Jim 3 – At long, long last…

Today, Jim’s flat isn’t as bad as it normally is, which catches me a little by surprise.jim3 2

Each time I come here it looks like the beginnings of a landfill site.

Okay, I might be exaggerating a little there… Nevertheless, he doesn’t usually clear away his clothes, crockery and other crap, meaning I have to do it before I can get started on the cleaning.

But as I say, today it’s nowhere near as bad as it normally is. In fact it even looks like he’s wiped down a surface or two.

In my experience this means only one thing – he’s trying to impress a girl!

And somewhat selfishly I’m taking this as bad news.

‘Bad news’ I hear you wondering.

Yup… bad news; because I was hoping our little chat when I was last here might have loosened him up enough for him to go all the way with me.

I’d come here today full of hope and horny hunger. Or should I say a hunger for Jim’s horn.

The thought of Jim’s huge… and it’s oh so huge… The thought of Jim’s huge length inside jim3 5me, stretching me, filling me, pushing me into the pleasure zone…

I was so hoping for that!

But the other thought… the thought that he might have a girlfriend – well that dampens my enthusiasm somewhat.

I’ve cleaned the kitchen and bathroom at a much quicker pace than normal due to the lack of litter in my way, and I’m just about to start vacuuming when Jim’s flat door bursts open and in runs Jim. He’s barely out of breath after running up the stairs to his flat.

The fit bastard.

‘Hi Carla,’ he says when he spies me stood near my vacuum cleaner. ‘You can leave that, I’ll do it later.’

I know my face is frowning.

I can feel it frowning.

All my hopes that Jim might finally satisfy me with his huge salami sub were dissipating. The worst part is I can even see it right there in front of me, bulging in his tight, lycra gym shorts.

I know he works at a gym, but there’s no need to flaunt it!

‘What’s going on Jim?’ I ask, anticipating an answer I won’t want to hear.

‘Erm… nothing… well… erm… yes, there is something…’

I’m stood facing him with my hands on my hips. I’m trying not to let my disappointment show, and more importantly my anger at being disappointed. After all, he is my customer and I don’t want to lose the income.

Play it cool Carla. Play it cool…

I force my face to smile, hoping it doesn’t look more like a grimace. ‘It looks like you’ve been keeping on top of things over the last fortnight.’

‘Yeah,’ he says, looking round the room. ‘I’ve tried.’

‘How come?’ I ask. ‘What’s changed.’

‘Oh, nothing’s changed…’

‘Really? Because in my experience when a bloke starts keeping his place clean it means only one thing!’ I say, forcing another smile.

‘Really!’ He says, his eyebrows arching. ‘What does it mean?’

I know I must make my next words sound like a question. They must not sound like an accusation.

I fail.

‘You’ve got a girlfriend!’

A look of relief flashes across his face and Jim chuckles, his eyes alight with amusement. ‘Is that it means?’ He asks, but he doesn’t wait for an answer. ‘Well, it’s not that.’


Oh Carla!

Now that did sound accusatory!

Jim laughs even louder. ‘I definitely don’t swing that way.’26 jim 2

He takes me by the shoulders and looks deep into my eyes. ‘Carla, I really appreciated the chat we had last time you were here, and it made me realise a few things.’

A glimmer of hope warms my heart. ‘Really?’ I ask. ‘What did you realise?’

Jim nods slowly. ‘That I should read Cosmo more often…’ He leaves the sentence hanging, with a big grin on his face.

What the…

It takes me a second or two to realise what he means – then it dawns on me. The glimmer 016b878f-2c48-4dae-9acc-2358d9fcbfba.jpgof hope in my heart spreads into a ripple of excitement. I clap my hands like a happy child. ‘And did you?’ I ask.

‘It’s not just Cosmo that has interesting articles you know.’

I push myself away from him. Jim is much taller than me and I find it difficult to read people when they’re too close, and even more so when they’re too close and towering above me.

‘And what have you learned Jim?’ I ask.

A warm, low down tingle is building in my foo-foo.

‘Maybe I should just show you,’ he says, holding his hand out.

Oh my god… he’s finally going to do it!


