Kat 4 – Distractions & Dreams

Kat’s car is parked up but she doesn’t answer the door. After letting myself in she doesn’tScreenshot_20190207-065128.jpg reply when I shout ‘Hello, it’s only me’.

Maybe she’s in her studio.

Maybe she’s got Lisha up there…

Whatever she’s doing, I hope she’s having fun and if it’s with Lisha I hope she’s getting to explore the tattoos.

In the absence of distraction I crack on with my usual routine, plonking my caddy down on a stool I set about cleaning Kat’s kitchen.clive2 2

As I’m cleaning the cupboards I contemplate the conversation I had with Clive.

One the things I really love about the work I do is that the physical aspect of my work helps stimulate me mentally – maybe because it’s active work and gets my blood flowing. It gives me a lot of time to think and formulate ideas for creative projects I might like to pursue. As I say, today I’m mulling over my last meeting with Clive. The truth is it’s been on my mind a lot recently.

After cleaning all the cupboard fascias I move on to wiping the counter surfaces.

Did I just hear something?

I’m sure I just heard a giggle from upstairs.

My hand pauses mid-wipe on the counter and I stop what I’m doing to listen.


I must be hearing things.

I carry on cleaning, behind oil bottles and pasta jars, underneath the toaster and insideDespite having done nothing about it since I was there, I can’t help feeling it might be a good idea to start writing some of it down.kats kitchen the microwave.

I’m rinsing my cloth out under the tap when I hear it again. Turning the tap off I stop, my ears straining, trying to reach through the silent house to what I think I can hear.

Again… nothing.

I wring my cloth out and grab the spray bottle of degreaser out of my caddy. It’s time to clean the hob and hood.

A few squirts of degreaser and my cloth is soon cutting through the greasy spills on hob. There are a few stubborn ones so I decide to leave them to soak for a few minutes.

Ten to fifteen minutes later and the kitchen is clean. It’s time to do the bathroom.

I grab what I need from the caddy and head upstairs. I stop at the top landing of the staircase.

That was definitely a giggle.

Kat must have someone in her studio and by the sound of it they’re having a good time.

Something about that giggle sounds very familiar.

I listen out to see if I can hear more, but no – not yet anyway. I give up and make my way to the bathroom.

Kat is naturally quite a clean person. She’s one of those who squeegees the excess water off the shower screen after use. Personally I don’t see the point – however her diligence makes my job easier and I don’t have to use a descaler to clean the screen.

It only takes me about 10 minutes to clean the shower unit. I’m just about the start work on the toilet when I hear it again.

I’m absolutely sure I recognise that giggle!

Isn’t it just really annoying when you’re positive you recognise a voice or perhaps someone’s face, but you just can’t put a name to it!


It’s driving me crazy.

While I clean the toilet my tiny brain is working overtime, trying to picture a place or a face that goes with the giggle.

With the toilet cleaned I buff up the mirror and set to work cleaning the sink and tiled splash-back.

The giggling sounds through the house again and encourages my brain to work even harder trying to fathom who it belongs to.


Having finished in the bathroom it’s time to stash the gear back in my caddy and crack on with the vacuuming.

With the vacuum plugged in I hear the giggle just as I hit the start button.

The vacuum whirrs into life and at the same time the whirring cogs in my brain stop.

Of course…

I know exactly who that is.

I turn the vacuum off and charge back upstairs. I run up the short second flight of stairs to Kat’s studio. I’m about to burst through the door when a stray thought tells me I might be wrong, even though I know I’m not… so I stop.

It would also be pretty rude to just burst in.

Kat might be really pissed off… and I wouldn’t want to piss Kat off.

I rap sharply on the door listening intently to the muted thud, thud, thud of bare feet on the other side of the door.

Kat’ muted voice calls out. ‘Coming.’

She opens the door, grinning like a Cheshire cat. ‘Hi Carla, how are you?’

‘Is that Carla,’ a voice says from behind the door. ‘Come in Carla.’

Before Kat can open the door fully I push through to be greeted by two familiar faces beaming at me.

‘I knew it,’ I say. ‘I ruddy knew it was Lilly I could hear giggling. What the hell are you two doing here?’

Saffy looks over my shoulder at Kat and it makes me realise my faux pas.

My feeling of elation turns to one of being mortified. ‘Oh Kat,’ I say turning back to face her. ‘I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to burst in like that.’

Thankfully Kat is laughing. ‘It’s okay hun,’ she says. ‘I kind of expected we’d see you at some point.’

