Kat 3 – Salads, Sex & Scissors

‘Oh Carla, am I pleased to see you!’ Kat says as I walk in.

‘You are? How come?’

‘You’ll never guess what’s happened…’ she says, leaving a pause in the conversation and me with a weird sense of déjà vu. I’m sure we had the same conversation the last time I was here, but the other way round.

‘You’re probably right,’ I say, ‘so why don’t you just tell me.’

‘Oh! I see what you did there,’ she says with a grin. ‘Okay, touché. Now come in and sit yourself down while I put the kettle on.’

As I’ve said in my previous posts about Kat – she’s stunning. Lithe, and incredibly pert; today she’s wearing jeggings and a tight white, cropped sleeve t-shirt which only serves to accentuate her wonderful figure.

It doesn’t look like she’s wearing a bra.

And dammit, her breasts are still so damn pert!

‘I was just about to make a chicken salad, do you fancy a bite?’ She asks.

Kat’s job is at the end of my working day so I figure why not – it saves me having to prep something when I get home.

‘That would be wonderful, thank you,’ I say. ‘So what’s got you all excited?’

I park myself at the breakfast bar in Kat’s kitchen and watch her go to work prepping salads and drinks. She switches the kettle on and grabs a collection of foodstuffs from the fridge, placing them on the breakfast bar opposite me.

‘I’ve had another experience,’ she says knowing I know what she means.

When I posed as life model for Kat a few weeks ago, we’d both shared an intimate moment together. We’d both agreed that we didn’t want it to go any further at the time, however shortly after that I had a 3-girl experience with Saff and Lilly, which I’d told Kat about the last time I was here.

I wonder what she’s been up to?

‘Oooh, do tell…’

‘It was with another model,’ she says while chopping up a head of lettuce. ‘Most of my models come from an agency, and since our experience I’ve only been asking for females.’ She drops the chopped lettuce into a colander. ‘Skin on or off?’ She says waving a cucumber in the air.

‘I’m easy either way.’

‘On it is then,’ she says, cutting it into thin slices. ‘Recently I asked them to send me someone more alternative.’


‘Yeah you know, with piercings, tattoos – that kind of thing.’


She drops the sliced cucumber on top of the lettuce and sets about slicing some cherry tomatoes.

‘Don’t ask me why,’ she says.

‘Well I was wondering…’

‘I don’t really know.’ She stops slicing and dicing for a moment, her face deep in thought. ‘It was kind of an impulse thing, you know, where the words leave your mouth before you even realise you’ve said them.’

I nod my understanding and she continues chopping, slicing raw cabbage into thin strips. ‘Anyway, on Tuesday last week this girl turns up as arranged and as soon as she walked in the door I knew I wanted her.’


‘Hell yes. She’s called Lisha, and she was just stunning. She had wonderful poise and you couldn’t tell from looking at her that she was an alternative girl…well, apart from the black jeans and t-shirt. But I couldn’t see any tattoos or piercings so I thought the agency must have misunderstood me.’

‘What did you do?’

‘She was so captivating that I didn’t care. Our introductions were quite brief because I couldn’t wait to get her in my studio.’

Kat skilfully quartered a handful of radishes and tossed them in with the rest of the salad.

‘I’m intrigued,’ I say. ‘What was it about her that you found captivating?’

Kat pauses again, staring off into the distance, gathering her thoughts. ‘Her figure was wonderful. She was slim, a size eight I’d guess, with a peachy little bum and firm looking breasts.’

‘So, she was like you?’ I say with a cheeky grin, implying that she basically fancied herself.

Kat laughs. ‘Well, yes, kind of. But she seemed to have a sharper, darker edge. Oh I don’t know…I can’t seem to find the words.’

‘I think you’re doing okay. Go on…’ I say encouragingly.

‘Thinking back, what really grabbed my attention was the way she walked.’

‘The way she walked?’ I asked, a little surprised.

Kat nodded. ‘She kind of slinked, like a cat on the prowl. It was so hot. Walking behind her as she climbed the stairs, I couldn’t take my eyes off her bum and the way it moved as she took each step. I was so aroused before I even got her naked in my studio.’

‘Incidentally, what were you wearing?’

‘Me? Why do you ask?’

‘Well, when you drew me you were wearing nothing but a bathrobe…’ I’m grinning because I imagine that if she was wearing very little again then this was going to get steamy very quickly.

Kat laughs again. ‘Actually this time, I was wearing a loose fitting dress. It’s really quite pretty – I’ll show you later.’

Kat takes the colander over to the sink and rinses the salad off under the cold tap, leaving it to drain when she’s finished. She returns to the chopping board and starts cutting a couple of chicken breasts into thin strips.

