Pete 3 – Build Ups, Biscuits & Bathtubs.

There’s a spring in my step and my heart is thumping as I rap on Pete’s front door. I’ve Leather-Spanking-Paddle-Flirt-Clap-Slap-Patbeen researching how female dom’s work with their subs and I’ve got some ideas I want to try out.

Pete is one of the few customers I don’t have a key for. As you may recall, he does all the cleaning while I supervise him, dom style, so he’s always at home when I come.

He lives in a semi in one of the better areas of Leeds. There’s only a small, bordered lawn at the front of the house with a waist high picket fence separating it from the footpath, so I’m a bit stunned when the door opens and I’m faced with Pete seemingly wearing nothing but an apron.

‘Sheesh Pete,’ I say, looking behind me to see if anyone in the street can see him as I bustle through the door. ‘That’s a bit brazen isn’t it… even for you!’

Pete is grinning like a goofy kid. ‘Sorry miss,’ he says. ‘I didn’t mean to embarrass you.’

‘It’s a good job I’ve got the paddle with me,’ I say, tossing him my jacket. ‘Now, get in the kitchen and make me a cuppa.’

I make for his lounge while he hangs my jacket up, then he follows me through and heads past me into the kitchen.

I’ve never had sex with Pete, but after I saw him in the buff last time and stroked his manhood to the edge of ejaculation, I’m feeling quite horny this time.

I need some satisfaction.

I need some pleasure.

I need to see him in that apron.

I march into the kitchen and lean on the door jamb watching him make my tea.

He’s wearing nothing under the apron and my eyes are drawn to his arse as he moves around the kitchen.

It looks quite firm.

Thinking back to when I spanked him last tim, it was indeed firm. I just never noticed at the time because I was having fun punishing him.

Well, to be fair, I was giving Pete what I figured I owed him after nearly damaging him the previous time.

‘The kitchen is looking quite clean,’ I say, glancing around. ‘Have you been keeping on top of it?’

‘I have miss,’ he says. ‘I thought we might concentrate on the bathroom today.’

I was hoping he’d say bedroom.

‘Why’s that?’ I ask.

‘I’ve been a bit slack in there miss,’ he says, hanging his head a little. ‘Sorry.’

What’s he up to?

The kettle has boiled and he pours boiling water over the teabag in my mug.

Teabagging – how on earth has that become a name for a sexual act!

He adds a splash of milk. ‘Do you want the bag leaving in miss?’

‘Yes of course maggot,’ I say sternly, getting back into role. ‘You know damn well I like myhob nobs tea like I like my men – strong.’

‘Yes of course miss,’ he says, handing me my mug and a packet of Hob Nobs.

‘That’s much better than fucking Rich Tea,’ I say, referring to his last biscuit offering. ‘Well if the bathroom is bad you’d better not take too long in here.’

If he gets the kitchen done on good time, I can race him through the bathroom and then get him into the bedroom.

I take my tea and biscuits, pull the paddle out of the pocket of my combats and park myself on the sofa in the lounge, dropping the paddle beside me. As an afterthought I decide to speed him up a little.


‘Yes miss,’ Pete calls back, and I hear him moving about with more haste.

Absent mindedly I dunk biscuits one by one in the tea and devour them, but all I can think about is getting some action.

My excited little love bud is all tingly as I imagine having Pete tied up, hopefully to his bed if that’s possible, although I don’t actually know because I’ve never paid that much attention to it! If I can’t tie him to his bed I will at least tie him up and ride him like a rampant cowgirl. Also, I’ll take him to the edge of his own orgasm without letting him cross the tipping point.

That will both pleasure me and torture him.

Sheesh… I’m so wet.

I squirm on the seat as my fertile imagination runs wild, soaking my panties with my excitement.

If I slipped my hand inside my slacks and between my legs it would take mere seconds to enter the pleasure zone.

No Carla. Wait.

I take a deep breath and bring my attention back to reality. I’ve eaten almost half the packet of biscuits. I wrap up the end of the packet and toss the biscuits to one side knowing that if I eat too many I’ll feel bloated and find it distracting.

‘HOW ARE YOU GETTING ON IN THERE?’ I call out, and take a swig of tea.



I hear Pete moving rapidly in the kitchen and a harried voice replies, ‘I’m doing okay miss. Sorry miss.’

I neck the rest of the tea deciding it’s time to get the bathroom done.

I need satisfying.

‘INSPECTION TIME,’ I shout, grabbing the paddle.

The kitchen door flies open as I march in. Pete hardly has time to drop into the inspection time position.

