Saff & Lilly 3 – The Tongue Teaser

‘Have you been up to any mischief lately?’ Lilly asks with a grin.

Feigning innocence I reply. ‘Me! As if!’

I’ve just finished mopping the last of the hard floors and Lilly has made us a coffee. We’re sat in their styled-by-Ikea lounge having a chat.

Lilly laughs. ‘So what have you been up to? Mostly sausage munching I bet.’

She does make me laugh. To see her you wouldn’t expect such crass expressions to come from such an innocent, doormousy face. Nevertheless, in answer to her question I reallyfoot wouldn’t know where to start.

Do I tell her about how I’m training Pete?

Do I let her know about exploring my sub side with Oliver?

What about Clive and his foot fetish?

Then there’s Ryan with his wonderful edging skills?

I sure as hell can’t tell her about Mr E!

And I’m really not sure I should tell her about my feelings for Richard

‘Wow!’ Lilly says. ‘I didn’t expect it to be such a stumper…’

‘I… erm… well…’

‘Hey chick, it’s okay. I totally get it that you prefer men to women, you don’t have to be embarrassed about it.’

It’s not that so much that bothers me. I guess I just don’t want her to think ill of me for being so promiscuous.

‘Have you seen Kat recently?’ She asks.2019-02-07-07-03-57.jpg

Thankfully something to talk about that doesn’t put me in a bad light. ‘I have, yes. I think she’s got a crush.’

‘Really? On you?’

‘No,’ I say, chuckling. ‘One of her models.

‘Really?’ Lilly says again.

I nod, taking a sip of my coffee. ‘Yes, an alternative looking girl, with tattoos.’

Lilly raises her eyebrows. ‘She’s going for a bit of rough then?’

‘That’s not the impression I got.’

We both sip our coffee.

‘Anyway,’ I say, changing the subject. ‘Where’s Saff today? Working away again?’

‘No, nothing like that. She went out shopping, then to the station to pick up a couple of our friends,’ she says, looking up at the clock. ‘She should be back soon.’

With that a key rattled in the front door lock. Lilly and I turned to each other and laughed.

‘Talk of the devil,’ said Lilly.

‘Are you bad mouthing me again?’ Saff said entering the lounge, her friends in tow.

Lilly explained the coincidence that had just happened.

‘Ah I see,’ Saff said. ‘Anyway, I’m glad to see you’re still here Carla. Are you in a rush to get off?’

‘As it happens I’m not. The couple I see after you guys are away today, so I can clean their house whenever I feel like it this week.’S&L 2

‘Wonderful,’ said Saffy, her face breaking into a massive grin. ‘On the way from the station I was telling our friends about our little game last time you were here, and they were keen to play.’

Saffy’s friends nod their heads in the background and for some reason this makes me blush, probably because I’ve never met them before and the thought of Saffy discussing our kinky exploits is a little embarrassing,

Lilly’s eyes zero in on my face. ‘Are you blushing?’ She says laughing. ‘Hey Saff, she’s blushing.’

Sometimes I could really slap Lilly.

I try to laugh it off. ‘I am not blushing,’ I say, feeling my face burning even brighter.

Saffy comes to my rescue. ‘I’m sorry Carla. No wonder you’re a little embarrassed… I haven’t even introduced you yet,’ she says, turning to her guests. ‘Carla, this is Kirsty, and this is Sammy. Kirsty, Sammy, meet Carla, the lovely lady who makes our house look so shiny.’

I stand up so I can shake their hands in turn, my face slowly returning to normal.

Kirsty is the taller of the two girls; in fact she’s the tallest of us all, maybe by an inch or so. She has a wonderful figure highlighted by the casual jacket, a plain white, figure hugging blouse and a short, flower patterned skirt she’s wearing. She’s slim and graceful with shoulders that make her jacket look like it could still be on a hanger. As I nod in greeting I glance down at her feet and see she’s wearing flats with no heel, so yes, definitely the tallest. Judging by her smooth skin I guess she’s mid 20’s. She’s a pretty girl with long brunette hair, pale blue eyes and sharp, elfin features. I find I’m a little mesmerised by her lips. They’re fuller than you might expect on someone with such slim facial features, and post-box red, even without lipstick.