‘Anyway,’ Kat continues. ‘I found myself feeling really nervous when she was getting ready.’

‘Really? Now that does surprise me.’

‘Does it? Why?’ She asks.

‘Because you seemed so calm and confident when you drew me.’

‘Oh honey, I was calm and confident because it was you – because I knew you and because I was relieved to have someone to draw and…’


‘And… well… because until that particular day I never had any feelings for you.’ She looks a little sheepish.

She has feelings for me!

I’m stunned.

I hadn’t considered that she’d have feelings for me.

‘I’m sorry Carla, I’ve totally embarrassed you.’

‘I’m not so much embarrassed,’ I say. ‘I’m more surprised than anything.’

‘It’s not like I’m in love with you or anything. I just have warm feelings for you.’


‘Yes, the kind you feel lower down,’ she says with a cheeky wink.

‘Oh…’ I say, the penny finally dropping in my tiny brain. ‘You have the lusties.’

Kat laughs. ‘The lusties! I like that. Okay, we’ll call it the lusties.’

It’s nice to know someone lusts after you.

‘Sorry Kat, I’ve thrown you off track. Please…’ I say signalling her to carry on. ‘You said you felt nervous…’

‘Yes, because I knew I totally fancied her, but I didn’t want her to know that. I daren’t even turn round until I heard her ask how I wanted her to pose.’

Kat pauses in her prep, places both hands on the counter and takes a deep breath. ‘She was unbelievable Carla… when I turned round… totally unbelievable.’ She takes another deep breath and finishes chopping the chicken.

‘Really? How so?’

‘She was certainly tattooed alright, just not down her arms?’

‘Really? Where?’ I ask.

‘Mostly down her back and swirled onto her left leg.’ She said, distributing the chicken and salad onto two plates. She handed me one with a fork.

‘Thank you,’ I say. ‘This looks great.’

‘There’s some dressing here,’ she says, gathering a few bottles from the fridge.

‘Thanks, so what happened next?’

Kat joins me, sitting beside me at the breakfast bar and after adding some dressing to our salads we both tuck in.

‘Well,’ she says between bites. ‘I felt a bit foolish. My jaw dropped and I was looking at her all goofy like. She asked me if everything was okay which broke the spell a little and I reassured her that I was fine.

‘Oh Carla, Lisha’s body was amazing. She had stunning breasts. I had to stop myself reaching out and touching them. She asked me again how I wanted her positioned and it made me think I’d like it if I could only see parts of her naked, so, I gave her a sheet I had lying on the sofa. I asked her if she could drape it around herself and pose suggestively.’

‘And did she?’ I ask between mouthfuls. ‘This is lovely by the way,’ I say, pointing my fork at my plate.

‘Thanks,’ says Kat with a smile. ‘And yes… yes she did. She laid on the floor! On the floor! I’ve never had anyone do that before and I’ve never even thought to ask, mostly because it’s hard wood, and often covered in paint and crap from my work. I don’t know why but I’d cleaned it up that day.’

‘So, she’s laid on the floor and I just stood there, staring at her. I must have been stood there for ages because she turned to me and asked if I was okay again, which obviously woke me up.’

‘Were you fantasising?’ I ask, curious.

‘I was more mesmerised than fantasising. Anyway I grabbed a pad, sat on the chair arm looking down at her, and started doing some loose sketches. She looked so seductive and vulnerable. Her pose was beautiful and I wanted to capture it properly.’

‘Properly? What do you mean by properly?’

‘I wanted to photograph her, so I could see her properly.’

‘You really did have the lusties for her didn’t you!’

‘Oh god yes. I asked if she minded me taking a few pictures so I had something I could refer back to when finishing my drawings. She agreed, so I snapped a few on my phone as we went along.’

‘So you’ve got pictures of her, and yet you’ve been leaving me to imagine what she looks like. Come on Kat, show me…’

Kat’s phone is on the breakfast bar, she reaches for it and skims through it until she finds what she’s looking for.

‘Ah, here we are,’ she says placing the phone on the bar so I can see it. Screenshot_20190207-070957.jpg

‘Wow! I see what you mean. I think she’d light my fire too.’

‘As I say, there was just something about her,’ Kat says, flicking back and forth between the pictures. She flicks onto a picture she clearly didn’t want me to see and hastily flicks back.

‘Hang on! That wasn’t taken in the studio!’

‘You weren’t supposed to notice that,’ she says.Screenshot_20190207-065128.jpg

‘Come on Kat, show me the rest.’

She slowly flicks onto a couple of pictures she hadn’t wanted me to see.

‘Is that your bed!’ I ask, somewhat incredulous.

‘Erm… it might be.’

