My Top 7 Foot Fetish Sites

Given that you’re now firmly out of the shoe box, I thought you might like to know what’s out there. It might surprise you to know there are many ways in which feet are adored…

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Oliver 2 – where I’m caught snooping, and punished.

I’d walked in the room and discovered Oliver’s dirty little secret – he had a sex dungeon!

It’s not every day you discover someone has a sex dungeon.

That was the last time I saw Oliver – he gave me a bit of an introduction to the BDSM lifestyle. He was in fact a little shit. He got me so worked up, enticing me with the prospect of a good seeing to – then he left me hanging.

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Oliver 1 – The one with the sex dungeon.

Oliver – 1 Well… I intended to tell you about Oliver in my last post, but as you know, that one got away from me. That’s a funny thing about writing; sometimes you start off in one direction, then, before you know it, you’ve gone in a completely different one. It’s not a bad thing […]

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The not-about-Oliver post… If you’ve read my other posts you’ll know that this year has been somewhat tumultuous in terms of having to move house. It was made more difficult because I haven’t been self employed for long enough to have 3 years accounts, which if you know anything about those ridiculously over priced referencing […]

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Harry 1 – The one where I’m unfulfilled.

Harry I see Harry a couple of times a month for 2 hours.  He’s a customer that found me through one of my business adverts in the local free newspaper. I know it might not seem like it but I do actually take my cleaning work seriously and on occasion, usually when I have a […]

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Richard 1 – Making a Mess in The Bathroom.

Richard was one of my first customers and he’s supported me from the very beginning. One of the wonderful things about Richard is that he’s got me other  regular customers which increased my income (and my fun!!); however as with all upsides there are always downsides and in this case it’s quite a big one- […]

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