I leave my mug on the draining board and stroll round the kitchen giving my hand an intimidating slap with the paddle as I check his work. Even in my cursory haste I can see it’s not finished.

‘The kettle hasn’t been buffed and the sink still needs cleaning,’ I say.

‘Yes miss, sorry miss.’

‘Not good enough. Get on your feet and into the lounge.’

I could really do with him on a collar with a short lead so I can drag him about.


‘Put your hands on the sofa and bend over.’

He does as he’s told. I reach underneath the apron and grasp his flaccid shaft, more for my benefit than his.

I just want to feel it… okay!

His cock is a nice size and I’m pleased he manscapes. His excitement is soon filling my hand but I don’t give him time to get too thrilled. I raise the paddle and land it firmly on his arse.


The sound is strangely satisfying, as is his flinch, and the feeling of his cock moving in my hand.


And again.

Oh sheesh. My little foo-foo is aching for a filling.

‘Shoddy work gets a harsher punishment, maggot.’

‘Yes miss, I understand miss.’


His cock isn’t fully hard. The pain must be distracting him.

I want to feel him hard.

I drop the paddle and decide to use my hand instead.


Oh wow!

I’m caught by surprise at how good it felt spanking him with my bare hand.


This time I leave my hand on his arse and caress his now inflamed cheeks. His cock stiffens in my hand.

Oh sheesh! My love bud is twinkling like a fairy light.

‘Do you deserve more punishment, maggot?’

‘Yes miss,’ he says, his head still bowed between his arms. ‘I do miss.’


After the strike I stroke his firm arse again while my other hand gently pulls his foreskin back and forth over his swollen tip.


His hips thrust his cock into my hand and I grasp his shaft and give it a firm squeeze. He lets out a little groan.

‘Are you enjoying this, maggot?’

‘No miss honest miss,’ he says.

Lying bastard. He fucking well is.

And so am I.

I smack his arse another five times. By the time I’ve finished his cheeks are red raw and I’ve cock teased him to the brink of blowing his load all over the back of the sofa.spanked 2

‘Right maggot. It’s time that bathroom got cleaned.’

As I let him go Pete sighs with pent up frustration. ‘Really miss?’

‘Don’t question me maggot, move it.’

I follow him upstairs to the bathroom. As he climbs the stairs in front of me I admire my handiwork on his red cheeks.

In the bathroom he sets about cleaning the bath and his over-bath shower unit first. aloeWhile I’m waiting I peruse his bathroom shelf unit noticing the usual stuff like mouthwash and shaving foam. There are a couple of colognes I like – Polo Sport for Men and Cool Waters. There’s a tube of Veet which explains his manscaping, and there’s also a pump dispenser of aloe vera moisturiser, which gives me an idea. I secrete the bottle into the leg pocket of my combat slacks.

After he’s finished the shower he starts on the WC cleaning the cistern top first.

Good man, just as I showed him.

‘Right, get on your knees,’ I say.


‘What have I said about questioning me? Maggot.’

‘Sorry miss, it won’t happen again,’ he says, dropping onto his knees.

I squat down behind him as he starts cleaning the toilet and pull him about so his arse is up in the air, legs slightly akimbo, meaning he has to rest on one arm while using the other to clean.

I take the moisturiser and pop it on the floor, squirting a couple of pumps into my hand. Then I gently rub it onto his sore cheeks. He flinches when the cold gel touches his hot skin.

I take another couple of squirts, rub it into both hands and massage him. He lets out a little moan.

‘Quiet, maggot.’

‘Yes miss.’

With another squirt I reach between his legs and grasp his shaft, the cold fluid oozing between my fingers. His legs buck a little as I rub the gel up and down and over his hairless testicles.

Pete continues to clean the toilet as I tease him mercilessly. When he’s finished the job he places both hands on the floor clearly intent on simply enjoying what I’m doing to him.

‘What are you doing maggot?’

‘I’ve finished miss,’ he says.

‘Are you confident it’s clean?’

‘Yes miss, of course miss.’

‘Are you really confident?’

‘Of course miss.’

‘Good, then lick the seat.’


‘Are you questioning me again, or are you deaf maggot? Lick the seat – I want you to shine it up with your tongue.’

I think I’m really getting into this dom thing.

Somewhat hesitantly he licks the seat.

‘Maggot! Put some effort into it. I want to see your whole tongue working.’

He nods and obliges, sticking his tongue as far out as it will go, moving his head in a circle motion around the seat. I watch him over his shoulder.

Sheesh…That’s the biggest tongue I’ve ever seen.