I’m guessing Sammy is a year or so older than Kirsty and whereas Kirsty is an inch or so taller than us all, Sammy is probably the smallest in the room, being slightly smaller than Lilly. Everything about Sammy from her facial features to her figure is delightfully curvy and she has round, voluptuous breasts. The tight, V-necked t-shirt she’s wearing tells me she clearly knows how to use them. Sammy has a look I’d describe as cheeky and fun, and looks more a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, compared to Kirsty’s Top Shop model look. A mop of wavy, light brown hair frames her face.

As I shake her hand Sammy’s face beams. ‘Tell us more about this game then Carla.’

Before I can reply Lilly jumps to her feet. ‘Showing is far better than telling,’ she says. She dashes out of the room and heads for the stairs, pausing only to leave her empty cup on the sideboard on her way out of the lounge.

Saff looks at me and grins. ‘No prizes for guessing what she’s gone for…’

I laugh as I hear Lilly run up the stairs and her feet padding across the landing into the bedroom above us.

Saff turns to her guests and reaches out to take their bags and coats. ‘Do either of you want a drink of anything first?’

Sammy looks excited. ‘Oh no,’ she says. ‘I’m too excited to be thirsty.’

Kirsty, clearly the more reserved of the two, looks a little apprehensive. ‘I’m not really sure what’s going on,’ she says.

‘Oh don’t worry Kirst,’ Saff says giving me a sly grin. ‘You’re going to enjoy this.’saff lilly3 4

It’s not long before Lilly returns carrying a blindfold and two tubes of strawberry lube.

‘I see you’ve been stocking up,’ I say.

‘As you well know Carla baby, it pays to be prepared.’ She pauses and glances around us all. ‘Right… How are we going to do this?’

The new girls glance at each other both looking somewhat clueless.

‘I’m not sure Blind Man’s Muff will work so well with five of us, someone’s tongue is going to get worn out,’ I say.

Saff and Lilly nod in agreement.

‘I hadn’t thought of that,’ says Saff, whose tongue did most of the work last time. ‘And you’re so right.’

‘But… I do have an idea,’ I say, mulling over the logistics of a new game, or at best, a variation of Blind Man’s Muff.

Lilly claps her hands in excitement. ‘Ooh go on… what is it Carla?’

‘Well… what if…’ My tiny brain is still running through the idea, trying to see if it will work. ‘What if we do a tongue teaser?

Lilly claps her hands with glee again and bobs up and down like an excited toddler. Saffy shakes her head, laughing. ‘Go on Carla, what are you thinking?’

‘Well… someone is blindfolded, naked and laid down. Then one of us teases her with our tongue for two minutes. If she guesses who it is, then she gets to be pleasured all the way. If she doesn’t work it out another of us has a go – and the same again until three of us have teased her.’

Saff looks confused. ‘Why three?’

‘Because by process of elimination it might be easier to work out who the fourth girl is.’

‘Oh yes of course. Silly me!’

Lilly’s excitement comes to a sharp stop.

‘What’s up hun?’ Saff asks.

Lilly glances at the tubes of lube in her hand, her face a picture of mock disappointment. ‘We won’t need all this lube!’

‘You daft twink,’ Saff says with a chuckle. ‘I love your idea Carla. What do you think girls?’

‘It sounds good to me,’ Sammy says turning to Kirsty. ‘What do you think honey?’

Kirsty nods, still looking a little reserved.

Having dropped the lube tubes on the sideboard Lilly is back to her usual excited self. ‘Okay, who’s going first? It’s your idea Carla, you decide.’

An idea forms in my mind about how I might win this game. ‘I think Saffy should be in the hot-seat first.’

‘You won’t get any argument from me babe,’ Saffy says.

With the exception of Lilly, the rest of us look a little surprised at how quickly Saff strips her clothes off.

‘Right biatch,’ she says to Lilly. ‘Get that blindfold one me.’