All the excitement I had at the thought of seeing Jim, of experiencing him inside me comes flooding back. A shiver of excitement runs down my spine and my legs suddenly feel a little weak. My head feels dopey and a delightfully dizzy – the kind of dopey, dizzy feeling I have when something exciting and fun is going to happen, like riding a rollercoaster.

I reach out and slip my hand into his.

‘Shall we,’ he says.

I bite my lip and nod my head. I’m so excited I can’t speak.

As he leads me to his bedroom my legs feel weak. But it’s okay – I won’t be standing for much longer.

In the bedroom Jim faces me, lifts my chin with his finger and kisses me. It’s a sensitive, gently probing kiss – unrushed.

I can’t believe we’re going to do this!oli3 4

He slides his hands down my body, firmly but sensitively his fingers run down my sides. If you read my last post you’ll know the effect this has on me. My whole body shivers and my arousal intensifies, making me more and more wet.

He curls his fingers under my t-shirt and gently grasping the fabric he lifts my it up between us, over my head, dropping it on the floor to the side.

I drape my arms around his neck. He dips his head into the crook of my neck and starts nuzzling my ear, planting occasional soft kisses on my neck.

I don’t think my poor legs can take any more of this.

He whispers in my ear. ‘That’s a very pretty bra Carla.’

Arousal always has a strange deepening effect on my voice. I murmur into his ear. ‘Leave it on if you like.’

Sometimes I like it when I’m not totally naked; feeling a man’s hands touching me through the fabric of my underwear.

‘Not today,’ Jim says and with a deftness I didn’t anticipate he unhooks it.

He lifts the straps off my shoulders and I lower my arms letting it fall to the floor.

I really just want to rip his clothes off and have him take me, but I remove his shirt with the same care he removed mine.

‘You know, your breasts really are amazing,’ he says, his eyes gazing at my nakedness.

‘Thank you,’ I say, loving the effect my body is having on the bulge in his shorts. ‘I grew them myself.’

He looks up with an amused frown.

My little quip breaks the pace and we dive on each other, frantically removing the rest of our clothing.

‘Get on the bed,’ I say, my desire taking control. ‘Lie down.’

I stare at his lean, muscular body as he clambers onto his bed. As much as I want to feel him inside me, I also want to prolong the build up a little.

And I do love a soixante neuf.

I climb on top of him and straddle his head, positioning myself so I can take him in my mouth while he pleasures me. His long body would be a logistical nightmare if his cock wasn’t so big.

I hope he does what he did last time we sixty nined.

I take my weight on my arms, lowering my head so I can take his hard shaft into my hungry mouth.

He has that wonderful just showered but with a hint of fresh sweat aroma. I do love that, so much so that I inhale deeply, absorbing his essence.

With his cock in my mouth I feel Jim’s fingers gently parting my labia. His tongue runs a few little rings around my butt hole, which surprises me.

He’s never rimmed me before.

From there he licks between my butt and my foo-foo and presses his face hard against me, pushing his tongue as far inside me as he can.

Oh god that feels good.

I’m so looking forward to having his shaft inside instead of his tongue, which spurs me on to make him as hard as I can.

Shifting my attention from what he’s doing to me I focus on his meaty length in my wet mouth.

Slowly I lift and lower my head, taking him a little further into me with each movement. There’s no way I can take his full length without gagging and I stop taking him deeper into me just before hitting the back of my throat.

I set my tongue to work, massaging it around the meaty girth in my mouth. His cock throbs and twitches telling me he’s enjoying what I’m doing.

Pulling right back, saliva dripping from my mouth, I prop myself on one arm and take hold of him in my free hand. Gently, I pull his foreskin right back, revealing the swollen, red end of his love rocket. I let more saliva drip from my mouth onto it, rubbing it in, making his tip glisten in the light.

With my index finger I run small circles around his glans where his foreskin connects to his shaft. His hips buck and thrust in response and knowing I’m really turning him on makes me bite my lip in anticipation.

I lower my head and take him back in my mouth, sucking on him while slowly working my hand up and down his shaft.

My attention suddenly darts back to what Jim is doing to me as his tongue presses firmly against my love nub. He rubs it hard with the flat of his tongue then pulls back and gives it a few flicks with the tip. It’s excruciatingly stimulating and makes my hips writhe and buck against him. When he presses his tongue hard I press back, and when he flicks it my whole body quivers. My excitement is oozing out of my sex and every so often he breaks from his thrilling clit tickling to suck on my labia and lap my love juice with his tongue.