A feeling of relief floods through me. I turn back to face the two minxes on Kat’s sofa. ‘I wonder why that might be…’

As they untangle their naked bodies from each other I guess that Saff & Lilly have been posing rather erotically.

‘So… What are you two doing here?’

Lilly giggles her inimitable giggle. ‘Well, after you told us about the fun you’ve had with Kat, what did you expect?’

I turn to smile at Kat. It’s only then I notice she’s wearing only a bathrobe, untied in the middle with her firm, slender body showing through the open robe.

‘They called me a couple of weeks ago,’ Kat says. ‘And we arranged for them to come and pose for me. They’ve been telling me about the games you’ve all been playing.’

‘Oh, have they now…’

Kat places her hands on her hips, revealing her nakedness through the gaping robe. Her eyes narrow, focussing intently on me. ‘So Carla, you told them about me, but you’ve never once mentioned them to me before.’

My palms feel sweaty and I rub my fingers into them. ‘Ah… well… erm…’

Kat laughs. ‘Oh hun… I’m just pulling your leg.’

‘You bugger. I thought you were being serious.’

It’s only then I notice the pencil Kat still has in her hand. ‘Ooh, what have you been working on?’

‘Yes can we have a look?’ Lilly says.

Saff and Lilly, now disentangled from each other are perched on the edge of Kat’s posing couch.

‘It’s still only a sketch, but I’m pleased with the way it’s going,’ Kat says, turning her easel round to face the room.

Kat has captured the likeness of Lilly and Saff wonderfully, with Lilly’s petite body and shock of blonde curly hair, and Saff’s more languid form with longer, straight, darker hair. The picture shows the two girls pleasuring each other and reminds me a little of the yin and yang symbol.

I wonder if the symbol has any sexual origins… hmmm.

‘That’s brilliant,’ Saff says. ‘I’m looking forward to seeing it when you’ve finished.’

‘Me too,’ says Lilly.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Lilly looking quite so awestruck, or mesmerised. Normally Lilly is bouncing off the walls with her excitement but looking at Kat’s sketch she looks serene, almost reverential. ‘It’s beautiful,’ she says. ‘And so erotic.’

Lilly’s right of course – Kat has captured the shared erotic sexuality of her two models.

Lilly turns to me and it’s clear she’s reverted to form. Her eyes are lit up like stars and she’s holding her hands together as though she’s trying to stop them from doing anything crazy. ‘I think Carla should join us for a picture,’ she says.

‘Ooh, yes,’ Saff says.

‘Oh no,’ I say. ‘I’m here to clean Kat’s house.’ I point at Lilly in mock accusation. ‘I only came up here because I heard you giggling.’

‘What have you got left to do?’ Kat asks.

‘I’ve cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and I was just about to start vacuuming when it dawned on me that it was Lilly laughing.’

‘So… you’ve got the vacuuming and dusting still to do?’

‘Yes, and to mop over the kitchen and bathroom floors.’

‘Ah okay,’ says Kat. ‘Well considering there’s only me living here they can’t be that bad. I’m happy for you to leave them this time. Slip your clothes off and join the girls.’

Lilly claps her hands gleefully. ‘Yay!’

I feel like I’ve been manoeuvred into a corner. Thankfully it’s a corner I don’t mind being in.

‘You’re the boss,’ I say to Kat with a smile.

Before I have chance to start undressing Lilly dashes across to me closely followed by Saff. Between them they have me stripped and naked in a flash.

Saff turns to Kat. ‘Okay hun, how do you want us?’

‘I have an idea I’d like to try, if you’re all up for it…’

Lilly does her excited little clap again. ‘Oooh, what is it?’

Kat scans round the floor of her studio. ‘We’re going to need a bit more room. Help me shove the sofa out of the way.’

Between the four of us we push it to the back wall.

More to herself than to any of us, Kat muses. ‘Hmmm… We might need the seating and back rest pads.’

She points to the corner of the room. To the left of the sofa is an old mattress leaning against the wall and we drag it into the centre and lower it onto the floor.

‘Yes, we will need the pads, and the throws,’ Kat says, pointing to the sofa.

Like good little minions Lilly, Saff and I fetch them while Kat sets up her easel. When she’s got herself set up she looks over to see the three of us staring back at her, waiting for instructions about what to do with the cushions and throws.

‘Sorry,’ she says. ‘I was miles away. Lay the pads out around the mattress and cover it all with the throws.’

We do her bidding, tucking the throws around the cushioning to help bind them to the mattress and stop them moving about on the floor. When we’ve finished we’ve effectively made it look like a huge, square mattress.