Lilly duly does as she’s told and when the blindfold is on Lilly waves her hand in front of Saff’s face. ‘Can you see anything?’

‘Nope, not a thing.’

Lilly leads Saffy to the arm chair on the bay window and backs Saff upto it.

Saff settles in and spreads her legs over the chair arms. ‘I’m ready.’

‘We can see that,’ I say, chuckling at how keen she is. ‘Hold your horses.’

‘Yeah,’ says Lilly. ‘We haven’t decided who’s going first yet.’

‘Well hurry it on up – my pussy wants pleasure.’

She does make me laugh.

I turn to Lilly. Silently, I shake my head while pointing between the two of us, gesturing that it shouldn’t be either of us to go first. Saff knows Lilly’s tongue all too well and she experienced mine last time.

I point between Kirsty and Sammy and Lilly nods. She raises her eyebrows at the two girls. It’s obvious that Sammy is the most keen as she bites her lip and nods her head.

Kirsty opens her mouth, about the say something. Lilly quickly reaches forward placing her hand over her mouth.8fb0c492-093f-4214-85eb-adae4d45e077.jpg

I place my index finger on my lips in the universal sign for shush, point over to Saff and shake my head.

Kirsty gets the idea and gives Sammy a little push, encouraging her to go first.

Saffy wriggles in the chair, positioning herself for maximum comfort. ‘Come on bitches. I’m waiting.’

Quickly I dodge forward in front of Sammy. ‘Easy tiger,’ I say. ‘It’s coming.’

I’m hoping that the position of my voice throws her off track and makes her think it’s going to be me pleasuring her.

‘Hopefully I’ll be the one cumming,’ Saff says with a giggle.

I give Sammy a wink and slip back behind her.

As Sammy positions herself on her knees between Saff’s open legs, I suddenly realise there’s a flaw in our game.

If whoever is pleasuring her touches her with her hands, it might make it easy for Saff to work out who it is.

Sammy has small, childlike fingers, Kirstie’s are long and slim and mine, well she’s already experienced both mine and Lilly’s hands on her and Lilly’s more so than mine.

I lunge forward as quietly as I can and from behind her reach for Sammy’s hands. I place her hands on the fronts of the chair arms, under Saff’s legs and whisper in her ear. ‘Don’t touch her.’

She looks at me a little askance.

I shuffle beside her and place my hand beside hers. With my free hand I point out the difference in our finger lengths.

Sammy pauses for second, then the penny drops and she gives me a wink.

I turn to look up a Lilly and give her a phew gesture.

Lilly returns my look, wiping mock sweat of her brow for added effect.

I shuffle back and out of Sammy’s way, sitting myself on the adjacent sofa so I can watch Sammy in action.

Lilly parks herself on the footstool and points Kirsty to the sofa seat next to me.

The first thing I notice about Sammy is where she starts on Saffy. She places what look like quite firm kisses on Saffy’s shaven pubic mound. Her lips are full and round, much like the rest of her figure. I might be giving the impression that Sammy is a big girl but that’s not what I mean. If you’ve seen the film Titanic I’d say she was like Kate Winslet  – not fat, but curvy.2019-08-10-11-43-52.jpg

Saff lays her head on the back of the armchair, settling herself in for the pleasure to come as Sammy kisses her way down the sensitive crease between Saff’s outer labia and her inner thigh. Saff lets out some little moans in response.

I really love being kissed and licked there.

Watching Sammy teasing Saff sets my own arousal building with a warm feeling low down in my body.

Sammy teases the same area on the other side of Saff’s foo-foo which sets me off feeling all tingly. There’s something about the way Sammy is giving her attention to Saff that sets off my ASMR, which is a double whammy.

There’s no better feeling than sexual arousal and ASMR combined.

Then it dawns on me that we’ve overlooked something.

I look over at Lilly and Kirsty and they’re both transfixed on the hot scene developing before them.

None of us is timing what’s going on.

Quickly I drag my phone out of my pocket, wave it at Lilly. I set my phone timer for two minutes and show her the screen.