‘Well Kat, it appears you haven’t finished the story…’

‘Hmm… yeah, things did kind of progress.’

‘Go on…’

‘Well, while she was adopting another pose she said that no one else she’d posed for looked at her the way I did.’

‘I find that hard to believe,’ I say.


‘I know, right! Anyway, I apologised and I thought I’d better come clean, so I told her it was because I found her… captivating.’

‘You told her?’

Kat nodded and took a deep breath. ‘Lisha said that wasn’t the normal type of response she got, however she usually posed for groups in art clubs so it wasn’t something she’d necessarily notice even if it did happen. It was then I asked her if she’d mind posing outside of the studio. It don’t even know where that came from except, it was like I wanted to see what she’d look like in the living areas of my house. Does that make any sense?’

‘Kind of… I think. It’s like you wanted to see if she fitted in.’

‘Yes! Exactly that. Anyway she agreed without batting an eyelid. We moved to the lounge and I asked her to pose wherever she wanted. She laid on that rug for a while.’ Kat pointed to the white rug in her lounge. ‘Then she sat in the corner, holding the lamp.’


‘And how did you end up in the bedroom?’

‘You’re not going to believe this, but she took me there.’


‘After I’d finished sketching her with the lamp, she took me by the hand and led me to my bedroom.’

‘What happened then?’Screenshot_20190207-065208.jpg

I’ve finished eating and I’m holding my cuppa in both hands with bated breath, waiting to hear the rest.

This is so hot!

Kat’s story, not the tea.

I’m starting to feel a little aroused and I really want to know how things progressed.

‘She kissed me.’

My jaw dropped open. ‘She kissed you!’

Kat nodded, slipping into a reverie, reliving her first kiss with Lisha.


‘Sorry,’ she said, the spell broken. ’You lost me there for a second.’

‘I noticed. Well! How was it?’

‘It was wonderful,’ she says, blushing a little. ‘Much softer than I expected.’

‘Better than me?’ I ask.

‘Just different,’ she says. ‘And it’s not a competition.’

‘Sorry…please, go on. I take it you felt more comfortable this time?’ I ask, referring to the fact we both felt a little funny when we kissed.

‘So much more. When you and I kissed, it was unexpected, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted. But I really wanted Lisha.’

I am so curious about Kat’s encounter with Lisha that I’ve moved closer and I’m perched on the edge of my stool. I also have that warm, tingling feeling and I’m squeezing my thighs together.

Kat nods her head thoughtfully. ‘Lisha was clearly much more experienced than me with another woman, so I let her lead the way, which she did, very gently.

‘Obviously she was still naked, so, after she kissed me she lifted my dress over my head. I wasn’t wearing any undies, so once the dress was off I was naked too. She took half a step back so she could look at me properly. I’ve never felt so exposed, so vulnerable.’

‘Really, why?’

‘When a man looks at you, you get the feeling he’s just happy to see a naked woman in front of him, regardless of what she looks like. But you know what we women are like, we can be proper bitches.’

‘Ahh, and you were worried she was judging you?’

‘Oh god yes.’

‘Kat, you’re stunning! You’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about in that department.’

Kat’s face flushed. ‘Thank you honey, you’re very sweet. Well, Lisha clearly felt the same. She told me I was beautiful then embraced me and kissed me again. She took me by the hand and led me onto the bed where we kissed and explored each other’s bodies. It was really beautiful. I found myself tracing my fingers round the design of her tattoos, which she seemed to really enjoy. Then she asked me…’

‘Asked you what?’

‘She asked me if I’d ever been with a woman before,’ says Kat. ‘You see, apart from being fascinated with her tattoos, I think I was also stalling. I wasn’t really sure what to do. I told her I hadn’t and she nodded kindly, but she could tell. She must have worked it out for herself.’

‘Then what happened?’ I ask.

Sheesh, this is so hot!

‘She really took control. She kissed me softly then laid me down on the bed, opening my legs and bending my knees so she could kneel in-between them. What happened next was simply exquisite.’

‘What, what, what…’

Kat grins at my eagerness. ‘All in good time missy, do you fancy another cuppa?’

‘Oh my god! How can you ask me that now you’re at the good part! Go on then, but keep telling me what happened while you make it.’

Kat laughs and starts making us drinks. ‘Okay, so she knelt between my legs. I’ve never been so, on show in front of another girl. I needn’t have worried, Lisha was wonderful.

‘She leaned over me resting on one arm and began exploring my body with her mouth and free hand, teasing me, caressing me, kissing me. She started with my neck, and oh my god! My neck has always been a sensitive spot for me when men kiss it, but the way Lisha kissed it was something else completely! It was mind blowing and my body felt like it was wrapped in electric cotton wool.’

‘Were you wet?’