I can make use of that!toothpaste-3067570_960_720

‘Right, maggot,’ I say, giving his arse a slap. ‘Brush your teeth and rinse your mouth out with mouthwash.’

He lets out another frustrated sigh and does as he’s told.

While he’s brushing his teeth I undo my trousers and hitch my fingers into the top. I drop my slacks and panties to the floor, step out of them and kick my flip flops off.

‘Make sure you give them a good brush, including your tongue, then give your mouth a good rinse with the mouthwash.’

His mouth is full of foamy toothpaste. ‘Yeth mith.’

I’m itching for him to finish.

But I can wait.

I think it’s going to be worth the wait.

After brushing he swills his mouth as instructed.

‘All done miss,’ he says, turning to face me.

His mouth falls open when he sees I’m naked from the waist down.tongue2

‘Right maggot, it’s time to see what else you can do with that tongue.’

I sit on the edge of the bath, grasping the sides for stability. I spread my legs, lifting one and placing it on the bath side.

Pete stands motionless, staring between my legs. I glance down, my arousal is glistening on my swollen lips.

My breathing gets deeper with excitement, deepening my voice. ‘What are you waiting for maggot. Get on your knees. You can see what needs your attention. Use your tongue.’

He lowers himself onto all fours, his eyes never leaving my hot foo-foo. Slowly he moves closer and I feel his heat on my inner thighs which makes me breathe even deeper. He reaches up to place a hand on my thigh.

‘No touching,’ I say. ‘Only your tongue.’

Pete’s voice is barely a whisper. ‘Yes miss.’

He pushes his huge tongue towards me and closes his eyes.

‘Hey, maggot. Eyes on me – make sure I’m enjoying what you’re doing.’

He nods his head, opens his eyes and stares up into mine, like a hungry, faithful dog.

My thighs twitch as his tongue makes contact just below my foo-foo. Slowly he runs his tongue upwards, parting my lips, pausing just below my hot bud.

Oh my god!

It feels amazing.

The toothpaste and mouthwash he’s used have a chilling, tingling effect I’ve never experienced before.

He reverses direction back down between my folds. At the base his strokes his tongue back up, this time between my inner and outer lips. Then back down, then he does the same up and down the other side.


This boy knows how to tease.

My body is twitching like I’ve been tasered and I’m dying to thrust myself fully into his face.

He runs his tongue up again, this time he taking one of my lips into his mouth and gently sucking it.

Holy shit!

He releases me and tongues his way to the base again. Then he does the same with my other lip.


His tongue pushes inside me, pushing upwards, reaching for my inner sanctum. It’s so large it’s like being penetrated with one of my silicone love toys. As he probes inside me, reaching for my g-spot, his top lip rubs against my clit. A wave of pleasure crashes over me.


My thighs jerk and I let one hand go of the bath side, reaching for his head. I run my fingers through his thick dark hair to the back and pull him into me. Being perched on the side of the bath makes it difficult to push back into him, nevertheless my cheeks clench involuntarily, grinding, intensifying the pressure of his lip on my clit.

Pete’s breathing becomes stifled, but I don’t care. I’ve been waiting for this moment all day.

I push his head back a little and his tongue slides out of me. It lolls out of his mouth as he takes a deep breath. I pull him towards me, pressing his wonderful organ against my pulsing pleasure pod. I grind and gyrate against him, eagerly closing in on the point of climax.

‘Don’t stop Pete. Don’t you dare fucking stop.’

He tries to reply, his muffled voice sends tiny vibrations through my clit, tipping me over the edge, literally.

I let go of his head as the orgasm takes control.

‘HOLY SHIT!’ I scream as my body shakes.

I lose my balance and slide over the side, falling into the tub.

My head bangs against the bottom but I don’t care – I’m still savouring the pleasure of Pete’s tongue.

As my orgasm ebbs away, I take a deep breath staring up at Pete’s bathroom ceiling.

‘Are you alright?’ Pete asks.

I glance towards the voice. Between my splayed legs Pete is knelt, looking down at me laid in the bottom of his bath.

Caught between the ridiculousness and the release, I just lay there, and laugh.

If Pete is this good with his tongue, I wonder what else he’s good with…


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  1. Wow, Carla! That was a wonderfully told, wonderfully erotic tale! Thank you for sharing! Definitely was cheering for Pete and you to enjoy some ‘down’ time 😂 The foot and tickle fetishist parts of me also longed for Pete, when he saw your flip flops come off, start to lick those delicate areas in between your toes that would bring you ecstasy of another kind ;0 A guy can dream ;0 Thanks again for sharing such a beautifully written supremely erotic story with all of us mere mortals 🙏❤️

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