With her hand over her mouth she stifles a laugh and we both get back to watching Sammy in action.

Saffy’s thighs wriggle and jerk as Sammy slowly licks between Saff’s inner and outer labia.

Sammy has clearly done this before.

I glance round the room, mostly so I can check the expression on Kirsty’s face. Something made me wonder if she was the jealous type but she seems quite content.

Lilly is in her usual stimulated state, grinning like an excited child, her thighs clenching & releasing together – she looks totally turned on watching her lover enjoying herself.

A moan from Saff drags my attention back to the sexy scene in the room.

Sammy is pressing her tongue firmly against Saff’s clit and slowly grinding against it.

‘Oh yes babe,’ Saff moans. She reaches forward to pull the head between her legs further into her, but stops herself halfway. She must have realised holding the head would give the game away.

I hadn’t even thought about that.

Talk about making the rules up as we go!

She grips the chair arms instead, her fingernails making scratching sounds on the fabric.

I wonder if they’ve all played together before?


They might already be familiar with each other’s techniques.

Sammy is running her tongue gently up and down between Saff’s inner lips, gently flicking it over her clit several times on each pass.

Saff pushes her head into the back of the chair, thrusting herself further into Sammy’s mouth. ‘Oh my god, that’s so fucking good!’


My phone timer sounds – time’s up. I rest my hand on Sammy’s shoulder and she shuffles back away from Saff.

Saff rests back into the chair. ‘Oh fuck no! Don’t stop… that was incredible.’

Silently Lilly squats down beside Sammy. ‘Yes, but who was it?’

To my surprise Kirsty gets on all fours behind Sammy. I wasn’t sure Kirsty was going to get into this but she’s grinning from ear to ear, and it’s apparent she’s understood the idea of trying to throw Saffy off track by moving voices around the room. ‘Yes who was it Saffy honey?’ She says over Sammy’s shoulder.

Sammy shuffles back behind Lilly and Kirsty to where Lilly was sat. ‘Got any ideas hun?’ She asks.

Lilly glances over, her index finger on her lips, silently telling me not to speak.

I’m sat there slightly stunned.

These girls are clearly craftier than I thought.

‘I’m really not sure,’ Saff says. ‘All I know is I didn’t want it to stop!’ She takes a deep breath. ‘Kirsty! Was it Kirsty?’

Lilly claps her hands gleefully. ‘No,’ she says. ‘Wrong!’

‘Oh shit,’ Saff says. ‘I was enjoying that.’

‘I don’t know what you’re upset about,’ I say, beckoning Lilly over to me with my finger. ‘You get another go…’

Sammy sits on the footstool and Kirsty looks keen to go next. I rest my hand on Kirsty’s shoulder and shake my head.

Lilly joins me on the sofa. I whisper in her ear. ‘You go next, but mix it up a little and change your technique. ’

Lilly looks a little confused but nods and swaps positions with Kirsty, kneeling on the floor between Saff’s legs. It looks like she’s wondering how she’s going to mix it up as she pauses for a few seconds. She gestures for me to set the timer running then she did something I totally didn’t expect. She went straight for Saff’s love bud.

Saff gripped the chair arms once more, her hips bucking into her partners mouth. ‘Oh hell yes! That’s more like it.’

Lilly’s tongue lapped voraciously, first pushing hard, then lapping over Saff’s excited clit. She took the whole of Saffy’s foo-foo into her mouth, her cheeks drawing in as she sucked hungrily. It looked like Lilly was also using her tongue on Saff’s love bud while she was sucking away.

‘OH YES! YES! YES!’ Saffy screamed.

The way Lilly was going for it reminded more of how men usually go for it – less gentle and tender and much more full on.

Sammy stands up, unbuttons her jeans and pushes them to floor.

Out of the corner of my eye I notice Kirsty has pulled her legs up onto the sofa and is sat with her knees slightly apart. Her skirt has ridden up and one of her hands is inside her G-string, her slender fingers softly stroking between her legs. She gently bites her lower lip. Glancing round at me she raises her eyebrows and gives me a little wink.