Kat looks straight at me, breathes deeply and nods. ‘I don’t think I’ve ever been more turned on and wet in my whole life.’


‘Really! It was incredible. She worked her way down my body from my neck, onto my chest and breasts. Oh. My. God. The way she kissed and nibbled my breasts was, was… I have no words. I’ve never felt anything like it. Ever so gently she kissed and sucked one nipple while tenderly teasing the other with her fingers, then she swapped over. All the time I was getting more and more horny. I just wanted to grab her head and push it between my legs.’

‘You’re making me wish I had something between my legs right now,’ I say, squirming on my seat.


‘Oh god yeah! Please Kat, carry on…’

‘She lingered on my breasts for what seemed like ages. I was shaking and trembling with every touch. Then, while she sucked one of my nipples, she gently traced the her nails down over my stomach to the top of my…’ Kat stops her narrative and looks a little flustered.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘Well, I’m not used to talking about this with anyone, and I don’t know what terminology to use. I’m a doctor dammit and I know all the technical terms but this shouldn’t sound clinical.’

‘Oh sweetie,’ I say. ‘Welcome to my world.’ I briefly tell her how I’ve struggled to find the right words in my writing.

‘What did you settle on?’ Kat asks.


‘Foo-foo!’ Kat bursts out laughing. ‘I like it. It’s cute and funny at the same time.’

‘It works for me,’ I say with a grin.

‘Okay, so she traced her nails down to the mound above my foo-foo, and she runs them in small circles. I know I’ve said this already but… Oh. My. God.’

‘You liked it?’

‘Liked it! That’s a fucking understatement,’ she says.

I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard her swear.

‘Jesus, it was like there was electricity shooting between her lips on my nipple and her fingernails on my mound. I just couldn’t stop shaking. Then, without warning, she touched my clitoris with a fingernail. I nearly shot off the bed. I’ve watched a lot of defibrillator heart shocks, and I swear I leapt further off the bed than any of them.’

Without realising it my own hand has moved down between my legs. Kat’s story has got me so turned on.

‘She was still sucking my nipples while she ran her fingers up and down, sliding and spreading my wetness between my lips and over my clitoris. It was fucking amazing.

‘She then started to kiss her way down my body, over my midriff, down between my legs. Oh Christ, what that woman can do with her tongue should be bottled and sold for a large fortune. She didn’t have to pleasure me long. I had the most earth shaking orgasm I’ve ever had in my life. Then she did something I didn’t expect.’

‘What? What was it?’ I ask impatiently.

Kat hands me a cup of tea, which is a little disappointing because I really can’t sit here with my hands between my legs while drinking tea.

‘Well, she sat back and waited for a couple of minutes while my climax calmed down and asked if I was okay. I told her how wonderful I felt and she asked if I wanted to try something else. I was still feeling that dopey euphoria from the orgasm and naturally agreed. So then, she kind of straddled me, like scissors, so our foo-foos were touching.’

‘I’ve heard of girls doing this,’ I say. ‘But it’s not something I’ve ever experienced.’

‘Well I’ve never experienced anything remotely close, and truth be told, it didn’t do an awful lot for me.’

‘Oh really!’

‘Yeah really. I would have thought the hyper-stimulation I was feeling from explosive orgasm I’d just had would have continued, but I think I was too distracted.’


‘Yeah, the straddling, the groin grinding… it was all a bit new, do you know what I mean?’

‘I think I do yes. You were so focussed on watching the moment happening that you stopped actually being in the moment.’

‘Ooh that’s a good way to put it, yes, that’s it exactly,’ says Kat. ‘I didn’t not enjoy it, but I did enjoy her tongue on me much more, and I wanted to reciprocate.’

‘And did you?’



‘I know,’ Kat says. ‘She climaxed while we straddled, after which she crawled up the bed and we chatted and cuddled for a while. Before I got the opportunity to take the lead she said she had to go.’

‘Oh bugger.’

‘I know, but she did say she’d like to see me again, not just as a model and she left me her number and took mine.’

‘Well, that sounds positive,’ I say, the abrupt ending grinding my arousal at Kat’s narrative to halt. ‘Well Kat, I have to say, apart from the sudden ending that was a wonderful experience.’

‘Oh it was,’ Kat says. ‘And it’s made me look into positions two women can play with.’

‘Hey, that’s not a bad idea,’ I say. ‘I don’t know why I’ve never thought about doing that; and you know I’m always game if you want to practice,’ I add with a cheeky wink.

Kat laughs. ‘Are you always such a horny little minx?’

‘Oh Kat, if only you knew. Oh, and you know how this experience of yours got me aroused.’


‘Well, you really ought to write it down. If you don’t, I will!’

And so I did.



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