‘Okay girls, it’s position time,’ Kat says. ‘Are you all game for trying an oral triangulation?’

The three of us look at each other, none of us quite sure what she means, but we all express our willingness to give it a go.

Lilly, as you might expect is more excitable than Saff and I. ‘What is it Kat? What’s an oralkat4 triangle triangulation?’

‘Think of a soixante-neuf, except there’s three of you.’

The penny drops with us all.

I can see why Kat wants to try this.

It should make for an interesting picture.

‘Before I start drawing I’m going to take a few pictures, if you’re all okay with that? I think I might need them to refer to so I can finish the picture. It’s not often I get the chance to do something involving multiple people.’

Saffy’s brow furrows, her expression concerned and Kat immediately picks up on it. ‘Don’t worry Saffy honey, these won’t end up anywhere other than on my old battered laptop,’ she says, pointing to a shelf in the corner. Our eyes follow her finger to the shelf on which there is indeed an old, paint covered laptop. ‘It doesn’t even connect to the internet.’

Saff visibly relaxes. ‘I guess that’s okay then,’ she says with a smile. ‘Right, then this should be fun.’

The three of us lie down on the mattress and gradually shuffle further in towards each other so that my head is between Lilly’s legs, hers is between Saff’s and Saff’s is between mine. It’s not the easiest position to get into.

I should have done yoga.

Gradually I find a sweet spot. My left leg is bent at the knee giving Saff easy access to me. Lilly looks over and copies my position and I can see Saff has done the same.

The way we’re laid we must look like synchronised swimmers out of water.

I rest my head on Lilly’s inner thigh. Her arousal smells sweet and a little musky and it starts having an effect on me. A warm glow develops between my legs which is further stimulated by the feeling of Saff’s tongue softly moving between my love folds.

I begin by sucking on Lilly’s engorged labia, gently pulling them in turn into my mouth and teasing them with my tongue.

Elsewhere in the room I can hear the click click click of Kat’s camera.

Saffy is kissing the crease between inner thigh and my foo-foo, an area I find incredibly stimulating. She knows exactly how to turn me on and I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter.

I love a sixty-nine.

Part of what I love is the excruciating conflict of wanting to savour the pleasure you’re being given, whilst also wanting to give maximum pleasure to the other person. Time and experience have taught me how to enjoy both.

But this is different.

I’m pleasuring someone different to the person pleasuring me and it’s throwing me off my game.

There’s so much going on at once what with Kat trying to visually capture the moment and Lilly, Saff and I all pleasuring each other – I’m finding it hard to zoom in on the moment and I’m normally quite good at that.

Concentrate Carla.

I shift my attention back to Lilly, tracing my tongue in-between her moist folds. I circle her love bud with my tongue, making sure I don’t touch it, not yet at least. Wrapping my free hand around her cute little bum I pull myself into her, plunging my tongue inside her. Her hips buck as she tries to take me deeper. I pull back out and flick my tongue lightly over her clit. She moans, the sound muffled from between Saff’s legs. At that moment Saff’s tongue runs over my clit which has the same effect on me as it did on Lilly.

Lilly’s hips begin to judder. I’m guessing the muscles she’s using to hold her legs open are beginning to tire.

I hold her leg up which twists my body a little further, feeling the beginnings of a cramp developing in my midriff area.kat4 yoga

If I only practiced yoga this would be a whole lot easier.

Holding this position gradually gets harder and harder to hold and whilst there is an enjoyable aspect, it’s difficult to immerse myself fully in the moment.

Watching us, Kat must have been thinking along the same lines. ‘You all look quite uncomfortable.’

‘Oh my god yes,’ I say, unable to contain myself.

I untwist myself away from Lilly, rolling so I’m flat on my back. Thankfully the cramp feeling in my side subsides.

‘I don’t think we quite had that right,’ Saffy says. ‘At least not so we could hold the position long enough for you to sketch.’

‘I did wonder,’ Kat says wriggling the camera in the air. ‘That’s why I took a few photos, just in case.’

‘I don’t know what you you’re all talking about,’ Lilly says. ‘I was perfectly fine.’

Lilly’s irrepressible optimism makes me laugh despite the fact it’s clouding her judgement. ‘Is that why I had to hold your leg up?’

‘I’ve no idea what you mean.’

My jaw drops and I’m ready to challenge her, but the look on her face softens my argumentative feelings. It’s impossible to be mad at her, especially when she flashes me her impish grin.

I turn to Kat. ‘Have you got enough photos to work with?’