She’s clearly much more fun than I initially thought.

While I was watching Kirsty I missed what Sammy was doing. She’d removed her panties revealing her fully shaven foo-foo, rested one of her legs on the footstool and she too was pleasuring herself. I say she’s fully shaven however she has the cutest little landing strip. Her fingers were gliding slowly between her moist labia, pausing only to circle around her engorged love bud.

These girls are insatiable!

The unfolding scene in the room was having an effect on me too.

The sight and sound of Lilly teasing Saffy with her tongue, and these two other lovelies touching themselves makes me so wet.

I take a deep breath.

Focus Carla. Focus!

Hearing Saffy moaning drags my attention back to the main event. Lilly, still not holding back, looks like she’s trying to get Saff to orgasm within the 2 minutes.


Where the hell did that 2 minutes go!

Lilly sits back on her haunches and Saffy jovially complains once more about not wanting the pleasuring to stop.

This time I slide off the sofa behind Lilly, Sammy squats down behind me. Almost simultaneously we both ask Saffy who she thought had pleasured her.

‘It’s difficult to say,’ she says. ‘I could feel hair brushing against my thighs and there’s only two of you that’s likely to be.’


I’d thought about hands and that she might recognise us from the way they felt resting on her thighs. But I hadn’t given our hair a second thought.

‘Sammy! Was it Sammy?’

Lilly claps excitedly again. ‘Nope, wrong.’

Saff shuffles in the chair, getting herself comfortable. ‘Well whoever is next please hurry up. I was so close then.’

Lilly looks a little surprised. I’m guessing she’ll be trying her new technique out on Saff at some point in the future.

Saffy has already experienced my tongue the last time I was here and whilst like Lilly I could change my technique I really need to watch Kirsty in action. I point at Kirsty signalling her to go next.

Kirsty nods, an excited grin on her face. Out of the corner of my eye I’m sure I catch Lilly giving me a sly look.

Maybe she’s realised what I’m up to.

Kirsty gets up to swap places with Lilly who sits back on the footstool.

I’m about to sit back on the sofa when Sammy taps my leg and points at my trousers, gesturing me to take them off.

What the hell… why not.

I unbutton them, slip out of them and drop them on the floor at the side of the sofa. I’m glad I wore some pretty, flower patterned panties today, and not my Bridget Jones knickers.

Sitting back down Sammy nestles in beside me, resting her hand on my thigh.

Kirsty is looking up at me expectantly. She points at my phone. I nod, smile at her and start the timer.

With the timer running the first thing I notice about the way Kirsty starts pleasuring Saffy is that her approach is very similar to my own.

She teases Saff with the tip of her tongue, gently sliding it up and down between all the little folds of her labia. Little flicks and sucks here and there clearly have a powerful effect as Saff lets out short, staccato breaths. She tries pushing her hips further into Kirsty’s mouth, but unlike Sammy and Lilly, Kirsty matches her movement so Saff can’t get the pressure on her pussy she’s clearly craving.

Saff’s voice is almost a scream. ‘Oh you total bitch!’

From where I’m sat I can see Kirsty’s face in profile and it looks like she’s smiling away to herself.

She’s a lot like me. She loves the tension and tease.

Beside me Sammy also seems to be enjoying watching her partner stimulating Saffy. Her fingers gently begin caressing the milky, sensitive area of my inner thigh which makes my toes curl and dig into the carpet.

I glance round at her and she’s looking up at me, her eyes intense and lustful.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Lilly has stripped and is sat with her legs apart pleasuring herself.

The scent of sweet, musky lady love fills the air.

Sammy lets go of my thigh and reaches around the back of my head, pulling me towards her. Her lips on mine are firm yet soft, her tongue forcefully pushes into my mouth and I return her kiss.

As she kisses me, her free hand moves my arm holding the phone away from between my legs. She gently parts my thighs and slips her fingers into my panties.

I certainly didn’t anticipate this happening when I turned up here today.

