computer programmer. Donny’s initial approach had been clunky and cumbersome at best. He’d managed to refrain from the classic do you come here often question by using what he thought was a more clever adaptation.

To this day if asked Kerry couldn’t tell you what it was about Donny that had attracted her in the first place. All she knew was she’d had a few boyfriends and none of them had treated her particularly well, a fact she mostly, but secretly blamed her hairdresser friends for. Kerry had never liked the hairdresser stereotype of being a blonde bimbo, especially as she herself was naturally more mousey coloured, however some of her friends fitted the type well and wore it like they did their little black dresses.

The night she met Donny Kerry had gone out with ‘the girls’ and Donny was out with ‘the boys’. Their groups had both entered the The Cask Inn at the same time. The Cask was a popular haunt for the student population. Donny’s friends were charged up with alcohol and machismo and had barged in front of the girls as they reached the door. Only Donny had stood back and held the door open to let Kerry’s troupe in. They’d made brief eye contact as Kerry being the last one through the door had thanked Donny. She knew she looked good back then, with curves she was pleased to show off in her size 10 little red dress, and she had felt his eyes follow her as she tottered to the bar in her heels. Donny had liked that about Kerry from the start, the fact that all the other girls wore mostly black whereas Kerry looked stunning, and she really stood out in her little red number.

Back with the boys Donny took a ribbing from them for holding the door open. Posh twat, they’d called him, but he didn’t really care. They grabbed their drinks and left the bar in search of the jukebox and a table leaving him alone at the bar with the girls and Kerry who had her back to him. The girls ordered their drinks and when the barman asked Donny what he wanted Kerry turned having not realised he was stood behind her. She smiled and after ordering his pint, he took Kerry’s smile as his invitation.

– I err.. I haven’t seen you here before, he said.

– Really? Well I’ve been coming here for the last two years.

Donny paid for his pint and took a large gulp of Dutch courage more commonly known as lager.

– It must be that stunning dress, he said.

He’d read in some men’s magazine that women liked it if you complimented their clothes. It tells them you like the way they look AND that they’ve got great taste.

– Thanks, she said, smiling.

One thing led to another and despite not being her usual type of ‘boyfriend material’, Kerry had decided to go on a date with Donny. Where has my regular type ever got me? She’d thought. They’d shared a first kiss that was sensitive but somewhat lacking in passion. Donny was over the moon. Kerry was satisfied. Over the next few months the relationship slowly burned into a warm fire. They’d managed to stay together while he was at University and she worked as a hairdresser in a local salon. Thankfully Donny’s uni was only in the next city sixty miles away so they’d seen each other regularly on weekends which had been enough to keep the relationship flames burning.

Donny had wanted to get into games design having realised that’s where the big money was, but things didn’t go as he’d hoped. On finishing uni he landed a job with a firm that developed software for accountants. The work had been regular and over the years Donny’s spirit fell in line with the firm’s ethos if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. He had gradually been promoted and more recently he said he was working on some foreign project or other. Kerry hadn’t paid that much attention, all she knew was he was spending more and more time away from home, and the size 10 girl who had once attracted Donny was now lost inside a mother’s body.


By the pool Kerry was thinking about the kicks she thought Donny was getting. Bev broke into her train of thought.

– Look, I know you girls are married and happy and all that, but surely you must have some unfulfilled fantasies? She asked.

Jane’s mouth fell open, her face a picture of shock. – I most certainly do not, she said. – David and don’t have any need for fantasies!

Kerry turned to Bev and they both heaved with laughter.

– Jane’s swimming in that big river in Egypt, said Bev.

They laughed again and simultaneously sang out – De-nial!

This brought about more laughter as Jane hmpfed and settled back into her lounger facing the sun.

– What about you Kez? asked Bev.

– Well… she said. Kerry hesitated.

– Go on. Tell us, Bev encouraged.

– Well… there was this one time, before we had the kids when Donny and I had a long weekend in London…

– Yes, said Bev.