‘Yes, I reckon so. I kinda want to try something else though, but I don’t know what.’

‘How about…’ Lilly says, pausing while she thinks. ‘How about… Carla, you lie down here.’ She points to where she wants me to lie on the mattress so I shuffle into place.. ‘Kat, we’re not going to be able to hold this pose for long at all. It will definitely be a camera one.’

Kat looks bemused. ‘Okay.’

‘Saff honey,’ Lilly continues. ‘Do you think you could take most of my weight on your shoulders?’

‘I think so Lil’. Where are you going with this?’ Saffy asks.

‘Saff, you straddle over Carla’s face, then I’ll get into position.’

With that my view disappears as Saffy moves so she’s kneeling over my face. I wrap my arms around her hips and gently squeeze her firm buttocks.

‘Carla,’ Lilly says. ‘Open your legs for me. Can you lift your knees up too?’

‘Yes, sure.’

I haven’t got a clue what Lilly is up to and I’m not even sure if we’re supposed to be pleasuring each other at the moment, but with Saff’s beautiful pussy just a few inches above me I can’t help myself. I’m about to lift my head so I can tease her with my tongue when her hips drop quite suddenly so she’s pressed firmly against my mouth. I’m caught by surprise and can’t letting out a muffled ooh sound.

‘Are you okay Carla?’ Saffy asks.

‘Meff…’ I say, my voice muffled by Saff’s foo-foo.

My thighs are pushed further back by what feels like quite a heavy weight.

‘Okay Kat… go,’ Lilly says.

I hear Kat’s camera clicking into action while at the same time a tongue, Lilly’s I’m guessing, begins licking my labia.

What the heck has Lilly got us into!

With Saff’s foo-foo pressed firmly over my mouth I’m having to breathe through my nose and I feel a little stifled. I can’t concentrate on anything other than making sure I can breathe. It reminds me of when Oli used the ball gag on me – I didn’t like that at all.

It might help to think about kinky things to try and get myself in the mood. My mind immediately goes to the one person guaranteed to turn me on.


I think about the last time I was with him.

No one else has ever made me… ejaculate.

He’s charming and sweet… although there was that one time but we got passed that, and he made me cum in a way no one has ever made me cum before.

I love his eyes.

They’re so intense. When he looks at me my butterflies flutter and my legs feel like they can’t support me.

‘Okay, I think I’ve got what I need.’ Kat’s voice breaks into my dreamy thoughts. ‘Let me help you Lilly.’

I’ve no idea what Lilly needs help with but I feel much better when the pressure lifts off my thighs and Saff lifts herself off my face.

‘Are you okay under there Carla?’ Saff asks.

I take a deep breath. ‘I feel much better now thanks. What on earth was going on?’

Kat presses a few buttons on her camera. ‘It might be easier to show you.’

She flicks through several pictures on the camera screen. Lilly had been stood on her hands with her head between my thighs and her legs over Saff’s shoulders.

No wonder I was weighted down.

‘Have you got what you need Kat?’ I ask. ‘In terms of pictures, have you got something you can work with?’

‘Yes, I think I have.’

‘Cool. I think I’m going to get dressed and go back to work.’

A stunned silence falls in the room as I get up and retrieve my clothes.

Lilly looks concerned. ‘Are you okay hun?’

‘Me? Oh yes I’m fine,’ I say slipping my legs into my panties.  ‘I’m just not feeling it today. I’ll leave you girls to it.’

‘You don’t seem okay,’ Kat says.

I pull my combats on, button them up then pull my t-shirt over my head and stuff my bra into one of my trouser leg pockets.

Looking up, their three faces are all looking at, each of them a mixture of dubious concern.

‘Look, the truth is I felt a bit stifled during that last position and it’s not a feeling I like. But I’m okay, I just need to get finished and get some air.’

Their expressions soften.

‘So long as you’re okay,’ Saff says.


There’s a bit more truth as to why I want to get out of there, but they don’t need to know that.

Because all I really want to do is get back to being lost in my thoughts… lost in my dreams… of Richard.


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I have a whole series of erotic exploits, some from my past, but mostly current and always kinky. Naturally I'll have to be discreet and change names, nevertheless I'm sure if any of my partners recognise themselves they'll enjoy reliving our adventures together ;) xoxo

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  1. Wow! So erotically told. Love your descriptions! So so sexy! Thank you! Just wow! Loved it. The three women theme is incredibly arousing to me. The only way it gets any hotter is that foot worship and foot tickling ensue 🙂 Thanks for sharing your writing talents, Carla. Hope you’re doing well🙏


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