She gently runs her index and ring fingers down either side of my foo-foo, then slides her middle finger up between my labia. She pulls back from the kiss, staring at me intensely as her finger glides between my moist lips. Her finger circles my clit, spreading my wet arousal and making it slick. My hips buck and twitch at her touch and I’m dying for her to hit the pleasure spot.

Of all the girls in the room Sammy’s figure is the most like mine and her breasts appear to be a similar size.

It’s time to find out.

And if she’s going to tease me, then it’s only fair I return the compliment.

I wrap my hand around her, slipping it underneath her tight t-shirt. I unclip her bra then push her t-shirt and bra up over her breasts allowing them fall free whilst not stopping her from pleasuring me with her fingers. Her beasts look slightly larger than mine, with smaller areolas but larger nipples.

They’re both pierced – with bars through them!

She grins at the look of surprise on my face.

I’ve often wondered about nipple piercings but I don’t think it’s for me – I don’t think I’d like the pain. Besides, I’ve also heard you can lose sensitivity in your nipples, and why would you risk that.

I take one in my hand, my fingers squeezing her nipple, feeling her piercing inside the flesh, and at the same time she decides to finally rub my love nub.

The feeling of her finger on my clit makes me squeeze a little harder than I intended and I worry I might have hurt her. The look on her face tells me that’s not the case and that she’s loving it.


I was so distracted I’d totally forgotten about the game.

Kirsty looks round, smiling as she takes in the scene of me and Sammy huddled up intimately on the sofa.

‘Dammit,’ Saff says. ‘So close again. Carla I fucking hate you and your games.’

Everyone laughs and we all move around the room again asking Saff who she thinks it was.


Kirsty’s technique must indeed be similar to mine.

Saffy is disappointed to be wrong again.

Lilly on the other hand is delighted, laughing like an excited child. ‘No orgasm for you,’ she says. ‘No orgasm for you hoo hoo.’

Saff slips the blindfold off. As her eyes adjust to the light a look of surprise appears on her face as she takes in the scene in the room – four girls in various stages of undress. ‘It looks like I wasn’t the only one enjoying myself,’ she says.

‘I’m beginning to feel overdressed,’ Kirsty says and starts stripping off. She looks expectantly at me. ‘Right… who’s in the hot seat next?’

Lilly is so excited she looks like she might have a seizure at any moment. ‘Carla! Yes, it should be Carla next.’

‘I agree,’ says Saff, giggling. ‘You invented this infuriating game Carla, so yes… you’re next!’

Who am I to complain…

‘Okay… There’s no way I’d say no to being randomly pleasured by three hot chicks. Who’s going to keep time?’ I say, waving my phone in front of me.

Sammy reaches her hand out to take it. ‘I will. And Carla baby, I don’t think you’re going to need those,’ she says, pointing at the rest of my clothes.

She’s right.

I nod, stripping until I’m completely naked.

Once we’re all naked I take a second to look round at all of the beautiful bodies in the room.

Lilly, petite, pert and doormousy.

Saff, tall, lean with slightly lower hung breasts.

Sammy, curvy, cute and voluptuous.

And Kirsty, she really is quite the stunner. I hadn’t noticed before but she has a toned, athletic, full yet firm figure.

She looks like she might be a swimmer or something.

There’s just something about her shoulders & back that makes me think she might be totally at home in water.

Stop staring Carla!

‘Right hun…’ says Saff. ‘Let’s get this blindfold on you.’

Everything goes dark as Saffy ties the blindfold around my head. I feel vulnerable and at the same time excited.

Once she’s happy the blindfold is doing the job it’s supposed to, she gently backs me up to the ‘hot seat’. When I feel it touch the back of my legs I sit down and position myself for maximum comfort, my legs apart, waiting for the pleasure to come.

With my eyes covered I find I’m super aware of what I can hear going on around me. Over the sound of the traffic passing in the street outside the window, I hear jostling bodies and muffled whispering in the room.

There’s just something about being blindfolded that makes me feel vulnerable as I found out with Oliver.

The jostling and whispering sounds gradually stop and I feel the chair move slightly – I’m guessing one of the girls has knelt in front of me and placed her hands on the chair to steady herself.

