Popular Girl on Girl positions (18+)

Here is another position falls that into the tribbing category.

I’ve never tried this with another girl, and to be honest, until I researched it, I don’t think I would have thought it possible to.

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Clive 1 – What’s a Foot Fetish?

‘Why do you keep looking at my feet? I’ve seen you doing it several times today… what’s going on?’

‘I… I… I just think…’

‘What?’ I demand.

‘I just think…well… you’ve got beautiful feet.’

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Kat 2 – Do men know how to drive?

‘Kat, you will never guess what happened to me last week.’ ‘You’re right,’ she says with a sarcastic grin. ‘So why don’t you just tell me.’ It had been a couple of weeks since I was last at Kat’s, and after my thrilling encounter with Saff and Lilly I’d been dying to see her and […]

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John 2 – Should I trust my first impressions?

Well… I boobed there. If you recall one of my previous posts about taking on a new customer, well, I forgot my initial meeting with John as I was totally distracted because Mr E (Ed) took me for a spin in his helicopter. Thankfully John was very  gracious. After I’d recovered from my whirlwind trip […]

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A little bit about me…

I think before I begin posting in earnest,  an introduction is in order. Hello, my name is Carla and I clean houses for a living. The picture here isn’t actually me at work. I had some photos taken and this one is just posing with a mop. I’ll tell you about that photography session in […]

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