Jane turned to listen.

– Well, we were staying in the Kensington Hilton on the 6th floor. We’d been out for a lovely meal and a few vinos. I was feeling quite horny as we got back to the hotel and in the lift I pounced on Donny…

Bev and Jane stared at Kerry, Jane with an eyebrow raised and Bev leaning forward eagerly.

– And… said Bev.

– And we kissed, said Kerry. – I pushed him up against the lift wall and was really going for it. But that lift is so damn fast and we reached our floor too soon.

– Too soon for what? asked Jane.

– Well I wanted more. I wanted to feel him inside me, there and then, in the lift.

– Fuck that! said Bev, – you wanted to get caught didn’t you!

– No! No, nothing like that… well not quite.  I liked the idea of the lift breaking down and us making love on the lift floor or… or of it being a long lift ride and after making love the lift doors open to people waiting to get in; and they give us funny but knowing looks as we straighten ourselves up with big grins on our faces.

Kerry flushed.

– I know what you mean, said Bev. – It’s the risk of being caught, without actually being caught.

– Yeah that’s it, said Kerry. – It’s the thrill of it. But Donny would never have gone for it.

– I don’t think I could ever do anything like that, said Jane. – I’d die if someone saw David and I… at it!

Bev smiled. – I completely get it Kezza, she said. – I once had some fun in our local swimming pool with John… you remember John, the bouncer with the short hair and celtic tattoos on his arms, like George Clooney’s in Dusk Til Dawn.

– Dusk Til Dawn? I’ve not seen it, said Jane.

Kerry nodded. – I have, she said. – I know which one you mean. Clooney looked hot with the tattoos and dressed in a suit.

– Hell yeah, said Bev.

– Woah hang on a minute, said Kerry. – In the swimming pool?

– Yeah.

Jane looked mortified. – What about all the other people? she asked.

– We didn’t go the whole way, said Bev. – But we did have some fun. He was a naughty boy, a very naughty boy. We were at the deep end just chatting at the pool edge between lengths, when suddenly he kissed me. He was feeling the inside of my leg and before I knew it he slipped his hand in my bikini bottoms. He was really good with his hands… really good!

Bev’s eyes glazed over, clearly re-living the moment.

– Bev! said Kerry.

– Sorry, you lost me there for a moment.

Jane was still mortified. – Didn’t anyone see you?

– What was there to see? John was in front of me. To anyone watching they’d just see a couple kissing. Mind you, there was that one young bloke who surfaced near us after swimming under water. He had goggles on and given the grin on his face he probably saw more than he bargained for.

Bev grinned, Jane tutted and Kerry gave a nervous laugh.

– It’s funny you should say that about the pool, said Kerry?

– Why? asked Bev.

Not sure whether she should continue or not Kerry took a long, slow sip of her mojito. The liquid cooled her parched mouth and boosted her confidence. – Well, I was kind of thinking it would be fun to have a holiday romance.

Jane looked even more horrified than she had before. – Kerry! You’re… married!

– I know, I know, said Kerry. – But we’re just talking fantasy aren’t we.

Bev took a drink and licked her lips. – We sure are, she said. – Do you have someone in mind? Have you seen anyone you’d like to have a romance with?

– No! No, not all. It’s just… well, I was looking out of my window last night, down here by the pool. It looks beautiful at night with the pool lights on and these pretty lights round the edge, she said dreamily, pointing to the fairy lights draped round the walls. – I guess it triggered the thrill seeker in me, the young girl who wanted to have fun in the lift. I just thought it would be lovely to make love in the warm night air with the pool lapping in the background.

Jane, deep in thought, was gazing around the pool as if pondering the idea. Bev was nodding slowly thinking about the fun she could have with the hot waiter.

– You’re right, said Bev. – It would be lovely, and so sexy.

A splash broke their reverie as a tanned, striking looking man splashed his hands onto the poolside in front of them and lifted himself out of the water.

* End of Chapter*

I hope you liked it.

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