My heart pounds in my chest and the arousal I was feeling with Sammy rekindles in my loins.

The first feeling of a tongue on my taint makes me twitch ‘Ooh!’

It slides gently up between my inner and out labia, then over the top of my clit and back down the other side. When it reaches my taint the tongue follows the same path in the opposite direction, up between my folds and back down the other side.

It’s excruciatingly pleasurable.

It feels like it’s happening in slow motion.

She continues teasing me this way, gently licking up and down, interspersing with little flicks and sucks.

My hips are bucking and I’m dying to squeeze my thighs together, holding her in place so I can focus the pleasure she’s giving me.

Uncontrolled words leave my lips in panted breaths. ‘Oh, my, god. Keep going. Keep going. Please. Keep going.’

I push my hips forward. I’m dying for her to apply more pressure, especially on my love bud, but she matches my movement.

The bitch.

The fucking bitch.

An idea flashes across my mind.

I think I know who this is!

She licks and laps gently around my clit, the tip of her tongue teasing the hood, circling my bud. My toes curl and my fingers dig into the chair arms. It takes all my self-control to stop myself from reaching out and grabbing the head between my legs and pulling her further into me.

She’s totally avoiding my clit.

A little more forcefully she takes my labia in her mouth, sucking on each of my swollen lips in turn.

Releasing my grip on the chair arms, I grab my breasts and forcefully squeeze them, pinching my nipples, making them even harder.

There’s no hair.

It dawns on me that I can’t feel hair brushing against my inner thighs.

It’s definitely not Sammy.

The tongue runs up between my foo-foo and laps my wetness before flicking several times over my clit. The effect is electrifying and my body quivers.

She repeats the routine, her tongue licking my love juice before flicking over my clit, turning me into a trembling wreck.

She seems to be enjoying the effect it’s having on me.

Put some pressure on my clit… bitch!

A part of me wishes I could see what was going on while the other part loves the mystery.

I love sex games.

Maybe I should get Richard to blindfold me next time I see him.

My body racks and shudders again as the tongue teases my clit once more.


And then the teasing stops.

My taught muscles relax and I slump deep into the chair. I hear shuffling in the room.

‘You looked like you were enjoying that?’ That was Sammy’s voice from somewhere in front of me.

‘It was amazing,’ I say, slowly sitting up.

‘Who do you think it was Carla?’ That was Lilly off to my right.

‘It’s hard to say… Hmmmm…’ I drag out the tension a little.

‘Come on,’ says Saffy. ‘You have to guess.’

I’m pretty sure these crafty minxes have tried to throw me off track by making the last go first. But they’re not the only crafty ones in the room.

‘Hmmm… I think… Maybe it was… Li…’

The sound of Lilly’s gleeful clapping fills the air. ‘No…’ she says.

‘Hang on,’ I say. ‘I haven’t finished yet.’

Lilly’s just ruled herself out.

‘Oh you bad girl,’ says Saffy with a laugh. ‘Just spit it out Carla. Who was it?’

‘Okay, okay…’ I pause for dramatic effect. ‘I think it was Kirsty.’

There’s a couple of little gasps, then the room goes silent for a second.

‘How did you know?’ Kirsty says.

I can’t help but grin. ‘That would be telling. But now you get to take me all the way.’

‘You can take the blindfold off now love,’ says Saffy.

‘I know,’ I say, sitting back into the chair. ‘But I kind of like it.’

I settle back, part my legs and get myself comfortable.

I’m going to enjoy this.

I’m going to REALLY enjoy this!



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I have a whole series of erotic exploits, some from my past, but mostly current and always kinky. Naturally I'll have to be discreet and change names, nevertheless I'm sure if any of my partners recognise themselves they'll enjoy reliving our adventures together ;) xoxo

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  1. Oh my, oh my, Carla. Holy smokes, just when I think your writing has tipped the erotic scales and overheated, the temperature just keeps increasing! SO good! Thanks for the wonderfully sexy post! Dear Lord, this story puts slumber part pillow fighting to shame! 😅❤️🔥

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