In my mouth Jim’s cock oozes salty pre-cum which mixes with my own saliva making his shaft even wetter.

He’s going to slip into me so easily.

I have that wonderful warm feeling building above my foo-foo which tells me I’m getting close to orgasm.

I’m so ready to be fucked, and fucked hard.

I’d really like to take control and be on top, feeling Jim inside me but even more so for this, the first time, I want him to take me from behind.

‘I want you take me Jim. Now!’ I say, climbing off him but staying on my hands and knees.

While Jim gets into position behind me I arch my back, sticking my bum as far out as it will go.

He reaches forward, his hips pushing against my butt as he drags his fingers slowly down either side of my spine. The effect is amazing making my back arch even more.

A huge moan escapes me. ‘Oh god that’s good, but fuck me Jim.’

His huge length bobs against my pubic mound as he repeats his finger tracing again. ‘Patience,’ he says.

He sure is testing mine.

He keeps tracing his fingers down my back and sides, my body writhing and wriggling to his touch.

Finally I feel his hand resting on my butt. His thumb teases gently between my cheeks, pulling them further apart.

I can’t see him but I can tell he’s holding his length in his other hand as I feel the tip being guiding down over my chocolate button towards my aching foo-foo.

He brushes between my labia and back underneath to my pubic mound.

It’s agonising… in a good way.

All I want his to do is ram it inside me and pound me to the point of pure pleasure.

Repeatedly he slides his shaft back and forth, brushing between my wet lips, and each time I think he’s going to enter me, he doesn’t.

I push back a little but he matches my movement, backing up with me.

‘For fucks sake Jim,’ I pant. ‘Fuck me, please…’

He sighs deeply and sits back, his hand still resting on me. ‘I’m so sorry. I can’t do it. I thought I could… but I can’t.’


‘I know. I’m really sorry. I just can’t do it.’

I lay there, totally deflated, my aching arousal dissipating with each passing moment as I realise Jim’s moral dilemma has beaten him again.

I roll over onto my back. For some reason I suddenly feel naked and vulnerable so I pull the edge of his duvet, curling it around me.

He lies down beside me, letting out a deep sigh as his head lands on the pillow.

In the uncomfortable silence between us, the only sound is our breathing patterns slowly returning to normal.

I hear Jim’s head move. Out of the corner of my eye I can see him looking at me, probably trying to weigh up my mood. ‘I’m really sorry Carla.’

‘I know. You said.’

I’m not angry.

Well, maybe a little.

But not enough to for it to be an issue.

‘What happened there Jim?’

‘I don’t really know. One minute I’m looking forward to it. The next, my head is flooded with thoughts about it being wrong, and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.’

I nod, not really knowing what to say next.

‘I guess…’ he says, pausing while his thoughts come together. ‘I guess I just need a bit more time to get used to the idea.’

I nod.

‘I mean…’ he continues. ‘What you said last time made perfect sense; all that stuff about honeymoon periods & relationships. But I’ve spent far more years with my old ideas than I have with those new ones.’

It falls silent between us again.

What he said makes sense… I know that… I understand it.

But it doesn’t help the empty feeling I have in this moment.

Jim tries to lighten the mood. Out of the corner of my eye I can see him attempting a cheeky grin. ‘I can’t believe I kept my flat tidy for this…’

I turn my head on the pillow to look at him. He looks like a forlorn puppy and I immediately feel sorry for him. After all, it’s not just me experiencing feelings of deflation right now.

A chuckle rises within me. ‘You call that, tidy!’

A big smile lights up his face. He looks happy that at least I’m still okay with him.

But inside, silently, I make a vow to myself.

This is the last time I’m doing this with Jim.



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  1. Wow, Carla, the wait was worth it! So beautifully and erotically told! Thank you! I loved your writing and delicious descriptions of yours and Jim’s co-minglings 😅 Sorry it didn’t work out for a finale. Maybe Clive can give you an awesome foot massage and tickle your toes as a consolation prize?! 👣😅❤️ Again, thanks for sharing your writing talents with all us mere mortals 🙂 Have a great start to your week across the pond 🙂

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