Clive 1 – What’s a Foot Fetish?

‘Why do you keep looking at my feet? I’ve seen you doing it several times today… what’s going on?’

‘I… I… I just think…’

‘What?’ I demand.

‘I just think…well… you’ve got beautiful feet.’

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Oliver 2 – where I’m caught snooping, and punished.

I’d walked in the room and discovered Oliver’s dirty little secret – he had a sex dungeon!

It’s not every day you discover someone has a sex dungeon.

That was the last time I saw Oliver – he gave me a bit of an introduction to the BDSM lifestyle. He was in fact a little shit. He got me so worked up, enticing me with the prospect of a good seeing to – then he left me hanging.

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Ernie 1 – The one where I’m a French maid.

Ernie is 85 years old and definitely one of those people you’d call ‘a character.’ He’s surprisingly sprightly and despite his years he still lives on his own in a two bed bungalow. There is a care package in place meaning he has carers visiting him on a daily basis, mostly to check on his […]

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